The 9 Best Eyeshadow Palettes of 2022

Eyeshadow Palette – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

In a complete makeup it is necessary to use eye shadows to highlight the look. So, having one or several eyeshadow palettes expands the combination possibilities for a spectacular look. If you are looking to renew your dressing table or get yourself a cosmetic of this type that is versatile, you can evaluate the characteristics of Rimmel London Magnifeyes Spice Edition, with 12 long-lasting and waterproof shades, with finishes ranging from matte to satin shine.. Another standout option is Lamora Matte Nudes which offers 16 colors with natural, earthy and metallic tones that can be applied wet or dry.

The 9 Best Eyeshadow Palettes – Opinions 2022

Buying makeup is one of the favorite things for many women, but sometimes choosing the right product can be tricky. To help you, we have prepared a selection with the best eyeshadow palettes that will enrich your dressing table and the possibilities of combinations with the shades that are in fashion. 

eye shadow palette

1. Rimmel London Magnifeyes Palette Spice Edition 

The 12 shades present in this eyeshadow palette adapt to any skin tone, thanks to its intense and long-lasting pigments that can be used to shade, sculpt and define contour, thus demonstrating its versatility. 

Consequently, we are talking about an all-in-one makeup that simplifies your bag, since some shades can serve as highlighters, others to outline and all, of course, as shadows. This is possible thanks to the included dual applicator that allows you to precisely blend or apply the pigments. 

On the other hand, we must point out that the formula of this cosmetic is ultra-smooth, so it spreads easily and can also be mixed between the different shades, thus favoring the creation of multiple looks and finishes with a single palette. 

With all these qualities, it seems easy to label this as the best eyeshadow palette of the moment, but to better understand its characteristics, you can take a look at the pros and cons that we distinguish in it.


Pigmentation: The pigments are intense and last for several hours, also showing resistance to sweat and water.

Finish: In the different shades you can find some matte and other satin finishes.

Size: Its compact format allows you to store it in your makeup bag or travel bag for your personal grooming, as the shades are versatile.

Price: It is one of the cheap and good quality palettes in our selection.


Applicator: It is convenient to have other brushes to apply the shadows, because the one that comes does not blur effectively. But, it works for touch ups.

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2. Beauty Glazed Professional Eyeshadow Palette

If you are looking for quality and a good number of colors for your makeup, this Beauty Glazed eyeshadow palette may be the one, as it contains 35 shades with different finishes. 

This product stands out for its high pigmentation, as well as its long duration for a makeup that stays on all day or all night. For its part, the different textures: matte and shiny, are suitable for all skin types, creating subtle or dramatic effects. 

All of these shades can be used individually, or if you prefer, you can mix them together, for a colorful mix that you can apply wet or dry. That is why this product is positioned among the best eyeshadow palettes of 2022.

It should be noted that these shadows have a moisturizing function, so they will not cause irritation to your eyes, being suitable for sensitive skin.

If you are interested in purchasing this product, you can review the positive and negative aspects that we find in its characteristics.


Sensitivity: If you have sensitive skin, you can use these shadows, as they have a moisturizing effect in their formula and do not cause irritation.

Tones: This product offers 35 shades in total, ranging from neutral colors to bright and festive colors, to make makeup adapted to any occasion.

Pigmentation: The shades have intense, long-lasting pigments that melt into each other and have a smooth texture that spreads easily. 


Brush: The palette does not come with an eyeshadow brush or applicator. So, you must have your own tools to apply the colors correctly. 

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Matte Shadow Palette

3. Lamora Professional Eyeshadow Palette

In recent makeup trends, the natural look continues to position itself as one of the favorites in women of all ages, so having eye shadows in these colors will allow you to create numerous combinations to enhance your look. 

For this reason, Lamora’s matte shadow palette offers 16 shades that blend to achieve a good blend or transition and that you can apply like a professional makeup artist, dry or wet. 

