The 9 Best Evening Primrose Oils of 2022

Evening Primrose Oil – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Evening primrose oil is a product that is increasingly sought after in the market due to the benefits it offers. Whether you’re a pregnant woman, someone who needs acne relief for her, or someone looking to deflate muscles, there’s sure to be a product for you. A food supplement like Obire 005740001 allows the consumption of up to 450 soft capsules to be able to follow a complete treatment and enjoy the results; It is also a natural product without artificial additives. On the other hand, a liquid version such as the Donnaplus product 8426594029890 provides the same benefits, but with a hint of lemon that will leave a pleasant aftertaste.

The 9 Best Evening Primrose Oils – Opinions 2022

Evening primrose oil comes in a variety of forms and provides many benefits that can vary from product to product; For that reason, take the time you think is necessary and check each of the options until you find one that meets what you need.

evening primrose oil pearls

1. Obire 450 pearls Evening Primrose Oil 500 mg

Evening primrose oil pearls are quite famous in the natural area of ​​the market, as they facilitate the absorption of the content. This is the case of this Obire model, which could be considered one of the best evening primrose oils of 2022 because it is composed of 50 mg of GLA acids for a better hormonal balance and also vitamin E, which protects the oil and the cells. of oxidative damage. This is complemented by the concentration of 500 mg of evening primrose oil in each of the softgels.

In addition to this, the formula of these pearls is natural and does not contain allergens, nor does it have GMOs. The product packaging is small and light to facilitate its mobilization and storage; In addition, as the bottle contains 450 pearls, it is possible to maintain a treatment of up to 5 months if the recommended dose is followed.

So that you have treatment for a long time, this Obire product brings several capsules made up of a beneficial combination of different elements. We invite you to review its summary of qualities.


Content: This is one of the bottles with the largest number of pearls, as there are 450 soft capsules in the container.

Composition: The combination of vitamin E, evening primrose oil and GLA acids provide comprehensive benefits.

Natura: The natural formula of this product has no allergens or GMOs.

Size: The pearls are small in size to be easy to swallow.


Flavor: Although this does not affect your results, the flavor of these pearls is neutral, while other models have pleasant flavors.

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2. Zenement Evening Primrose Oil 1000 mg 200 pearls

If when deciding which is the best evening primrose oil you take into consideration the concentration of each of the capsules, then this product may be a suitable alternative for you. It is considered of high quality because evening primrose oil pearls have 1000 mg of content, along with 100 mg of GLA acids and 13.4 mg of vitamin E; All these components, acting together, help in different ways, for example, strengthening bones, keeping skin healthy and complementing women’s diet.

In addition to this, the composition is completely natural. In its formula, Zenement has not added genetically modified organisms, colorants or preservatives. Additionally, as it does not have gluten, it is a product suitable for coeliacs. This article has been manufactured in Spain and has followed the highest quality standards. For its part, the bottle has an easy-to-move design with a content of 200 soft capsules.

The dedicated manufacturing process and the content of these capsules make it one of the most outstanding options on the market.


Concentration: The pearls have a high concentration to obtain greater content for each dose.

Benefits: Thanks to the elements of the pearls you can enjoy different benefits that will help various parts of your body.

Natural: Because the formula does not have GMO, gluten, preservatives and dyes, it maintains a completely natural composition.


Gelatin: The shell of these capsules is made of gelatin, therefore it is not a suitable compound for vegans.

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Evening primrose oil for face

3. Donnaplus Oilnagra Liquid 150ml

Those who wish to obtain the benefits of evening primrose oil, without taking capsules, will be able to find the same results with this liquid product from Donnaplus. With a pleasant lemon flavor, this food supplement comes with 150 ml of content to be able to follow a complete treatment. In addition to the oil, the product also contains GLA, vitamin E and omega-6 acids. Thanks to this composition, it is not only an evening primrose oil for the face, but also an antioxidant, a skin softener and a solution to minimize menstrual cramps. Finally, vitamin E helps preserve the product after opening.

In relation to its container, it is only 9 x 6 x 12 cm, therefore, it is easy to move so that you never lose a dose; even if you are away from home. After opening, it will be possible to keep the product for up to 3 months as long as it is kept in the refrigerator. 

This could be the best evening primrose oil of the moment if you want a product that is easy to ingest, with a natural formula and a good amount of content.


