The 9 Best Natural Deodorants of 2022

Natural deodorant – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Deodorants are one of the most used products for personal hygiene. However, most of them have a large number of chemical agents that could cause skin irritation, harm your health, and can even pollute the environment. For this reason, there are friendly alternatives such as Schmidt’s Natural, a deodorant in stick format, formulated based on plants and minerals that neutralize odor without any risk to your skin. Another recommended option could be the Bionatural Alum Stone, a 100% natural product made from alum mineral, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

The 9 Best Natural Deodorants – Opinions 2022

Deodorant is a product for daily use and you must choose the one that best suits your needs, without neglecting the importance of betting on a natural product free of harmful toxins. In order to help you in your purchase decision, we have prepared a list of some of the best natural deodorants of the moment.

Aluminum Free Natural Deodorant

1. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Stick for Sensitive Skin

This aluminum-free natural deodorant from Schmidt’s is a proposal from what is, for many users, the best brand of current natural deodorants. We are talking about a product without aluminum and that is free of other harmful ingredients, common in these products.

In return, this product bases its deodorant power on natural ingredients, such as jojoba oil, shea butter or coconut oil, to name a few. Therefore, you will not have to worry about allergies or the care of the most sensitive skin. In fact, the deodorant has been dermatologically tested.

The result is a healthy and wholesome product, which also has no aroma. All this at a reasonable price, so we could very well be facing the best natural deodorant with value for money in our selection.

If you don’t know which natural deodorant to buy, turn to the usual classics with this high-quality proposal.


Ingredients : This product removes harmful ingredients, such as aluminum or parabens.

Aroma : We are talking about a fragrance-free deodorant, which is responsible for effectively neutralizing odors.

Sensations : The deodorant does not leave greasy or sticky sensations on the skin.

Application : The stick format makes it easy to apply the deodorant comfortably on the skin.

Certified : It is certified vegan and cruelty-free, among other things.


Approach: Since Unilever has taken over the company, the quality of the product has dropped a bit.

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2. Amiti Saltz 100% Natural Ecological Deodorant Spray

Spray deodorants are products of great demand in the market; however, most contain large amounts of polluting synthetic chemicals. So if you’re looking for the best natural spray deodorant, you might consider this high-quality product that doesn’t block pores and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

It is a deodorant that promotes healing by cuts, prevents infections and helps reduce bleeding; likewise, it is hypoallergenic and odor free. Similarly, it is a natural deodorant without aluminum, without propellants, alcohol, petroleum derivatives and without harmful chemicals.

Its presentation contains 100 ml and its composition based on mineral salts and alum stone forms a protective barrier against bacteria that cause bad odour. Likewise, it is a deodorant that does not stain your clothes or your skin, since it is colorless.

If you prefer spray deodorants and bet on the natural, read on for a summary of the most important aspects of this product.


Spray: Its presentation in spray favors its use and dosage.

Natural and reliable: Its composition does not include alcohol, parabens, aluminum hydrochloride, petroleum derivatives or emulsifiers.

Uses: In addition to being an ideal product to use in the armpits, it is also recommended for use after shaving, as it helps heal wounds caused by cuts.



Size: A larger boat is missing. However, this presentation could be the right one to carry in your backpack.

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natural stone deodorant

3. Bionatural 11401 Alum stone 100%

The alum stone is a mineral widely used in the world of beauty, it is obtained by means of a salt based on potassium sulfate and its use in the field of personal hygiene has become very popular, especially in products such as natural deodorant made of stone, such as this one offered by Bionatural.

It stands out among the best natural deodorants of 2022, since it has an effective formula that deals with bad odors generated by underarm sweat. Likewise, it also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties; so it helps heal wounds caused by hair removal.

It offers a presentation in rock format, which you must moisten and then apply to the skin. In addition, it is a product that does not cause irritation, does not stain and, being hypoallergenic, can be used by people with sensitive skin.

Natural, effective and reliable, are some of the qualities that define this product. Next, its strengths and possible aspects to improve.


Users: Its formula is free of preservatives, additives and colorants; which makes it suitable for all audiences.

Composition: Its composition is 100% natural alum stone with beneficial properties for the skin and without added chemical substances.

Hypoallergenic: It is a deodorant with hypoallergenic qualities, so you will not have to worry if you are one of those people who has sensitive skin.


Humidity: In order to preserve the useful life of the stone, it is advisable to always keep it dry.

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4. O³ Alum Stone 100% Natural Deodorant without Aluminum

This alum stone deodorant is one of the most recommended ecological alternatives by users. Not only is it an environmentally friendly product, but it is also effective in neutralizing the proliferation of bacteria responsible for generating bad odors. In addition, it is gentle on the skin, closes its pores and promotes healing.

Likewise, its usefulness extends beyond use in the armpits, so it is recommended for other parts of the body that are susceptible to sweat such as the forehead, neck, feet and hands. Likewise, you can easily apply it after bathing and with damp skin.

