The 9 Best Body Shavers of 2022

Body Shaver – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


For many women and men, shaving has become a common routine, since they are always looking to enhance their personal appearance. However, this routine can cause skin damage, but thanks to technological advances we have skin-friendly body shavers that provide good results. Among such a variety of brands and models, the Philips BG3015/15 stands out, an ergonomic and waterproof body shaver, which has a hypoallergenic foil; as well as the Hatteker 58805ST that includes a self-sharpening blade for precise and hygienic finishes and 12 accessories that allow you to achieve the desired style.

The 9 Best Body Shavers – Opinions 2022


Having a machine that transmits safety and quality when looking for a clean and neat cut has to make the difference between a satisfactory experience and a disappointment. Therefore, in order to simplify your search, we present a list of what could be the best shavers that the online market offers.


Philips body shaver


1. Philips Bodygroom Series 3000 Body Shaver

This personal hygiene machine could be the best body shaver since it offers good qualities, both in function and design. In this sense, it has an autonomy of 60 minutes, thanks to its rechargeable battery, an ergonomic handle that allows it to be handled with total ease, avoiding any fatigue, and it is resistant to water.

Similarly, the Philips body shaver has been created to remove hair from any part of the body, even the most sensitive areas, since its head integrates both rounded tips and a hypoallergenic foil for a comfortable and safe shave. That is, these qualities reduce the possibility of some irritation after shaving.

We do not want to forget to mention that the Philips series 3000 body shaver comes with 3 bidirectional heads of 3, 5 and 7 mm, to only trim the hair to different lengths, if desired.

If you want a body groomer that will help you improve your personal appearance, this could be the one for you.


Water resistant: It can be used in the shower, since water does not affect its operation as it is waterproof.

Wireless: It has a battery that promises 60 minutes of autonomy, allowing it to be used anywhere without inconvenience.

Two in one: Can be used as either a razor for a smooth finish, or a trimmer for versatility.


Trimming the hair: With wet skin, it may be difficult for the product to catch the hair for cutting, so several passes must be made.

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2. Philips 7000 Series BG7020/15 Body Shaver

Among the best body shavers of 2022 we find this model from the manufacturer Philips, which comes to surprise its followers, given its exclusive double-sided design, which allows you to shave and trim without changing accessories. Likewise, these heads have 2-D stainless steel blades that easily adapt to the contours of the body, providing a smooth and respectful shave with the skin.

Arguably the most advantageous feature of the Philips 7000 series body groomer is its rechargeable battery, which provides good power and up to 70 min of runtime, whether used in or out of the shower. Likewise, its waterproof system not only favors use during the bath, but also facilitates its maintenance without inconveniences.

On the other hand, the Philips body shaver is made with an ergonomic handle for good control and a structure made of resistant materials that give the product durability.

Below, we mention some pros and cons of this product, which will help you in your purchase decision.


Battery: It has a lithium battery that provides 70 minutes of continuous operation making this shaver suitable for long jobs.

Head: It is configured to graduate in 5 settings to trim hair between 3 to 11 mm in length, thus providing the desired finish.

Versatile: It is designed to be used in any area of ​​our body, such as the back, armpits, arms, legs and other sensitive areas.


Cost: Its cost could make its purchase difficult for some users who wish to count on its quality, benefits and the prestige of its brand.

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body shaver for men


3. Hatteker Barber Electric Professional Hair Clipper

The peculiarity that makes the Hatteker men’s body shaver stand out from other similar models is its series of heads and adjustable combs from 1 to 15 mm, which allow it to be adapted to provide different types of hair cutting in all areas of the male anatomy..

On the other hand, it has a design in its self-sharpening stainless steel blade, which provides exact and precise cuts without skin irritation. In addition, it can be washed and maintained easily as it is waterproof.

The energy supply for its operation is provided by a rechargeable 14500-500DC 3.7V lithium-ion battery with a duration of up to one hour, which allows body cleansing in a considerable time. Likewise, its design is sophisticated, since it has an LED screen that indicates the length of time in which the device has operated and the rest that remains to be completely discharged.

Since it is a multifunctional model, this could well be the best body shaver of the moment. Therefore, she knows more about its benefits through its pros and cons.


Accessories: It is accompanied by 12 accessories that allow you to create a personalized style and cut.