Flavor: The lemon flavor of the formula makes it much easier to consume this supplement.

Composition: The mixture of elements provides a comprehensive composition that offers various benefits.

Conservation: Vitamin E and the possibility of refrigerating the product mean that this oil can be preserved for a longer time.


Flavor: Although it is one of its positive aspects, the flavor can be very strong for those who are a little more sensitive.

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4. Bio Vegetable Oil of Evening Primrose 

Although it is a product obtained from the same variety of plant, not all evening primrose oil for the face is the same. This, for example, is characterized by coming from certified organic crops. Therefore, when using it, you can be sure that you will not be incorporating other substances or chemicals into your skin that could alter its balance. 

It is also convenient to know that it is obtained by a cold pressing process, which guarantees a greater amount of beneficial active substances, an aspect that translates into better results when applying said oil.

Regarding the presentation, the container has 100 ml of oil, with an intermediate lid that facilitates dosage and a screw cap that keeps the content safe, avoiding spills. It should be noted that the color of the container also helps to preserve the oil better, since it prevents the passage of light towards it, preventing the destruction of some nutritional substances that are sensitive to this factor.

Before making your purchase, we invite you to know the pros and cons of this product, which could be the best value for money evening primrose oil.


Yield: This container has 100 ml of product of high quality and concentration, so it offers a good yield.

Origin: The plants from which the oil is extracted have been cultivated avoiding the use of pesticides and without refining processes that could reduce their properties.

Practicality: Thanks to the design of its container with a dispenser, you can extract only the appropriate amount for each occasion.


Quantity: If you usually use large amounts of this oil, its 100 ml presentation may be insufficient. Luckily, you can choose other alternatives from the same brand with more product.

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Evening primrose oil for skin

5. Aromatika Evening Primrose Oil 50 ml

Among the cheapest products on the market, this evening primrose oil for the skin stands out, which will serve you in different ways. For example, this Aromatika model can be used for body, facial, hair care and can even be used as a base oil for massages. In addition to this, the product can be combined with other types of essential oils to maximize their benefits.

In the case of this oil, the 50 ml content can be used on any type of skin, even if it is sensitive. For that reason, it is a product used to treat psoriasis and eczema, minimizing their symptoms. To make it useful to anyone, the brand has paid close attention to manufacturing and has ensured that the formula is free from artificial additives, gluten, preservatives and elements of animal origin. In this way, both celiacs and vegans can consume it.

With an affordable price and almost universal compatibility with people, this product could be exactly what you need.


Natural: This oil is vegan, gluten-free and has no preservatives or artificial additives to maintain its natural formula.

For everyone: Regardless of whether your skin is sensitive or you suffer from a dermatological condition, the oil could help hydrate it and improve symptoms.

Uses: The uses are so diverse that the oil will provide benefits to hair, skin, face and will serve as a base for other products.


Quantity: Unlike some oils that have 100 ml or more of content, this one comes with only 50 ml.

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6. Essentials 100% Pure Organic Evening Primrose Vegetable Oil

The best evening primrose oil will be the one that suits your needs and, in this case, this certified organic product due to its purity could be the most suitable evening primrose oil for your skin. In addition to that, it can be used internally and externally depending on what you need. This container has 30 ml of content and its design is made of glass, with a safety cap and dosing pipette.

The Essentials product has been manufactured following the strictest quality standards of the European Union, therefore, you can be sure when using it. On the other hand, this composition stands out more than anything due to its benefits to treat PMS and menopause; however, the formula is just as effective for other places on the body such as the face, skin, nails, and hair. In fact, it is also possible to use evening primrose oil as a flavoring agent.

With this product you will be able to do different things and, in addition, you will save money due to its low cost.


Uses: You can use this oil to relieve certain pains, improve the state of different parts of the body and aromatize the rooms.

Formula: The formula of this evening primrose oil stands out for being 100% pure and having an ecological certification due to this.

Security: To go to market, this product provides security to the consumer, as it has been manufactured under strict quality standards.


Content: The 30 ml content could be considered little for some people, therefore, it is not the best option for long treatments.

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Borage and evening primrose oil

7. Aquisana Pearls Evening Primrose Oil Borage Soy

Many times it is better to have a supplement that combines different elements in its formula, as this will make the results more complete. This is the case of this borage and evening primrose oil, manufactured by Aquisana, as it provides several benefits thanks to its composition. It is a bottle with a small size that provides 60 capsules and a content of 500 mg.