Its pigmentation is of high quality and it has ingredients that stand out in an ultra-micronized formula that offers greater adherence to the skin for maximum coverage. 

As for the colors from natural and matte tones to earthy nuances, dark tones for smoky makeup and satin tones. Without a doubt, it is a basic and versatile palette that will improve your makeup experience, due to all the combination possibilities it offers. 

For many users, this may be the best eyeshadow palette, and for this reason, we summarize its characteristics in the form of pros and cons.


Intensity: The pigments are intense and of good quality, so they do not cause allergies.

Size: This palette is presented in a compact and elegant format of 14 x 9.5 x 1 cm, and with a magnetic lid for greater protection of the colors.

Application: Nude tones are well suited for day-to-day makeup, and you can accentuate with dark colors for a more night-out finish.


Dust: In this palette it is normal for the colors to give off a little dust, so it is recommended to clean frequently with a large brush. 

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Mac Eyeshadow Palette

4. Mac Eyeshadow Mac X9: Amber Times Nine

Many professional makeup artists and hairstylists recognize Mac as the best brand of eyeshadow palettes and other cosmetics, due to the good quality of its products, long-lasting pigments and dermatologically tested formulas.

In this sense, the Mac X9 shadow palette is designed in amber tones that can be combined in many ways to adapt to different looks thanks to the matte, satin and frosted textures in which these colors are available.

In addition, due to its compact size, this cosmetic is a “must have” for your toiletry bag, as it is very easy to transport and so versatile that you can use it day and night.

On the other hand, this product can be applied wet or dry using the fingertips, a brush or an applicator, since the colors are uniform and spread very well on the skin. 

Now we will show you the positive and negative aspects that we distinguish in the characteristics of this shadow palette.


Color: This palette of amber tones offers 9 shadows that are combined with each other to create looks for day and night, highlighting the look. 

Format: Its compact size allows it to be easily stored in your bag or toiletry bag, with the other basic cosmetics to touch up your makeup anywhere.

Textures: In this small palette you get matte, satin and shimmer shades to expand its versatility. 


Value: To be a small palette of 9 colors, its price is high, but because it is a recognized brand, the value is justified. 

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Nyx Shadow Palette

5. Nyx Professional Makeup Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette

It is not easy to determine which is the best eyeshadow palette, as so many options on the market can cloud our perspective. However, following the recommendations of stylists and makeup professionals can guide us to obtain good quality products.

Such is the case of the Nyx shadow palette in warm neutral tones, which offers a diversity of combinations thanks to its 16 colors, of which 9 are matte and the rest are satin, all with high quality pigments that can last all year. day, or night.

Plus, because they’re easy to blend, these shades blend beautifully for a sleeker, more professional finish. Similarly, because it is a neutral palette, it is suitable for different eye colors, thus increasing its versatility if you are a professional makeup artist or like to use contact lenses of different colors frequently. 

Below we mention the pros and cons that we found in this product, to help you make a successful purchase.


Colours: This 16-shadow palette is available in different shades, with warm neutrals being one of the most versatile for all the combinations it allows.

Universal: Because they are neutral colors, they adapt very well to any skin tone, maintaining their intensity and adherence.

Manageable: Its compact size makes it easy to manipulate the palette for easy makeup and touch-ups anywhere.


Accessories: The mirror and a brush in the product packaging are missing.

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Maybelline eyeshadow palette

6. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Eyeshadow Palette

If you like to wear little makeup and prefer to wear a natural style, the Maybelline The Blushed Nudes eyeshadow palette stands out for its pastel colors and some dark tones, which are easy to adapt to your daily styling. 

Consequently, you can use soft tones, like pink, or intense ones, like bronze, to highlight your look on any occasion. For its application, this product includes an applicator with a brush at the other end, which allows the shadows to be blended correctly.

