The 9 Best CC Creams of 2022

CC Cream – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The new cosmetics have improved skin care and blemish corrections as if it were professional makeup. In this sense, the CC Cream, or color correcting creams, have been designed to hydrate and cover accentuated imperfections in mature skin, being a fusion of base and concealer that spreads easily. In this category, the Chanel CC Cream SPF50 stands out, which evens out the color of the skin, hydrates, protects and illuminates the dermis for a makeup with a natural glow. For its part, the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream SPF 50+ offers broad coverage with anti-aging care, being suitable for mature skin thanks to the formula with collagen.

The 9 Best CC Creams – Opinions 2022

Using a CC Cream allows you to prepare the skin, hydrate it and unify the tones as if it were a base, but with the additional advantage of achieving a natural lighting finish, so it will become your great beauty ally. If you want to know more about the best CC Cream on the market, we recommend you review our list of featured products in detail.

CC Cream Chanel

1. Chanel CC Cream SPF50 

Chanel has earned a favorite place among users and professionals with this CC Cream. It is a formula whose main ingredient is murunga plum, a fruit from Australia, with a high content of vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals that promote skin health. The combination of this fruit with hyaluronic acid in CC Cream Chanel combats free radicals in the skin and maintains a smooth and naturally illuminated complexion. 

This colorful cream has 5 important benefits to highlight. First, it hydrates the skin so that it regains its flexibility. Secondly, it allows to correct the imperfections of the dermis, such as redness, open pores and blemishes. It also fills in wrinkles and expression lines, being suitable for mature skin. In addition, it creates a barrier against the aggressions of the sun and the environment. Finally, it helps skin regain its ability to reflect natural light to look radiant and illuminated. 

Due to these qualities, this can be considered the best CC Cream of the moment and here we summarize some of its pros and cons.


Benefits: The properties of this product are based on moisturizing the skin, filling in wrinkles, protecting it against the sun and concealing imperfections with a light application.

Content: This cream has 30 ml, so it offers a good duration if used moderately.

Coverage: With a small amount of cream, efficient coverage is achieved on any type of skin, and it can be used alone for a more natural finish or apply powder for a sophisticated effect. 


Price: It is not surprising that this is one of the most expensive cosmetics in the selection, but because it is Chanel, the investment is supported.

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CC Cream It Cosmetics

2. It Cosmetics Your skin but better CC+ Cream SPF 50+

Full coverage, natural looking, wrinkle-filling, and a sunscreen that protects the skin all day is expected from the best CC Cream. This is what CC Cream It Cosmetics with SPF 50+ promises, thanks to its formula with hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants.

Its main use is as a makeup base, but you can apply it alone as it also offers a moisturizing treatment with lasting effects that are maintained if you apply the product daily. In this way, you can also use it as an anti-aging serum, applying one or two doses on the face, neck and chest. 

As for color correction, this cream manages to unify the tones by blurring the imperfections and redness of the skin, preserving a natural finish. 

Now we show you the positive and negative aspects that we distinguish in this product, after analyzing its characteristics.


Compatibility: This cream is compatible with oily, dry and combination skin, offering a visible effect of tighter pores and fine lines of expression for each complexion.

Duration: The coverage of the cream is efficient and can last all day with few touch-ups. Also, you can use it as a moisturizer and sunscreen.

Anti-aging: Long-term use of this product helps fight wrinkles, thanks to its antioxidant effect and hydrolyzed collagen serum.


Tone: If you do not make the correct choice of tone, the effect you get is unnatural, as it does not suit your skin color.

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CC Cream Erborian

3. Erborian Centella Asiatica CC Cream SPF 25 

With presentations of 15 and 45 ml, CC Cream Erborian has been enriched with centella asiatica, a plant with healing properties, which improves the appearance of acne lesions and promotes skin elasticity due to its nutritional content.

In the search for the best CC Creams of 2022, this Erborian product is positioned in the first results, because it is compatible with all skin types, covering imperfections and regulating oil levels in the oily dermis, while providing hydration and elasticity to dry skin.

Thus, by applying a thin layer of this cream, you can hide the fine lines of expression, unify the skin tone and obtain a fine texture. This is possible thanks to the composition that includes honey extract, vitamin E and the power of centella asiatica. 

This cosmetic has many features, of which we have summarized some and separated them into pros and cons to help you decide which CC cream to buy. 


Active ingredients: The formula of this cream deflates skin lesions, provides softness and offers a protective barrier against free radicals.

