The 9 Best Eyebrow Tints of 2022

Eyebrow Tint – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The bushy eyebrow trend has been on the rise for a few years, and for this reason, there are products to help those who do not have naturally bushy eyebrows. One of these is eyebrow tint, a pigment for coloring the hair of the eyebrows and the skin below by filling in the gaps. In this category, many recommend the Maybelline Tattoo Brow Peel Off, which is easy to apply and offers up to 3 days of full brows. On the other hand, there is the Yotown Microblading Pigment, a dye to perform the hair-to-hair technique in eyebrow tattooing, with good compatibility and efficient duration.

The 9 Best Eyebrow Tints – Opinions 2022

The ease of using eyebrow tints is that many of them can be applied at home, without complications. Others need a special tool and a beautician to do the hair-by-hair design. If you want to know your best options, we bring you a list of the most recommended dyes, with their advantages and disadvantages, which will help you choose the ideal product for you and the design of your eyebrows.

Maybelline Eyebrow Tint

1. Maybelline New York Semi-permanent Brow Tint

Maybelline has been at the forefront of new makeup trends, and in the case of thick brows with definition, they have designed this semi-permanent tint, which can be easily applied at home. 

As for the duration, the Maybelline eyebrow tint offers a 24-hour pigmentation if you are looking for a quick result in just 20 minutes. But, if you want thick and defined eyebrows for three days, you should leave the product on for 2 hours. 

When the dye is applied, a very dark tone is noticeable, which is not the definitive color of the pigmentation. This is due to the peel-off formula that creates a film, which must be removed when the product dries to reveal a natural tone. 

Due to its effectiveness and cost, this could be the best value for money dye, according to some users. For this reason, we review its qualities to select some pros and cons that will be very useful to you. 


Application: The package includes a functional applicator to spread the dye with precision.

Tones: Three shades of this dye are offered: Light, Medium and Dark Brown, so you can choose the one that best suits your skin tone and contrasts with your hair. 

Correction: If you make a mistake in the design of the eyebrow during the application of the tint, you can correct it with micellar water. 

Resistance: This makeup is waterproof, so you can go to the beach without worrying about it fading.


Maximum duration: The dye, being semi-permanent, lasts a maximum of three days. 

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Semi-permanent eyebrow tint

2. Yotown Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Ink

When it comes to tattooing the eyebrows, the microblading technique has many followers, due to its natural and long-lasting finish. For her, semi-permanent eyebrow dye is used, which is applied hair by hair with a small metal pen, similar to a scalpel. 

In this sense, the quality of the dye used is what will largely determine the naturalness of the design and the duration of the color. In the case of the Yotown pigment, we are talking about a plant-based product that penetrates the skin well, does not cause irritation and is absorbed efficiently.

For use on eyebrows, this product is available in various shades: black, dark brown, gray and brown. In addition, there are other specific shades for lip and eyeline pigmentation, used for professional purposes. 

This product is part of the best eyebrow tints of 2022 and for this reason we analyze its positive and negative aspects. 


Penetration: The product penetrates the layers of the skin and is absorbed efficiently to maintain a uniform color. 

Origin: The dye is of vegetable origin, obtained from plant extracts, therefore it does not cause skin irritation. 

Presentation: The 8 ml container with dispenser allows you to make good use of the dye, without wasting a single drop of the pigment.


Manual use: Direct application, without the microblading brush, offers a short duration of color. 

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permanent eyebrow tint

3. Starink Makeup Permanent Makeup Tint Eyebrow Kit 

In the search for the best eyebrow tint, we found some recommendations about this Starink Makeup product, a kit for micropigmentation and microblading, used by professional beauticians and tattoo artists.

Among the characteristics of this permanent eyebrow dye, the fact that it is semi-liquid, of organic origin and high purity stands out, distinguishing itself as a high-density pigment for a professional finish and a natural appearance. Due to these qualities, some users describe it as the best eyebrow tint of the moment. 

In addition, this kit comes with 5 different shades with 15 ml content each, designed to simulate the natural color of the eyebrows, as the case may be. Therefore, it is an ideal product to work professionally on eyebrow micropigmentation and offer a quality tint to your clients. 

Although this is not a cheap kit, the quality of the dye and the support of the American brand Starink make it an investment to consider. Therefore, we invite you to read its pros and cons below.


Quantity: It is a set of 5 units, all in different colors so that you have a variety of shades to offer your customers. 

Vegan: It is a vegan product, of organic origin and high purity, free of parabens and chemical agents that can damage the skin. 

Durability: The pigmentation of this dye is maintained in the skin over time, as long as the proper inoculation is carried out at the correct depth.


Application: This is a product for professional use, which cannot be applied at home without the tools and skilled labor. 

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Other products


4. Eylure Pro-Brow Color for Brows

If you think that when looking for the best eyebrow tint, the prices will be exorbitant, don’t worry. There is a wide range of affordable and functional products on the market with which you can color your eyebrows, as if it were a professional aesthetic treatment.