On the other hand, this is one of the cheapest palettes in our selection, offering efficient pigmentation and average duration, according to the value of the product. Therefore, it is a highly recommended cosmetic to take wherever you go, due to its compact format and shades that are easily mixed to make numerous combinations. 

In this product we have observed some characteristics that are very positive and also other aspects that can affect its evaluation. Here we explain what they are.


Variety: The dozen shades allow you to create different combinations, from a natural look to a more dramatic look with a smoky effect.

Applicator: The included applicator has a sponge end and the other is a brush, thus facilitating the spread of the pigment on the eyelid, creating transitions and blending correctly. 

Transport: Because it is a compact palette, it is easy to store in your bag or toiletry bag to do the necessary touch-ups anywhere. 


Fixation: It is recommended to apply primer to the eyelid so that the shadow adheres well and does not release dust. 

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revolution eyeshadow palette

7. Makeup Revolution Soph X Eyeshadow

Before deciding which eyeshadow palette to buy, you can take a look at this product. It is a palette with 24 shades that includes 10 satin shades and 14 matte colors that adapt to any season of the year, as well as to different occasions. 

This is possible thanks to the fact that in this palette we find orange tones, warm browns, dark shadows and golden tones. Therefore, you can adapt these shadows for a daytime look or achieve a smoky eye effect for the night.

The Revolution Soph X eyeshadow palette is the result of a collaboration with the English youtuber SophDoesNails, who chose the colors. On the other hand, the pigmentation and duration of the shadows is valued positively by users, highlighting the fact that color transitions or mixtures can be made to obtain professional finishes.

If you are almost convinced to buy this product, we recommend you see the pros and cons that we distinguish in it.


Quantity: There are 24 shades in total in this palette, which includes warm and cool colors, increasing its versatility to create different styles and daily looks. 

Mirror: The wide mirror in the shadow box is a positive aspect that improves the user experience when applying makeup.

Low Cost: This product is in the category of low cost cosmetics, offering a good duration and intensity of the pigments.


Brush: A brush or shadow applicator is missing, so you must get a tool to spread the pigments well or use your fingers. 

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W7 Shadow Palette

8. W7 Eyeshadow Palette Life’s A Peach Eyeshadow Palette

Life is a peach is the W7 eyeshadow palette that combines different shades of pink and peach offering pale and neutral finishes for everyday use. The other half of the shadows are browns and purples for a deeper, smokier effect, ideal for night wear.

This product stands out in our selection as the best price-quality eyeshadow palette, as it has a competitive cost and its good quality is recognized by its users. Therefore, W7 positions itself in the market by offering long-lasting and well-pigmented cosmetics at an affordable price. 

In addition, the presentation of this eyeshadow palette is also a plus, since the case includes a large mirror, as well as an applicator with a sponge and a brush at the ends to improve the makeup finish. 

With the list of pros and cons that we present below, you will be able to objectively evaluate this product so that your purchase is well founded.


Pigmentation: The shadows have good pigmentation, offering adequate adherence to the skin and resistance to sweat. 

Range: This palette is focused on peach, pink, purple and brown tones, which can be combined in multiple ways. 

Presentation: The eyeshadow pack stands out for including a mirror and applicator in a compact, easy-to-carry format.


Satin: All the shades in this palette are matte, missing some satin color.

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Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette 

9. Sephora Too Faced Chocolate bon bons

Too Faced is a cruelty-free brand that offers innovative formulas to show the most playful side of women, with excellent quality cosmetics endorsed by Sephora. 

In this sense, the Too Faced Chocolate bon bons eyeshadow palette is characterized by having a 100% cocoa powder formula that also offers a subtle and delicious aroma of chocolate in all colors.

Regarding the colors, we find in this palette neutral and matte tones, as well as other more striking and fun ones with a slight touch of gloss to complement your makeup with an impactful look.

In total there are 16 shades that you have to choose individually, combine or create transitions to achieve a professional look wherever you go, as this model has a compact and lightweight size.