Texture: The fine texture of the product provides a washed face effect, with the correction of imperfections, color unification and natural lighting. 

Application: The cream is not oily and spreads very well with the fingers or brush.


Low protection: The SPF of this cream is 25, low compared to similar products that offer up to 50 SPF. 

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CC Cream Clinique

4. Clinique Superdefense CC Cream Spf 30

There is no doubt that Clinique’s track record has earned it the loyalty of its users. For this reason, many believe that it is the best CC creams brand, since this specific product is formulated to meet the needs of the skin, beautify it and keep it healthy.

It is a moisturizing cream that corrects skin tone and protects it against sun damage; all in the same product, which you can apply daily alone or as a makeup base. In the first case, it is ideal for achieving a natural and light effect, concealing imperfections well. In the second you get a more sophisticated makeup, because its texture blends very well with other cosmetic products.

This CC Cream Clinique is suitable for all skin types, allowing a silky and illuminated complexion to be obtained, without leaving any greasy effect. Below we present the pros and cons that we find in this cosmetic, positively valued by its users.


Finish: The tone correction provided by this cream is thanks to the tinted pigments in its formula that attenuate imperfections and unify the color.

Protection: In addition to moisturizing the skin, this product creates a protective barrier against environmental factors, since it has a level 30 sunscreen. 

Content: The 40 ml presentation offers ample wear time if you apply a thin, even layer to the face.


Light skin: The Light medium tone is dark for some types of light skin, missing a wide range of tones. 

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Roseliane CC Cream

5. Uriage Roseliane CC Cream Spf30 

To define which is the best CC Cream, there are many factors to take into account, from the benefits and price to the amount of product. In this sense, the Roséliane CC Cream meets the expectations of users who want quality and economy, as it is affordable, has a good level of sun protection and the 40 ml presentation is long-lasting.

This product is suitable for all skin types, but it is particularly effective on sensitive dermis prone to redness, as the Uriage thermal water incorporated in its formula acts as a soothing and moisturizing agent. It also reinforces the skin’s protective barrier to prevent the sun’s rays from increasing redness on the face. 

This product is available in a universal shade that, according to user comments, manages to blend with your skin color for a natural and very light pigmentation, recommending its use in the morning. 

Now, we suggest you take a look at the positive and negative aspects that we point out in this Uriage cosmetic. 


Composition: Thermal water soothes irritated skin, reducing redness and refreshing sensitive dermis. 

Universal shade: This product comes in a single shade that efficiently adapts to different skin colors, as its pigments blend to achieve a natural finish.

Quantity: The 40 ml presentation has an average duration and considering its value it is a smart investment. 


Dry: The texture of the cream can feel dry on skin with this tendency, so it is recommended to apply a moisturizer beforehand to improve its effect.

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CC Cream Bourjois

6. Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream Foundation

If your search is focused on the best value for money CC Cream, you should review the characteristics of this product, since it has the testimony of users and professionals about its moisturizing properties and correction of imperfections.

The CC cream Bourjois offers 24 hours of hydration with a light texture, which will make you feel as if you are not wearing makeup. For its part, color correction is determined by the combination of three ultra-fine pigments: anti-fatigue apricot, anti-redness green and anti-dark spots. Each of these melts into the critical areas of the skin, attenuating imperfections and redness, without leaving a greasy feeling on the face or excessive shine, but rather a natural luminosity. 

In addition, its 30 ml presentation has an affordable cost that can be considered a good investment because it is durable and offers good coverage.

In this product we also observe some aspects that we separate into pros and cons so that you have a clear idea of ​​its advantages and possible disadvantages.


Application: The format of the nozzle and the fluid texture of the product allow you to apply a small amount and spread it over the entire surface of the skin, saving cream.

Coverage: The pigmentation of this formula evens out the skin tone efficiently without leaving a mask effect. 

Price: This is one of the cheapest options on our list, and due to its benefits it is a product widely recommended by users.


SPF: Sun protection index 15 is low, so it is recommended to apply a sunscreen of 30 or more before the cream. 

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CC Cream Bella Aurora

7. Bella Aurora Tinted Anti-Dark Spot Sun Protection Spf 50

Designed for the most sensitive skin, the Bella Aurora CC cream offers a high sun protection of 50 SPF, suitable for those who are undergoing an anti-dark spot treatment.

This product protects the DNA of the skin, repairing the damage caused by existing spots, while preventing the appearance of new ones, also avoiding premature aging of the dermis.

In addition, the imperfections are attenuated thanks to the depigmenting active ingredients that unify the tone of the skin to give a natural and velvety finish. 

