The 9 Best Makeup Mirrors of 2022

Makeup Mirror – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Having a makeup mirror is the first step to improve your makeup skills, as these products are specifically made to give you the best view of your face, with magnification and even lighting functions. Therefore, having a model such as the Homfa 16 LED as an option is a good idea, as it is a mirror with several technological qualities that will facilitate its use, such as its memory and its different light tones. Another prominent model is the Auxmir BM-2002, a mirror designed to be easy to transport and which comes with a second small magnifying mirror.

The 9 Best Makeup Mirrors – Opinions 2022

Whether you are looking for makeup mirrors with lighting or with a traditional design, in this list you will find options of all kinds. Therefore, we recommend you see all the qualities of the products found here.

makeup mirror with light

1. Homfa Hollywood Makeup Mirror with Light

A makeup mirror with light is something you should not miss if you want professional results. In this case, this Homfa model stands out because it comes with 16 light bulbs, distributed around the mirror, which can change color to: cool white, warm white and bright white. Thus, it is possible to choose the tone required for the makeup you want.

This mirror is tactile, so with a button you can control each of the functions. This makes its use quite simple. In addition to that, the next time you turn it on, it will have the last lighting used, thanks to its memory.

As for the structure, the product measures 65 x 60 x 6 centimeters and is made with the best materials, such as a resistant aluminum alloy frame. This makes it a suitable model for different places. Lastly, the bulbs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Homfa is a company dedicated to making your life easier, therefore, it could be considered the best makeup mirror brand.


Tonality: The lights of this mirror have three types of tonalities so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Touch: This mirror has a touch function to control everything without complications.

Memory: To save you time, the mirror will turn on the last function used, thanks to its memory storage.

Materials: The elements used in the manufacture of this mirror are of the highest quality, to give it resistance.


Light bulbs: Light bulbs cannot be replaced, so you will not be able to change them for new ones.

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2. Zephbra Makeup Mirror with Magnifying LED Light

To achieve a professional makeup it is necessary to have good lighting. That’s why having a lighted makeup mirror is one of the best investments you can make. With this Zephbra model, you can count on an 8-inch LED ring light that comes with 3 light modes: cool white, warm white and warm light. That way, it is possible to choose the lighting you need.

Its USB connection allows you to recharge the battery, which will announce that it is low with a red light. In addition, the automatic shutdown in 30 minutes will help you extend the life of the battery, saving energy. To turn on the mirror you just have to press the touch switch.

Thanks to its technology, this double mirror is not distorted and provides a faithful image. In addition, it is extensible and rotating so that you can see even the smallest detail on your face to be able to put on makeup.

Due to its qualities, this could be the best makeup mirror of the moment and be the ideal model for you.


Rechargeable: This product is rechargeable via USB connection. Also, a red light will indicate when the batteries are running low.

Lights: This product illuminates through a ring of LED light. In addition, it comes in three different shades.

Visibility: This mirror, apart from being double, is also rotatable and extendable. This will give you greater comfort when using it.


Size: This mirror is smaller than other models available on the market, however, it still gives good visibility.

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LED makeup mirror

3. Auxmir Makeup Mirror with LED Light Cosmetic

Although some models use individual bulbs, there are others like this LED makeup mirror that use a ring of light. In this case, this model has 3 types of shades and, in addition, the lighting is adjustable to suit your needs. All this is complemented by a touch sensor that will help you control all the functions.

An advantage of this product is that it is completely portable, since it can be folded and it is a light product. In addition to that, the mirror can rotate by 90° and still remain stable. That way, it will give you a good view of your face. This is complemented by a small mirror with 10x magnification to see the smallest details.

After 10 hours of use, it will be possible to charge the mirror with the micro USB cable included in the purchase. After 30 minutes of non-use, the mirror will turn off to save power.

In case you do not know which makeup mirror to buy, this could be a good option for its qualities and ease of use.


Portable: To be able to take this mirror wherever you want, the model is light and foldable. So you will always have it close.

Extra mirror: This purchase comes with an extra mirror to be able to correctly visualize the smallest details.

Rechargeable: After 10 long hours of use you can recharge the mirror’s battery with the included micro USB cable.


Focus: To achieve the correct focus of the small mirror you need a specific distance. This could be awkward.

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mirror with makeup bulbs

4. Anpro LED Mirror Lights Kit with 10 Bulbs

Although there are those who prefer ring lights, many other people prefer a mirror with light bulbs and for them, this could be the best makeup mirror. In this sense, Anpro has designed a model that has a length of almost 25 centimeters and 10 bulbs distributed around it to provide very good lighting.

As for the installation, the assembly is really simple, since it comes with quite resistant double-sided tape and, in addition, the mirror weighs only 300 grams. That way, the process will take very little time. Likewise, the purchase comes with an instruction manual to help you.