With 1-2 pearls daily, this dietary supplement will provide relief from PMS symptoms and help restore hormonal balance. On the other hand, the oil also helps to make the skin healthier, providing elasticity, moisturizing and minimizing certain dermatological conditions such as eczema, acne and irritations. As if this were not enough, evening primrose oil also strengthens hair and nails. To finish, it is necessary to highlight that its formula rich in fatty acids is 100% natural.

In case you can’t decide which evening primrose oil to buy, this product supplemented with other elements could be the answer.


Formula: In addition to evening primrose oil, your body will also receive the qualities of borage, soy and vitamin E.

Benefits: The benefits of this product are varied and will provide relief to pain related to menstruation, greater elasticity to the skin, and strengthening of nails and hair.

Content: This bottle comes with 60 capsules of 500 mg content so you can enjoy a highly concentrated treatment.


Soy: This product contains soy and because some people are sensitive to this ingredient, not everyone will be able to enjoy its formula.

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Evening primrose oil for acne

8. Weleda Evening Primrose Redensifying Concentrate Serum

If what you are specifically looking for is an evening primrose oil for acne, then this Weleda product may be ideal for what you require. It is a container with 30 ml of content that comes with a small dosing pipette to apply the substance where you need it most, thus avoiding waste of content. This anti-aging serum has a fairly varied formula in order to offer various benefits when using it; Among some of the ingredients are aloe vera, centella asiatica extract, glycerin, etc.

Thanks to this composition that has several elements, it is possible to obtain several benefits beyond the minimization of acne and the smoothness of the skin. For example, other qualities that the composition provides are antioxidant properties, collagen production and natural luminosity to make you look healthier. If applied routinely, it is possible to notice results after only 28 days of use, according to the manufacturers, which is why it is considered a fast-acting product.

Although it is not among the cheapest oils, this product has benefits that justify its price.


Dosage: The dosing pipette makes the application easier and more effective, to avoid wasting the product.

Composition: This article does not base its composition on just one element, but on several ingredients, which act together to give you good results.

Advantages: Among the benefits that you can obtain is the efficient production of collagen, minimization of wrinkles and acne, along with smoother skin.


Content: This product only has 30 ml of content, therefore it may not be suitable for those who require more than that.

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Evening primrose oil Naturtierra

9. Naturtierra Evening Primrose Oil 60X721Mg

Completing your diet with a food supplement is usually a very good idea, especially if it comes to purchasing Naturtierra evening primrose oil, as this consumption can turn mealtime into a time of many benefits for you. This model is a product that has a fairly complete formula with vitamin E, natural extracts, GLA acids and, as a base element, evening primrose oil.

The 5 x 5 x 11 cm and 141g container will make it easy to move, so it will not be so difficult to comply with your daily dose, which is recommended to be between 3 and 6 capsules per day. In total, the bottle comes with 60 oil pearls of 500 mg. 

On the other hand, by having constant treatment, this supplement with vitamin E could help in different ways. One of the main benefits is that it regulates hormonal problems; however, other benefits include: relief of dermatological conditions and inflammatory problems.

Naturtierra could be the best brand of evening primrose oil if its quality, price and benefits are taken into consideration.


Advantages: Your skin will look smoother and softer thanks to this oil; In addition, it will help you reduce inflammation; this, in turn, minimizes menstrual cramps.

Formula: The composition of the supplement with vitamins and natural extracts will enhance the qualities of the oil.

Bottle: The container of this product has small dimensions and a light weight so that you can take your capsules wherever you need them.


Quantity: This product comes with only 60 capsules, so you could run out quickly by following the daily dose.

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Shopping guide

Following a good treatment that gives you optimal results depends a lot on how successful your purchase option was. For that reason, every second you research on evening primrose oil is time spent in order to acquire the most suitable product for you.


Most supplements, regardless of the ingredients, come in different presentations to suit the tastes and needs of different types of consumers. In this case, this product is no exception. When making a comparison of evening primrose oils, you will notice how the presentation and even the use change depending on each of the manufacturers; for that reason, you should also take the time to find out what exactly you need.

The first thing to consider is how you want to carry out your treatment. Those who prefer to treat the product as a food supplement, will then be able to choose the most common option: soft capsules; or if you prefer to take it in liquid form. When consumption is internal, the final decision is given by taste; however, pearls are usually more famous for their easy absorption and dosage. Despite this, the reason some people choose the liquid versions is because they tend to taste good.