Now we mention some positive and negative aspects of this Too Faced palette.


Ingredients: The formula of this palette is 100% animal cruelty free and has used high-quality cocoa powder as its main ingredient, providing a special fragrance to all shades.

Duration: These shadows have a good level of pigmentation, to offer a long-lasting and resistant makeup.

Fun: The fun presentation of this palette simulates a box of chocolates and would make a great gift idea for a woman who enjoys putting on makeup.


Value: It’s the most expensive product on our list, but the quality of the pigments and Sephora’s endorsement justify the price. 

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Shopping guide

There is no doubt that good makeup helps bring out the natural beauty of women, and some men too. But, it is very important to know how to choose the right and good quality products, so that your styling has a long-lasting and professional finish. For this reason, today we present our guide to buying the best eyeshadow palette, which will help you to know the most relevant aspects when choosing the pigments to make up the eye area.


If you are starting to assemble your makeup bag and you want to have many options to choose from when it comes to shadows, it is convenient for you to make a comparison of shadow palettes, so that you can define the colors that you use the most, the ones that you like the most and those that are ideal for some specific situations. 

In this aspect, it is good to know the shades that are trending so that you can get a good and economical palette, as well as a compact one that allows you a quick and fashionable makeup. On the other hand, having a wide range of warm and cool tones will help you to put on makeup trying new styles and colors without fear.

Therefore, it would be convenient for you to buy your own nude eyeshadow to follow makeup trends, but you can also buy other palettes that offer more colors to recreate beautiful combinations for special occasions. 


The implicit rules that existed about the way women put on makeup have changed over time, and although it is still fashionable to use natural makeup during the day and a little more heavy for the night, what you should know is that the shadows, regardless color, they can have different textures or finishes.

Such is the case of matte shadows, which are very fashionable in nude tones to achieve a sophisticated style, which you can use during the day at the office and when leaving home.

When it comes to brightness, some shadows have the characteristic of being “shimmers”, a subtly shiny formula that, in some shades, can even serve as illuminators. 

For its part, satin is a combination of matte and shimmer textures that has become very popular, because it allows you to maintain a natural but sophisticated style with that touch of shine that many women like.

As for the metallic texture, this is typical of bronze, silver, copper and gold tones, achieving an attractive glow to highlight the look. Finally, the “glitter” texture is the one with a high frost content, offering an intense shine, suitable for night looks and festive occasions. 

Pigments and duration

When you make up your eyes and apply shadows, you expect the colors to stay for many hours. It is there where the intensity of the pigments intervenes, an aspect that you will be able to know when reading the opinions of other users who comment on their experience with a certain product. 

In the same way, you will be able to know if the shadow palette that you like has a good duration and if the colors can be mixed with each other. This would allow numerous combinations to be made with a single palette and to obtain professional finishes by efficiently transitioning tones. 


Considering that many women carry a compact bag with the main makeup products they use on a daily basis, it would be convenient to have the shades they like the most in a small and light format. 

In this sense, many manufacturers have been able to compress numerous shades of shadows into a small format for makeup enthusiasts; and that way they can have their eyeshadow palette ready for any touch-up. 

On the other hand, there are the professional designs of large palettes, made to offer good durability, but that are not as comfortable to carry in a travel bag. 

Likewise, the versatility of some designs includes a mirror and an applicator with a sponge or brush, and even both in some cases, in the packaging to facilitate eye makeup. However, many of these tools are not of good quality, so it is better to have specific brushes for the application of shadows that allow you to blur and create transitions with a professional finish. 

Environmental responsibility

In makeup products, both users and manufacturers have shown a growing concern for environmental responsibility, dispensing with toxic ingredients as well as animal testing. Others opt for vegan formulas in their cosmetics, a category that has positioned itself in the market due to the large number of customers that continues to grow.

Of course, these aspects can determine how much an eyeshadow palette costs, but most have affordable prices that offer you a good quality product with low environmental impact.

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