To give you better lighting, the mirror comes with 3 different light modes: warm, neutral and white. In addition, everything can be regulated by means of the switch. Thanks to this you can adapt the type of light to the makeup you want to do. The best thing is that its energy efficiency is class A.

With this mirror you can have a good visualization of your face to be able to perform the best possible makeup.


Size: Measuring almost 25 centimeters in length, this mirror provides a sufficient surface to be able to visualize your face correctly.

Energy efficiency: In order not to spend so much electricity, this product works with energy efficiency class A.

Tonalities: The lighting can be changed to suit your tastes, as the bulbs come in three types of tonalities. Plus, it’s easy to control each of these modes.


Cables: The cables of the lighting are visible, which can be unsightly and mean a disadvantage.

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professional makeup mirror

5. Dahomi Makeup Mirror with Professional Light

If you prefer a professional makeup mirror, over other cheap models, then this could be a very good alternative for you. Manufactured by Dahomi, this high quality ABS product has been manufactured to give you the best possible view of your face, as it has 4 mirrors with 3 different types of magnification 1x, 2x and 3x.

The central part of the mirror has 21 units of lights with LED technology around it and, since the product has a 180° rotation, it will not be difficult to find the best angle to see your face and apply makeup. Additionally, right in the middle you will find a button that will allow you to adjust the lighting and choose the tone and intensity you want.

This purchase comes with a micro USB cable included so you can charge the mirror when it’s out of power, however, it also runs on AA batteries if you prefer.

If you want to have professional makeup, then you need professional equipment. For this there is this Dahomi model.


Power: This mirror can work with AA batteries and also with its battery, you just have to choose the option that you like or suits you best.

Variety: With this product you will have access to 4 mirrors, of which 3 have different magnifications. This variety will allow you to take care of different areas of your face.

Foldable: For easier and more convenient portability, this product can be folded. In addition, the mirror will be protected. 


Lighting: The lighting power may not be enough for all people.

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hollywood makeup mirror

6. Chende Hollywood Makeup Mirror with Lights

Having a Hollywood makeup mirror at home could positively influence the look of your makeup, as it will provide you with the necessary lighting to do everything you require. This model, being made for theater, has a rectangular shape and reaches dimensions of 80 x 5 x 60 centimeters, to give you a good view of everything.

The structure comes with 14 LED technology bulbs on the edge, which have a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours. In addition, these bulbs can be regulated both in intensity and in hue; since the mirror has 3 different color types: cold white, warm yellow and daylight. Fortunately, the regulation of these modes is quite simple, since you only have to press a button.

On the other hand, this product has been manufactured with a white aluminum frame and comes with a support of the same material, so that it can be placed on a table or hung on the wall, without neglecting durability.

This is definitely not one of the cheapest options on the market, however, it is a high-quality alternative for professionals.


Size: This is one of the largest mirrors, so you will have ample space to view everything.

Practical: The model is quite practical, as it can be hung on the wall or placed on a surface.

Bulbs: LED bulbs, in addition to having good lighting, have a useful life of up to 30,000 hours.


Weight: The weight of this mirror almost reaches 10 kilograms, which could make it a bit difficult to move and assemble.

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makeup mirror with lights

7. Beautme Professional Hollywood Makeup Mirror

If you really want to have the makeup of a professional, then it is a good idea to get a makeup mirror with lights, especially if it is a model like this. Beatume has manufactured a product designed to hang on the wall or to be placed on the table, with an elegant design and good finishes to adapt to any environment.

The frame comes with 14 LED technology bulbs that, to give you a better view, can be used in two modes: a 6500k white light and a 3200k warm light. The mirror has two touch buttons to control each of the lights and will also allow the mirror to be turned off.

As for the dimensions, this could be one of the best makeup mirrors of 2022, as it measures 60 x 50 x 2.5 cm. To use it, you just have to connect the mirror and that’s it.

This model is a good alternative to have in your room, as it will allow you to apply makeup successfully and comfortably.


Installation: The assembly of this mirror is extremely simple and, in addition to that, its plug-and-play connection allows you to use it as soon as you get home.

Light bulbs: The 14 light bulbs that this product comes with are of good quality, and have LED technology for efficient energy consumption.

Design: This product has a fairly elegant design, with clean finishes and a look that easily fits into any room.


Modes: This mirror only has two lighting modes, while other models have up to 3 of them.

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Other products

8. Eono by Amazon Portable Makeup Mirror

You do not necessarily have to buy the most expensive mirror model on the market, sometimes it is enough to have the best value for money makeup mirror to obtain good results. For people looking to save, Eono brings this portable mirror measuring just 21 x 16.5 x 3.4 centimeters and weighing just 28 grams so you can take it anywhere.

The product comes with a soft PU leather frame that, in addition to protecting the mirror when you are transporting it, will also serve as a support for the model to stand on. This support can be adjusted to obtain the best angle when applying makeup. In addition, the material also offers a soft, cushiony texture to be comfortable to handle.