Knife: It has a self-sharpening blade for precise cuts, convenient to give good finishes to beards and mustaches.

Charging: To enjoy its autonomy, it only uses a recharging time of 90 min through a USB port, making it easy to connect it anywhere.


Handling: If the device is not handled properly, it can pinch the skin or jam the hair. But once practice is taken, such setbacks are reduced.

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4. Cocoda Electric Body Wet and Dry Beard Shaver

When you look at a Cocoda Electric Shaver men’s body shaver you may be struck by its discreet size and light weight; which is convenient to accompany your personal care kit. In addition, it is one of the most efficient and cheapest options on the market.

It is composed of a double-sided replaceable stainless steel blade, accompanied by a coating with rounded tips to easily adapt to the contours of the face without causing irritation. Likewise, it is equipped with an ergonomic handle covered with a material that provides non-slip qualities for a firmer shave.

On the other hand, it is designed not only to cut or keep male facial and body hair polished, but also to sanitize the delicate areas of the female anatomy. In the same way, it supports both dry and wet work to adapt to the hair removal routine that each user practices, according to the qualities of their skin or to carry out those unexpected touch-ups.

If you want to invest in a body shaver that is practical to take anywhere, you should know more about this model.


Multifunctional: It has been designed for facial and body use, performing well as a shaver, trimmer and edger for both men and women.

Accessories: It is accompanied by four holding combs for different hair cutting lengths and a brush for cleaning the blades.

Autonomy: Provides up to 55 minutes of operation without loss of performance with great precision of results.


Finish: To provide a good finish, it should be used with combs so that the hair is trimmed efficiently.

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body shaver for women


5. Braun Silk-épil LS 3 in 1 5160 Cordless Women’s Shaver

By having the Braun Silk-épil LS model, there is no need to ask yourself which is the best body shaver, since this, in addition to shaving or trimming the annoying hair of the female anatomy, leaves the skin smoother thanks to its exfoliating accessory. Likewise, its Wet&Dry technology allows it to be used safely in and out of the shower, which also makes cleaning easier.

Another point in favor of this women’s body shaver is its autonomy, since it does not require connection to any type of electrical source for charging or operation. So only with two AA batteries it can accompany you to the beach, pool or anywhere else.

If you wonder about its handling and operation, it has a control button that allows you to choose the type of finish you want to achieve according to the area of ​​your body.

When looking for additional skin care, it is necessary to analyze each quality that a shaver provides. Therefore, the pros and cons of this Braun product are detailed below.



Multifunction: It not only provides a smooth and close shave, but also exfoliates the skin for a radiant and smooth result.

Design: Its format has been designed to adapt to the female contour, allowing it to reach the most sensitive areas.

Washable: It can be washed directly in the tap, since it has waterproof qualities.



Battery: Although running on AA batteries gives you total autonomy to enjoy smooth skin anywhere, they require regular purchase.

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6. La’prado Wet and Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver

Another option that turns out to be a good alternative when it comes to removing anatomical hair is the La’prado SatinShave Advanced body shaver for women, which has 3 stainless steel blades that, thanks to its operating technology, manage to sanitize those areas Sensitive without pain or irritation.

It is a body shaver with an elegant and ergonomic design, designed for the modern woman who seeks precision and speed in each beauty routine. For this reason, it has an intuitive operation and a raised trimming head to adapt to every corner of the female silhouette.

Likewise, it should be noted that this machine can be used both dry and wet, as it is waterproof, which allows it to be used when taking a shower without having to spend extra time cleaning unwanted hair. In addition, this quality facilitates its cleaning, since its head can be separated and washed directly from the tap without affecting its operation.

This razor is one of the cheapest but most effective options, so it could well be considered as an alternative purchase.



LED screen : It incorporates an intelligent LED screen that allows you to keep track of the battery charge.

Skin-friendly: It has 3 stainless steel blades that work at high speed, providing a comfortable, safe shave, without pain or irritation.

Ergonomic: Its anatomical handle makes it easy to grip when using it and both its dimensions and its weight allow it to be carried and stored in any toiletry bag or travel bag.


Adapter: By only having a USB cable for charging, it requires the additional purchase of a wall adapter for other types of electrical sources.