On the other hand, there is also an offer of oils for external use and these types of products are made to treat specific problems such as muscle pain or dermatological conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles or acne.

To all this, we must also add the type of container in which the content comes. If you need to take several doses in the day, then it is preferable to have a plastic bottle because this material resists constant movement; furthermore, it should be small and light. In addition to this, in the event that it is a product for external use, it is always good to have a dosing pipette that helps you administer the content well.


In a guide to buying the best evening primrose oil, the importance of the formula can never be ignored, since it is the composition of the product that provides all the benefits that are offered by the respective brand.

There are divided opinions about what is better, if completely pure oils or those that complement said element by adding other ingredients. However, when making the decision, this depends on your specific case and that is why you should take into account only your requirements.

While some manufacturers keep their oils without supplements, others seek to maximize the end result by adding different ingredients. The most common are aloe vera, borage and vitamin E, for example. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the formula to avoid negative situations. For example, if you are vegan, then you should check that the capsules are not coated with gelatin or that the composition does not have elements of animal origin. Celiacs should do the same to make sure that the product does not have gluten and, in general, any other person who suspects being allergic to any component.

You must remember that the advantages and benefits can change due to the elements used in the composition. For that reason, while some products focus on fertility, others emphasize skin health and others reduce inflammation. In this case, a professional opinion could help you a lot.


If it is time to do the math and see how much each product costs, then it is time to try to maximize the amount of oil obtained for an affordable price. In the event that you already know that you want to carry out a long-term treatment, then it is recommended that you buy a bottle that offers a reasonable amount of content that covers the entire duration of the treatment; that way, you will make a one-time investment.

In this sense, while some alternatives come with 60 and 100 capsules, there are other options on the market that exceed 400 units; giving you the opportunity to have what you need for a few months. This is especially relevant when you consider that evening primrose oil often takes a while to show results.

In the case of the liquid versions, these usually bring from 150 to 200 ml; however, there are models that only offer 30 ml because they are usually specialized: like a specific oil for acne.

This is not all, it is also necessary to look at the concentration of each product, since it is useless to have many capsules if you have to take a large number of them to achieve adequate absorption.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use evening primrose oil?

For a correct use of evening primrose oil it is necessary to have the professional opinion of a doctor specialized in what you need.

If you want to take the product to improve your skin, then you should see a dermatologist. However, if you want to use it for PMS and fertility, a gynecologist is the place to go.

Using it without guidance could cause you to overdose or fail to get the right result.

Q2: When do the effects of evening primrose oil start to be noticed?

Unlike some supplements and oils that can show their effects in a few weeks, evening primrose oil is a product that usually takes months for the results to be noticed in the body.

Most of the time, to be able to notice the first signs of change, it is necessary to wait between 2 and 3 months.

Q3: How to take evening primrose oil for fertility?

Thanks to being a natural source of omega 6, if the oil is consumed before ovulation, it can help make cervical mucus more abundant and of “quality”. If this fluid is greater, the sperm could move easily and fertilize effectively.

Following the instructions of a specialized doctor who indicates exactly at what time of the cycle the product should be taken, evening primrose oil could be beneficial if you want to have a child.

Q4: How often should evening primrose oil be applied to the skin?

The most important thing is to determine if evening primrose oil used topically is compatible with your skin. This product is usually somewhat strong and, because of this, people with sensitive skin could suffer from irritation. From time to time, evening primrose oil may need to be diluted for a softer impact on the skin.

To see if this is the case for you, apply a little and check that it does not cause you any discomfort. If after a while you notice something strange or feel itching, stinging or burning, then you should do without this oil to use other options. Otherwise, if the reaction is positive, a dermatologist is the one who should prescribe the appropriate dose to treat the pathology that you present.

Eczema, for example, is usually treated by applying approximately 1 ml of evening primrose oil at a concentration of 20% twice a day for up to 4 months. However, it is necessary to emphasize that this is only an estimate and that, in order for the product to adapt correctly to your specific case, the indications of a professional are required.

Q5: Which is better: evening primrose oil pearls or liquid?

There is no better or worse option, since it all depends on what the person who is going to consume it wants. This product is usually offered in soft capsules, due to its easy absorption and dosage; however, liquid versio

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