For better viewing, this mirror is HD and distortion-free. Thanks to this, you can trust the image it shows you to apply makeup correctly.

This mirror may be small, but it’s still a quality product, made by Eono for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money.


Cover: The PU leather cover will protect the mirror at all times, as it is padded and waterproof.

Support: It is possible to use the mirror support to give it a better position and, in this way, find the most suitable angle.

Portable: Because this mirror is light and small, you can take it everywhere, it fits anywhere.


Lights: This mirror is quite simple, so it does not have lights to help you visualize better.

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9. Auxmir Makeup Mirror with 10X LED Light

Sometimes it is necessary to have a mirror that gives you a good magnification to be able to see even the smallest details, therefore, the answer to which is the best makeup mirror may be a model like this one. It is a product with a 10x magnification to be able to see everything precisely, so it is also a good model for shaving. The ideal distance is 15 cm away from the face to have a clear reflection.

This mirror comes with a strong suction cup on the back so you can attach it to where you need it as long as the surface is smooth. To give you the view you want, the product allows for 360° rotation, no problem.

In addition to that, the LED ring will provide good lighting in 3 modes: daytime, warm yellow and warm white. Similarly, the 2000 mAh battery that powers the light can be recharged via USB.

The size and lightness of this product, in addition to its quality, makes it a practical model, suitable for anyone.


Magnification: To see the smallest details, this model provides 10x magnification.

Light:  The LED ring offers very good lighting that also comes in 3 modes to use exactly the light you want.

Rechargeable: You will not have to worry about batteries, nor about irreplaceable light bulbs, as this model is rechargeable.


Visualization: By not having a standard visualization, its use is a bit limited, which is a point against it.

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Shopping guide

Taking a few minutes to check what features to look out for if you want to get a good makeup mirror could help you avoid a bad buy. Therefore, it is advisable to verify every detail so that you are comfortable with the product that you will take home with you.


Over time, even mirrors have evolved and that is why, when checking out a guide to buying the best makeup mirror, you can find several options whose most important feature is the lighting they offer. This, in addition to making the products look more professional, will also provide better viewing, making them highly sought after options. This does not mean that you cannot find traditional mirrors, but that models that have lighting are also available and in great quantity.

The vast majority of illuminated mirrors have 10 to 20 light bulbs around them, using LED technology, to illuminate people’s faces. However, there are some slightly more modern alternatives that use light rings. Therefore, it is safe to say that anyone can find the most suitable model for their tastes and needs.

Regarding its use, the luminous mirrors can work in 3 ways: with batteries, connected to an electrical source or with rechargeable batteries. The first options are not necessarily bad, as long as you get a model with batteries that have a long lifespan, to avoid having to buy another product in a short time.

Currently, the most sought-after mirrors are rechargeable ones, as these will not constantly consume electrical energy, nor will they be unusable if the battery runs out. Some models have a charger, while others come with a USB cable for this. The best thing is that, in certain cases, the mirror itself may show you when it needs to be charged.


Hand in hand with lighting comes technology, and you will be able to notice this when comparing makeup mirrors that exist in the market. It is best to take the time to evaluate each feature, as this will make it easier to make the best purchase decision.

Many seek to know how much the most modern model costs, since this type of alternative comes with touch functions that allow you to configure various modes of use. With just one button it will be possible to choose between different types of lighting and, in addition, the intensity of each of them can be regulated.

Also, some makeup mirrors come with a memory feature that allows them to “remember” the last mode you used, saving setup time. This feature is often accompanied by the ability to automatically turn off after a period of non-use. In this sense, the common thing is that it turns off after 30 minutes without activity.

As for the more traditional mirrors, technology has also been taken into account, since some options, in addition to offering you a faithful reflection of your face, will also give you the opportunity to see everything in magnification. The quality of this magnification can range from 2x to 10x or more, giving you a more precise view of the small details of your skin that might go unnoticed.


To achieve the purchase of a good and economical option, you cannot miss the design of the mirror. This, although it does not affect its use, is an outstanding aspect, since there are classic, modern, large and small options. You must choose the most functional alternative for you.

Firstly, you can find mirrors of different sizes and weights, the largest ones being perfect for theater and the smallest ones for those looking for a portable model that they can take everywhere. Depending on what you want to do with your mirror, you will be able to choose the best option.

Some large makeup mirrors, for ease of installation, have the option of being hung on a wall or standing on a table. Meanwhile, the smallest ones may have supports or suction cups that allow them to have a stable position to give you a better view of your face. These versions, most of the time, also facilitate rotation in order to adjust the mirror to your best angle.

In addition, you can find folding and double mirrors as well, which are recommended options because they usually fit in any room and also offer magnification functions. In the same way, you will also find portable options, for those who value mobility as an advantage, with covers that will protect its structure to extend its useful life.

No matter what you want, you will surely find that alternative made exactly for you.

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