It should be noted that the formula of this CC Cream contains natural bearberry and mitracarpa extracts to reduce blemishes, argan oil to regenerate the layers of the skin, and stem cells from cotton arabic that provide antioxidants and photoprotection. As for the texture of the cream, it is fluid and has a matte finish, avoiding excess shine on oily skin.

If what you are looking for is high anti-stain protection, this product can meet your expectations, so we invite you to learn a little more about it.


Sensitive: Its formula is hypoallergenic, has natural extracts and does not contain parabens.

Protection: The sun protection index is high, showing high efficiency against UVA, UVB and infrared rays.

Fragrance: With the use of this cream, the skin is left with a citrus aroma in which notes of orange, tea leaves and jasmine predominate, with a touch of spices.


Water resistance: If you get into the pool or the sea, it is likely that the coverage will fade a little. 

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CC Cream Olay

8. Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 cc Moisturizing Cream 

Containing 50 ml, the Olay CC cream has improved the BB Cream formula by offering light coverage with 50% more VitaNiacinTM multivitamin complex, to combat the signs of aging. 

The use of this cosmetic allows you to hydrate the layers of the skin, recovering its health and making it look more radiant. At the same time, it gently exfoliates the dermis for a very smooth texture.

For its part, open pores are visibly reduced, as are dark spots, as the skin tone is evened out. Likewise, expression lines and wrinkles are attenuated with frequent use of the cream, helping you to look younger. 

As for the presentation, this product comes in a 50 ml container with a functional dispenser so as not to waste the cream and apply the necessary amount to the face and neck. 

If you want to purchase this product, we recommend that you first review the summary of its pros and cons in the following section.


Anti-aging: The formula of this cream conceals minor wrinkles and fills in expression lines.

Coverage: The coverage is light to fade blemishes and freckles, without creating a mask effect, helping to maintain a natural appearance.

Dispenser: The pump-type dispenser allows you to obtain a small amount of the product to spread it effectively on the skin and neck.


Sunscreen: The sun protection index is low, so you can use a 30 or 50 SPF face protector before the cream.

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CC Cream Max Factor

9. Max Factor Color Correcting Cream

One of the cheap products in our selection that has wide support among users is this CC cream Max Factor, since the brand has positioned itself as a leader in the makeup sector in many parts of the world.

This cosmetic, in particular, is distinguished by offering a natural coverage thanks to its light formula that spreads easily with a brush, sponge or fingers. Additionally, it has been enriched with moisturizing and antioxidant elements to correct expression lines, visibly improving skin health.

For its part, the texture of the cream does not clog pores and provides a sensation of freshly washed face, maintaining a natural look that illuminates the appearance of the skin. 

It should be noted that this CC cream only contains a sun protection filter of 10, so it would be convenient to reinforce the protection against UVB and UVA rays with a special product. 

Evaluating the characteristics of this cosmetic in the form of pros and cons helps us define its benefits, beyond price, to make a successful purchase. 


Hydration: The moisturizing effect of this cream is noticeable in the attenuation of expression lines. 

Shades: You can choose this product in 5 different shades that blend well with the most common skin color types. 

Track Record: Max Factor brand endorsement makes this product one of the most popular in the CC Cream category.


Extra Protection: You need to use extra sunscreen before applying this CC Cream as its SPF is 10.

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Shopping guide

When it comes to buying makeup we cannot rush and choose any product, especially if we are looking for efficient coverage for imperfections and deep hydration, benefits that you can get from a CC Cream. For this reason, we have prepared the most relevant data in our guide to buying the best CC Cream, which will help you choose the right product for your skin.

Formula and compatibility

The CC Creams are the successors of the BB Cream or balms for imperfections. These improved the formula of the balms to meet the hydration needs of mature skin, offering greater coverage without neglecting the natural finish.

In this sense, the composition of these creams avoids the use of oils, making them suitable for all skin types. This characteristic increases the versatility of the product, because it is capable of adapting to the needs of each dermis, achieving a visible improvement in the appearance of the complexion. 

However, CC Creams are tinted moisturizers that correct uneven skin tones, cover blemishes and protect the skin from environmental factors, while also providing deep nourishment. 

Skin care

To achieve the benefits mentioned above, CC Creams combine active ingredients and natural extracts from fruits and plants recognized in the cosmetic industry for their antioxidant properties, high content of vitamins and minerals that promote skin health. 