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Braun body groomer


7. Braun 9 in 1 MGK3085 Men’s Beard Trimmer All in 1

For those looking for the best body shaver, it would be good to know that this is one of the most complete models offered by the brand. In this sense, it can be used as a hair clipper, beard trimmer, body epilator and even nose and ear hair clippers, thanks to both the variety of accessories and the long-lasting blades that come with it.

Focusing on its appearance, we can say that it has the ergonomic design that characterizes the brand, since the handle provides the razor with a good grip for an effective and safe shave. In addition, it is a tool that offers total independence when using it in the shower, since it is rechargeable and waterproof.

Finally, we can mention that the Braun body shaver has an LED indicator on its handle to be aware of the battery charge level, and thus have it ready for the next time of use.

If your idea is to invest in the best brand of body shavers, you could well analyze the qualities of this Braun model.


Accessories: Includes 9 accessories that make it a multifunctional tool to enhance the overall appearance of every man.

Battery: It has a lithium ion battery that, once fully charged, gives it a range of 60 minutes.

Extra: It has a Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor equipped with FlexBall technology for a good finish on the face and neck.


Sensitivity : Repeated passes over the same area should be avoided as much as possible, especially if you have sensitive skin, to avoid irritating it .

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Men’s body groomer


8. Philips Bodygroom Series 1000 Body Groomer

This Philips series 1000 body groomer could reach those hard-to-reach places, thanks to its ultra-light and handy anatomical design, which removes unwanted hair safely and efficiently. In addition, it has a convenient protector to keep sensitive skin free from irritation.

To be able to define your personal style you can use its bidirectional head, which allows hair to be shaved up to 0.5 mm without damaging the tissue; which is why it is one of the safest razors. In the same way, you can also incorporate its 3 mm comb to make more superficial cuts.

On the other hand, the Philips men’s body shaver has an attractive design in black and red, convenient to give as a gift. In addition, being wireless makes it even easier to use anywhere. In addition, it has a rope integrated into its handle that allows it to be hung, either in the hand or on the wall when it is not being manipulated in the shower.

Deciding which body groomer to buy could be a difficult task, given the different models offered by the big brands. Therefore, we show you some additional pros and cons of this product.


Head: Its blade can shave body hair in both directions (back and forth), thanks to its bidirectional design.

Waterproof: It is waterproof, so its use in the shower is included.

Light: This shaver has a weight of 118 grams, so its use is quite practical and comfortable.


Battery: Its operation is carried out by means of two AA batteries, for which its durability may be limited.

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Remington body groomer


9. Remington BHT250 Delicates Stainless Steel Blades

The Remington Delicates Body Shaver is a convenient tool for shaving both delicate and normal areas where hair grows easily. This is due to its innovative stainless steel blade, which has rounded tips that prevent any damage to the skin.

To give it greater versatility, it is offered in a set with 3 combs of different sizes (2, 4 and 6 mm), which trim facial and body hair to the desired length. In addition, you can use it both wet and dry. 

Another advantage that might interest you is that, due to its compact size, you can easily take it to work or any other place for last-minute touch-ups and it has a convenient autonomy of 60 minutes, thanks to its lithium battery.

To these qualities we must add that it has an affordable cost, which is why it could well be the best value for money body shaver, indicated for the man who takes care of every detail of his appearance.

If you want to successfully clean up your body hair, this cordless shaver could be a convenient option. Therefore, we invite you to read the positive and negative characteristics.


Technology: Its TST blade (Trim-Shave Technology) makes shaving more close without causing skin irritation.

Design: Its light and slim design allows it to be practical to manipulate and does not generate any fatigue.

Hanging handle: It has a hanging loop to be able to place it on the bathroom wall.


Blade: Its use for a long time could heat its metal head, so it is recommended to alternate with periods of rest.

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Shopping guide


Shavers, like any other product, often have their own characteristics that improve their performance, add value and enhance their popularity. Said data such as operation, autonomy, accessories and hygiene, we have included in the following guide to buy the best body shaver, in order to help you in your choice.


When you are looking for a good and cheap body shaver, you will want to see if the machine offers the different finishes that you need. These devices generally offer two functions, the shaver, which leaves the hair flush with the skin, and the trimmer, which, unlike the previous one, generates a cut to a certain degree of length and, therefore, the hair is will continue to watch.