Its natural composition does not include parabens, aluminum chloride, perfumes or alcohol, which favors that people with allergies can use it without problems. In addition, it is of great performance and with the purchase you will receive three units of 60 g each.

Due to its great features and its performance, this could be the best natural deodorant of the moment. Next, it analyzes its salient aspects.


Durability: Alum stone offers great performance, so 60g could last up to a year of use.

Effective: It is a product that limits perspiration and blocks the bacteria that cause the bad smell.

Versatility: You can use it in different areas of the body, such as the armpits, hands, feet, neck and forehead.


Fragile: It is advisable to handle and store the deodorant carefully, avoiding any impact that could break the stone.

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Natural deodorant for children

5. Saltz Roll-On ecological deodorant 100% natural

If you don’t know which natural deodorant to buy, betting on a product based on the mineral of alum is a good option. This is precisely the main ingredient of this product, which has a totally natural and high-quality base.

This stone has the advantage of being a completely natural ingredient, so the final product is free of parabens, aluminum salts and other undesirable ingredients. Therefore, the deodorant is suitable for all types of users and highly recommended for those with sensitive skin.

Another interesting aspect of this deodorant is that it is totally respectful of the environment, since it has not been tested on animals. An ideal proposal to be used as a natural deodorant for children, due to the quality of this formula.

Avoiding odors safely is easy, thanks to proposals such as this high-quality and efficient organic deodorant.


Base: The deodorant uses natural alum stone as a base, whose results are ideal for this type of use.

Totally natural: The product does not contain aluminum, parabens, alcohol or other harmful elements.

Versatile: It is ideal for all kinds of uses and especially for those with sensitive skin.


Texture: The texture is somewhat different than usual, with a rather gritty touch compared to the conventional fluid format.

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6. Hidrotelial Natural Deodorant Spray Nanos Armpits and Feet

As parents we must ensure that our children comply with their personal hygiene routine every day; which encourages good habits and avoids negative experiences due to the bad smell of your sweat. To do this, if you are looking for the best natural deodorant that your child can use, without the risk of irritation, this product for children’s use could be the one.

It is an effective and reliable natural deodorant for children, as it is capable of controlling excessive sweating and blocking the generation of unpleasant odours; all this without damaging your delicate skin.

For this reason, it has a formula based on plant extracts, calendula and aloe vera; skin-friendly ingredients that leave it hydrated and protected. Likewise, it is easy to apply; since its presentation is given in a spray that is not sticky and does not leave residues or stains.

This is a good alternative for parents looking for a children’s deodorant for their children, free of harmful and irritating substances. Get a summary of its outstanding features.


Ingredients: It is a deodorant that has natural ingredients of plant origin that protect the skin, such as aloe vera, calendula, allantoin and others.

Fast drying: It offers easy application and fast drying, thanks to its spray format.

Uses: It can be used in the armpits and on the feet, in order to control sweating and bad odor.


Size: The bottle only has 150 ml, so you would have to replace it in a short time.

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Other products 

7. Salt Of The Earth Deodorant CRYS17

Natural deodorants are ecological alternatives that favor the planet and also the health of the skin. In this sense, this Salt Of The Earth product, manufactured in the United Kingdom under high quality standards, could be a wise purchase. It is a natural deodorant presented in spray format, easy to apply and suitable for men and women, as it provides a neutral fragrance that favors everyone.

The natural and ecological ingredients present in its formula are aloe vera, sodium bicarbonate, mineral salts and larch extract; being the latter, a tree similar to the pine with medicinal properties. For this reason, it is a deodorant that does not cause irritation and can be used by sensitive skin.

Its presentation has 100 ml of product, which can last for several months, since it is an effective deodorant that you do not need to use in large quantities.

If you do not want to spend more than necessary on a deodorant, this is one of the cheapest and best quality of the moment. We invite you to read its main attributes.


Bioplastic: Your boat is made of bioplastic materials, which minimizes environmental pollution.

Vegan: It is a deodorant manufactured in the United Kingdom and certified by various vegan organizations that regulate this matter.

Effectiveness: Thanks to its ingredients and its spray format, you will be able to stay dry for longer.


Feet: It is not a recommended deodorant to use on the feet, for which you can request the Foot Spray of the same brand.

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8. Casida Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Cream

With this Casida product we completely changed the approach of the product as far as the application is concerned. This deodorant has a cream-type format, very easy to use and with which to comfortably cover the skin without complications.

Its formula dispenses with harmful artificial elements and changes the recipe for a good mix of classic ingredients such as coconut oil, frankincense, tea tree oil or starch powder. A combination that generates an efficient antibacterial effect and neutralizes odours.

The best thing is that this formula also takes care of your skin, thanks to components such as vitamin E or shea butter. So it is ideal for use in the armpits after waxing, for example. It is also a good option for users with sensitive skin or allergy problems.

We tell you everything you need to know about this interesting deodorant cream of natural origin.