It is for this reason that when making a comparison of CC Creams we find products made with exotic fruits such as murunga plum or Arabic cotton, argan extract and other elements that intensely nourish the layers of the skin.

Likewise, another fundamental characteristic is that these cosmetics incorporate sun protection. In this sense, we recommend those creams that have an SPF greater than 30, since those with lower indices do not offer a wide barrier against UVB and UVA rays, which cause skin oxidation and premature aging.

On the other hand, many CC Cream formulas are enriched with hydrolyzed collagen or hyaluronic acid and, although it affects how much the product costs, they offer better skin care in terms of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Consequently, they are creams that can be used daily and can make your facial routine easier because they replace moisturizers, serums, toners, among other cosmetics.


Being a color correcting cream, this cosmetic contains active pigments that cover imperfections and unify the skin tone, especially in those skins with a tendency to redness or blemishes. 

That is why, depending on the manufacturer or type of CC Cream, the palette of shades can be varied to choose the most suitable for your skin color. But, it can also be limited to three basic shades or a universal color that offers adaptation to certain skin tones. 

So we recommend that you carefully review the manufacturer’s information on the shades of the cream, check if it offers a pigmentation table with numbers that will help you know which is the appropriate shade for your skin color and choose the right cream.. Well, otherwise, you won’t get the desired effect if the color doesn’t blend well with your complexion.

Presentation and application

In the cosmetics market we find a wide range of CC Cream presentations, from large 50 ml containers, 40 and 30 ml bottles, to 15 or 20 ml travel presentations, whose prices vary depending on the formula or brand..

In this regard, you will notice that you can buy a good and cheap CC Cream with numerous positive reviews, but from a little-known brand, which offers you good coverage and a lasting effect as if it were the most expensive and famous concealer cream. 

So don’t get carried away just by the brand’s reputation, but you should delve into the characteristics of each product and consider the one that best suits your skin and your budget.

On the other hand, it is important to know the type of dispenser that the container has to ensure a correct application, without wasting the cream. That is why pump-type dispensers are widely used because they help you get a few drops if you apply adequate pressure.

Similarly, some products have a fine nozzle and a light texture that facilitate the application of the cream, avoiding losses and waste, improving the user experience.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is the difference between a BB Cream and a CC Cream?

In recent years, innovations in beauty products have changed the way we apply makeup, allowing us to obtain increasingly professional results, taking care of the skin deeply, without leaving home. 

Undoubtedly, the CC Creams are at the forefront of these novelties, preceded by the BB Creams. Now we are going to know the difference between these beauty allies.

A BB Cream or balm for imperfections is a pigmented moisturizer that works to make small corrections in young skin, perfecting the finish with a natural effect and a sensation of freshness, ideal to achieve “nude makeup”

Likewise, this balm incorporates some sun protection factor and, being fluid, spreads easily on the face. 

Now, the main difference between this product and CC Creams is that the latter are formulated for mature skin with greater imperfections and signs of aging. For this reason, in its composition there are moisturizing and anti-aging agents such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and natural extracts, in addition to pigments, which help in the treatment of expression lines and wrinkles.

CC Creams also include sun protection and medium coverage suitable for oily skin, because it does not leave a shiny finish, but it does leave a radiant finish, since most of these help to recover the natural lighting of the skin, making it look younger and healthier. 

Q2: How to apply the CC cream?

Like any other cosmetic and facial care product, the main recommendation is to read the manufacturer’s instructions regarding how to use it. However, in general, CC Creams are easily applied to the skin, as their texture is light and semi-fluid, without being liquid. 

Depending on the type of dispenser, a couple of drops can be applied to the T zone and from there spread the cream all over the face with your fingers, a brush or a “beauty blender” (makeup sponge).

The ideal is to start with a small amount and, when extending the product, see if the coverage is the desired one. Remember that less is more, and it is not worth exaggerating with the application of CC Cream if you want to achieve a natural effect.

Q3: How to use a CC Cream?

The multiple benefits offered by a CC Cream extend its usefulness, as they make it a versatile product with which you can nourish and hydrate the skin, while concealing imperfections and unifying the tone to obtain a natural finish and complexion. rejuvenated. 

Therefore, depending on the composition of the CC Cream, you can use it as part of your morning facial cleansing routine, being the only product to use when applying a small amount to maintain a clean face appearance. 

You can also use it as a sunscreen for your skin if it contains an SPF above 30 and as a makeup base if you want to achieve a more sophisticated look. What we are sure of is that, once you feel the improvements in your skin that frequent use of CC Cream provides, this product will become an essential part of your beauty routine.

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