These functions could be incorporated into the product, either separately or together, so that in a single pass you can trim and shave the area at your convenience. However, the important thing is that it integrates a system with sheets or rotaries that locate the hair from any angle and reduce the number of passes, to avoid possible irritations and injuries to the skin. Keep in mind that rotary shavers are highly flexible and remove thicker hair, while foil shavers remove hair from the longest to the shortest. 

Likewise, it is essential to recognize if the shaver works both dry and wet, as there are reviews from specialists who support shaving while the person is under a warm shower, especially if it is a delicate area. For this reason, regardless of your tastes, it is advisable to analyze whether the machine can withstand contact with water, while the hygiene routine is being carried out.



Having a machine that ensures a complete shave is the most feasible option when making a good impression. In general, the duration to remove body hair is around 30 minutes, so the battery must have to cover that necessary time.

Depending on the brand or model, the shaver must have a certain type of battery. There are mostly those that work with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, similar to those of mobile phones, that is, they can be charged with a power cable. Others, for their part, work with Nimh batteries that become very efficient on certain occasions, such as walks or unexpected trips.

The choice of will depend on your lifestyle, although it is good that, despite how much it costs, it works at least 50 minutes for you to complete the process successfully. Therefore, it is recommended that you invest in a durable product, rather than one with constantly changing batteries.  



A key point when comparing body shavers is that they offer versatility through their accessories. Our body usually has areas and angles that are difficult to reach, hence the importance of having several heads and accessories that increase its effectiveness.

There are very attractive options on the market, however, it is best to buy something that is mostly practical. Among such options are shavers that include an extendable handle, suitable for shaving the back area, a case to store the equipment and even a hook and holder for the shower. Other very useful accessories are the heads for sensitive areas, sideburns and mustache. Likewise, trimmer sets with different cutting guides and heads are available, in order to generate results in different lengths.

In any case, check that the accessories are hypoallergenic, made of stainless steel so that they last a long time and are resistant to corrosion; also make sure that the pieces that come into contact with the skin are rounded and adequate to avoid skin damage. Depending on the use you are going to give the equipment, choose the alternative that best suits your needs.


You should regularly give your body shaver a thorough cleaning and maintenance. Since hairs tend to lodge in the blades over time, this factor could cause the performance of the shaver to decrease, therefore, no matter how advanced it is, it always requires good hygiene. For this reason, keep in mind to buy models that are easy to wash, such as waterproof razors, and that, if possible, have their own cleaning and lubrication kit. Likewise, you could also opt for models that have replacement blades, so their maintenance is not very complicated.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a body groomer?

The first thing to check is that it has enough charge to avoid mishaps when shaving. Then select the head or regulate its size if the model has it incorporated. After applying the shaving foam or gel, depending on the type of skin, the longest body hair is shaved first, leaving the smaller ones last and avoiding making many passes over the same area. In order to avoid redness and irritation of the skin. Finally, there is nothing left to do but clean the shaver and charge it so that it is in optimal condition for its next use.

Q2: How to lubricate a body shaver?

Once its cleaning is done, spray a layer of specific lubricant for spray shavers on the blades and blades, leaving them to dry well in the open air. In the case of having multipurpose oil, it is enough to apply between one or two drops on each inner sheet as in the trimmer. However, for rotary shavers the process is a bit more complex, since the head must be disassembled, in order to spray or apply a few drops depending on the type of lubricant, taking care to put the head back correctly in its place.

Q3: Which body groomer is better, Braun or Philips?

Both brands offer high-end products that, based on their design, technology and features, meet the requirements of each user. Therefore, it is convenient to analyze each model well to find the one that best suits personal needs.

For example, the Braun have linear blade cutting technology, making the hair incision by means of micro-vibrations that, although they give it great cutting power, are the cause of its considerable noise level. However, its handling is very intuitive, its cutting pattern being better adapted to the mustache and sideburns.

For their part, Philips shavers are mainly characterized by their design provided with several circular heads with rotating blades that usually provide a quieter and faster shave, leaving a better finish on the contours of the face.

Q4: How to clean a Philips body shaver?

Philips is characterized by the diversity of products that make up its catalogue. Hence, you must be attentive to the series, number of heads or if it has the Philips SmartClean system to carry out its cleaning. 

For a more general description, we can say that the aspect that could vary between the models is the way of extracting the head. For this reason, the instruction manual must be carefully read in order to open it

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