These are the main qualities of the Eylure tint, a product that is prepared with an activator and applied to the eyebrows for a duration of approximately 6 weeks, offering semi-permanent makeup with efficient pigmentation. 

To apply it, you must prepare the color cream, according to the instructions, and with the help of an eyebrow brush, place the pigment following the natural shape of the eyebrows. Afterwards, they are combed with the included brush to better spread the product, leaving it to act for 15 minutes.

This dye can be applied at home, without any special tools or techniques. So, if it attracts your attention, we invite you to know beforehand a summary of its qualities.


Ease: The kit is presented in a plastic capsule to make the preparation of the dye without complications.

Color Duration: Pigmentation can last up to 6 weeks with beautiful coloration, before needing a touch-up.

Quantity: The color cream and activator have enough product to tint the eyebrows a dozen times. 


Allergy: It is important to carry out a sensitivity test of up to 72 hours to check whether or not you are allergic to the product. 

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5. Salon System Brow & Lash Tint

In the category of cheap eyebrow tints, Salon System presents this tube of eyebrow color cream, available in 6 different shades, which are also suitable for eyelashes. 

Its soft formula spreads easily over the area to be dyed, the pigmentation remaining between 7 or 8 weeks, depending on the manufacturer, due to its resistance to water. 

On the other hand, it highlights the fact that you can apply this product at home and obtain professional results without spending a lot of money, resulting in an alternative to more invasive and expensive eyebrow pigmentation techniques. 

You just have to follow the instructions indicated on the product for its preparation and then dye the eyebrows, leaving it to act for the recommended time. A very simple process and with a satisfactory finish.

In this eyebrow tint we observe some positive and negative aspects that you should know, in case you are interested in acquiring this product to make a semi-permanent makeup on your eyebrows, giving them an appearance of abundance and definition.


Shades: You can choose this tint in 6 different shades: black, blue-black, blue, grey, brown and light brown. 

Pigmentation: The formula of this dye offers an approximate duration of up to 8 weeks.

Suitable for eyelashes: An advantage of this pigment is that you can apply it to eyebrows and eyelashes, to achieve a uniform color in both, increasing the attractiveness of your look.


Information: It is not specified if the dye activator is included in the purchase. 

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6. Verfer Delia Professional tint for professional eyebrows and eyelashes

If you’re thinking of earning extra income with henna brow styling or simply like to use this technique to keep your brows well-groomed, Delia’s professional kit may be a wise investment.

This product includes the coloring cream together with the activator, the mixing container and the special brush to apply the dye. That is, everything you need to dye your eyebrows at home with a pigment that can last up to 2 weeks. Also, you can choose this dye in three shades: black, dark brown and brown. 

It should be noted that this cosmetic has not been tested on animals and has all the quality standards of the European Union. On the other hand, the formula contains argan oil, to provide additional care to the eyebrows, nourishing the hair to strengthen it. 

If you still haven’t decided which eyebrow tint to buy, it’s a good idea to review the pros and cons that define this product. 


Set: For an affordable cost you get the coloring cream, the activator and the main tools to apply the product easily.

Preparation: You just have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, mixing the cream with the activator to start dyeing the eyebrows. Also, you can use it on the eyelashes.

Colours: This product is available in the main shades for natural eyebrows: black, dark brown and brown.


Time: If you don’t leave it on long enough, it is likely that in less than a week the pigmentation will fade. 

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7. Biosmetics Intensive Tint for Eyebrows and Eyelashes

In recent years, the technique of dyeing eyebrows with dyes has become popular, because it allows you to have a change of look in a short time, without investing a lot of money and with the ease of being able to do it at home with beautiful results.

Clearly, this is possible if you use a good quality product, such as the Intensive eyebrow tint, created by the Biosmetics brand, whose formula is also suitable for eyelashes.

The preparation of the product is simple, you just have to add the activator to a little of the coloring cream and mix. Then, apply the dye following the natural design of your eyebrows and leave it to act for the time indicated in the instructions. 

On the other hand, it should be noted that this product has shown good effectiveness in covering gray hair that appears in the eyebrows, maintaining the color for up to two weeks, according to the comments of its users.

Now we invite you to take a look at the pros and cons that we distinguish in this eyebrow tint.


Variety: This product is available in different shades, so you can choose the one that best suits your skin and hair. 

Quantity: The eyebrow tint tube contains 20 ml, enough to make a dozen applications.

Price: It is one of the cheapest products on our list and is supported by a well-known brand in the market. 


Activator: The dye does not come with the hydrogen peroxide or the activator, so it must be purchased additionally. 

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8. Schwarzkopf Brow Tint Eyebrow Tint 

Schwarzkopf hair coloring products have positioned themselves among the favorites of stylists and users for their quality, variety of shades and color intensity. For this reason, and due to its decades of experience, Schwarzkopf also has a line of eyebrow coloring with a professional finish and a very easy application.

The product consists of a tube of coloring cream, a revealing lotion, a tray to prepare the mixture and a precision brush to apply it. Also, the procedure for using it is explained in the package instructions. 