Composition: Its composition has all kinds of natural and high-quality ingredients.

Format: The cream format makes it easier to apply the deodorant right where you need it.

Double effect: In addition to its deodorant effect, this product takes care of the skin, thanks to vitamin E or shea butter.


Packaging: It is missing that the product is sent in a more ecological packaging than the classic plastic one.

Stains: You may be able to leave some stains on your clothes, which can be avoided by applying just the right amount.

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9. Schmidt’s Roll On Deodorant Rose Vanilla Vegan

This deodorant has the classic roll-on format, but it differs from other similar products for having ingredients of plant and mineral origin.

To do this, its formula includes mineral salts, aloe vera, sunflower oil, moringa seed extract and other 100% natural ingredients.

Likewise, it is a deodorant free of aluminum, phthalates, propylene glycol, fragrances and artificial colors. For this reason, it can be used on all skin types, even the most delicate and sensitive. In addition, it is not sticky, it does not leave stains and it has not been tested on animals.

Its recyclable bottle contains 50ml of product and you can choose the presentation that best suits your personality and style; so you have three options available: activated charcoal with a fresh scent, rose and vanilla with a floral fragrance, or bergamot and lime with citrus notes.

With high European standards and natural ingredients, this deodorant could meet your expectations. For more details about this product read the following section.


Roll on: It has the classic roll on format, the favorite of many people for its ease of use.

Varied fragrances: You can select the fragrance of your preference among several available options.

Use: It is a deodorant recommended for all skin types, given its formula with ingredients of mineral and vegetable origin.


Strong smell: Less intensity in the floral aroma would be appreciated. However, you can choose other softer fragrances.

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Shopping guide

Although all our skin is delicate, there are areas of our body that are especially sensitive. However, daily we subject them to factors that irritate and mistreat them; this is the case of the armpits. This area tends to suffer the aggressions of hair removal and if we add to that the use of deodorants formulated with chemical substances, we could be causing serious damage to the skin and to health in general. For this reason, in this guide to buying the best natural deodorant you will be able to learn a little more about these products and the most important aspects to consider before choosing one in particular.


When choosing a deodorant, it is important that you know the list of ingredients that it contains. Many products offer ecological and organic components, but they are not completely natural. Making a detailed analysis we can find ingredients such as aluminum salts.

Aluminum chlorohydrate is an antiperspirant agent commonly used in conventional deodorants. Its effect prevents the production of sweat, blocking the sweat glands; which is dangerous for health. In addition, it is a neurotoxic related to diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Making a comparison of natural deodorants, you will find that these products are not only free of aluminum chlorohydrate, but also of phthalates, preservatives, artificial aromas, petroleum derivatives and any other toxic chemical substance that could affect your health.

Since these are natural products, among the ingredients used in their formulation we have aloe vera; a plant that offers antiseptic, regenerating qualities and helps eliminate bad odors. It also highlights the alum stone, an ingredient of mineral origin with deodorant, antibacterial, astringent and softening properties.

Similarly, some contain seed extract such as sunflower and essential oils such as coconut and olive oil. These components, in addition to neutralizing the bacteria that cause bad odour, also provide hydration, softness and care for the skin of the armpits.


Another important aspect that you should pay attention to, and that depends a lot on personal taste, is the presentation that the deodorant offers you. In this sense, the market has several options, in order to cover the needs of all public.

Firstly, we have the roll-on deodorant or roll-on deodorant, being the classic format of this personal hygiene product. It is usually cheaper than its congeners and thanks to its sphere, it evenly distributes the product on the skin. Plus, you won’t have to worry about spills when you tip the boat over.

Another very popular presentation is the spray version. This is because they are easy to apply to the skin and the liquid usually dries faster than cream or roll-on formats. Similarly, they might offer slightly more intense fragrances than their counterparts.

Stick deodorants, on the other hand, have a solid cream that is applied to the skin. With them drying is fast and there is no risk of spills; however, it is a product that usually leaves residues.

Finally, an unusual presentation and one that is not common for these products is the spreadable format; These deodorants come packaged in a glass case similar to those used for skin creams. To apply them you must take with your fingers the amount you are going to use and put it evenly on your armpit.

Users and fragrance

The wide market for natural deodorants is designed to meet the needs of everyone. From those people who have sensitive skin, to those who suffer from allergies, and you can even find these products in a children’s version, specially developed to be used by children.

On the other hand, an aspect that is relevant for many is that the deodorant offers a particular fragrance. Natural products usually come with no added scent; however, some brands have included fragrances of plant and mineral origin in their formulation. For this, you can find natural deodorants with a faint scent of flowers or citrus; these aromas turn out to be very mild and do not affect allergy sufferers.

Likewise, some deodorants only provide freshness and do not offer a particular smell, so they can be used by both men and women, regardless of age. For this reason, regardless of how much it costs, if you are one of those who prefer an odor-free deodorant, in this category you could find what you are looking for.

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