Regarding the duration of the pigment, the manufacturer offers up to 4 weeks of coloring with a natural and precise finish, to give the appearance of well-populated eyebrows. Also, the content of the package is enough for ten applications, which is a good supply of this semi-permanent makeup. 

For all these qualities, many users consider that Schwarzkopf is the best brand of eyebrow tints on the market, as it has years of experience and recognition. Consequently, we have analyzed some of the features of this product and separated them into pros and cons.


Coverage: The formula has a creamy texture and low ammonia concentration, offering efficient coverage of gray hair that appears on the eyebrows. 

Pigmentation: The color of the dye can remain on the eyebrows for up to 4 weeks, maintaining good resistance to water. 

Pack: This product is presented in a pack of 3 units, for an affordable cost, representing a good purchase for professional stylists. 


Eyelashes: The use of this dye is contraindicated to dye eyelashes, as it can cause serious eye irritation.

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9. Beter Brow Instant Brow Tint

Beter’s Brown & Lashes line of products is focused on offering color solutions to improve the attractiveness of your eyes. In the case of eyebrow tint, you can choose two shades: light brown and dark brown.

Included with the tube of cream colorant is the activator, mixing bowl, palette, and application brush. In this way, you only have to read the product instructions to do the preparation and subsequent application of the dye. As for the action time, you can leave it between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on the intensity of color you want. 

We must mention that the rapid coloring of this product has been corroborated in the opinions of its users, standing out for being a cheap and functional dye to use at home that can last up to 40 days. 

If you want to know other aspects of this product, we invite you to read our summary of pros and cons.


Formula: This is a waterproof dye with a vegan formula, free of parabens, which reduces the risk of allergies.

Speed: This is a color that is quickly prepared and applied in a few minutes for long-lasting results.

Presentation: It is a very complete set that includes all the elements to dye your eyebrows at home, without the need for other products. 


Applications: The content of the dye and the activator are barely enough for 6 or 8 applications.

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Shopping guide

The trend of bushy and thick eyebrows is, along with voluminous eyelashes, the main attraction of the face in daily makeup. For this reason, today we want to present a widely used product, which is eyebrow tint, which can be applied permanently with techniques such as micropigmentation, semi-permanent with microblading or with a simple dye that you can do at home to several days or weeks of dark eyebrows. 

tint type

The new eyebrow coloring techniques show us how much the world of aesthetics has evolved, as many use special tools, and even hair-by-hair design, to achieve a precise and natural finish that goes beyond simply tattooing the eyebrows.

In this sense, eyebrow dyes are classified into permanent and semi-permanent. The first is a professional type, indicated for use with micropigmentation or microblading. Therefore, specialized knowledge and tools designed for such techniques are needed.

For their part, semi-permanent dyes offer solutions for home use and simple instructions for application in a few minutes with long-lasting and precise results. 

In our guide to buying the best eyebrow tint, we will talk about important aspects that can determine your purchase, whether it is a permanent or semi-permanent product. 


Like other cosmetics that we apply to the skin and hair, the eyebrow tint should preferably be organic, composed of natural extracts and free of parabens. In this way, we can be sure that there will be no risk of allergic reactions.

On the other hand, it is important to verify that among the ingredients of the dye there are nutritious and natural components, such as argan oil or aloe vera, to provide additional care to the eyebrows, while nourishing the skin for healthy growth of eyebrows. are.

Now, if you are concerned about the relationship of your cosmetics with the environment, you should check if the brand of the product tests on animals or if it has any eco-friendly certification, recognized by the health authorities. 

shades to choose

Regarding the tone, many manufacturers and specialists realized that the hair of the eyebrows needed a different treatment than the hair, so they focused on developing different shades to achieve a color as close to natural and achieve an appearance of eyebrows. abundant. 

For this reason, when making a comparison of eyebrow dyes, we find brands that offer up to 8 color tones, ranging from the traditional light brown to bluish black, a varied shade to choose the one that is most similar to the tone of your natural eyebrows. or also if you want to give it a greater contrast using a darker color.

Also, you should take into account that some dyes can be more or less dark depending on the action time indicated in the instructions. Some products advise to stay between 5 and 10 minutes, choosing 5 minutes for a light tone or 10 minutes for a dark tone. Others need higher ranges of 20 minutes to 2 hours of action to accentuate the color and duration. 


Most of the eyebrow dyes for home use have an economical and competitive price, in addition to including all the necessary elements for the preparation of the dye and its correct application.

However, before looking at how much it costs, it is important to check the presentation of the product to find out what it includes, since some brands sell the colorant activator separately and many users do not realize it until the colorant alone arrives. In this way, the use of the product is delayed because they need to acquire the rest of the ingredients.

In general, the most recognized brands include the dye, the activator, a container for the mixture and the application brush in a single pack. Others add a palette to make the preparation. These elements improve the user experience because you do not need anything else to dye your eyebrows, since everything comes in the purchase made.

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