The 9 Best Pulsed Light Epilators of 2022

Pulsed Light Epilator – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Many people don’t like having body hair and want professional results without leaving home. Pulsed light epilators have been designed for them, instruments that use energy to weaken the hair and remove it with great efficiency. In this category we find products positioned as the best on the market, such is the case of the BaByliss Homelight Connected epilator, a device that is compatible with 5 skin phototypes and whose treatment is quick and painless. On the other hand, there is the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5, a compact epilator, which has a precision head for delicate and small areas, such as the face.

The 9 Best Pulsed Light Epilators – Opinions 2022

If you want to know the advantages of professional hair removal in the comfort of your home, we recommend you review the description of the following products, rated as the best pulsed light epilators of 2022, whose technology and designs are aimed at the satisfaction of users who they want to get rid of body hair. 

BaByliss pulsed light epilator

1. BaByliss Homelight Connected IPL Epilator

Technology makes our lives easier and the BaByliss pulsed light epilator is an example of this, thanks to the Connected function that allows the mobile to be synchronized with the device through an application. This is in order to offer personalized attention, facilitate the handling of the epilator and control the sessions so as not to skip any.

Unlike other models, the Homelight Connected has a quartz lamp to better protect the dermis, offering 6 intensity levels for greater compatibility with the color of your skin, so it can be considered the best pulsed light epilator. 

Likewise, the facial adapter acts with precision in the mustache area, while the pistol-shaped design favors the manipulation of the equipment to reduce fatigue during the session. 

As this model has been rated by some users as the best pulsed light epilator of the moment, we have made a summary of its pros and cons.


Design: The pistol format favors a firm grip and reduces fatigue during use.

Connectivity: The epilator incorporates a Bluetooth connection to synchronize its use through a mobile application.

Instructions: The instruction manual explains how to do the hair removal program in 8 sessions, with clear and explicit information.


Hair type: People with light and fine hair have had less visibility in results than users with thick and dark hair, but this is considered normal.

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2. BaByliss Homelight Compact Laser Epilator

The G935E model of the BaByliss pulsed light epilator line has a lamp with a capacity of 200,000 flashes, that is, its durability is sufficient for 30 complete hair removal programs, with 8 sessions. 

This feature, combined with its compact size and low price, allows many users to rate this equipment as the best value for money pulsed light epilator. 

With skin protection in mind, this epilator has an optical filter that eliminates ultraviolet wavelengths, which cause skin burns. In addition, the high technology of the lamp is compatible with brown skin to increase its effectiveness and show lasting results. 

As for the design, its weight of 800 g is manageable and is also favored by the curved lines of the device, for a better grip on the equipment and a comfortable waxing session without leaving home. 

This is one of the cheapest epilators, which is why many users recommend it and we summarize its features below.


Lamp: The quartz lamp lasts for 200,000 flashes, offering enough treatment for 3 or 4 years, depending on the manufacturer.

Protection: The epilator incorporates a filter to protect the skin and eyes from UV rays, as well as a sensor to prevent accidental triggering.

Software: The Homelight app personalizes hair removal sessions by area and skin type to program a complete treatment.


Cable: This model is not wireless, so you must have a plug nearby to use it.

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Braun pulsed light epilator

3. Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 PL5137 Pulsed Light Epilator

If you are looking for a high-precision device with a compact size that removes body hair quickly, this Braun pulsed light epilator can be a good alternative, since it offers a complete treatment in 4 weeks. 

The built-in sensor identifies your skin tone and automatically adapts the intensity of the lamp, constantly throughout the treatment. This is how the epilator identifies color variations on your skin and regulates the intensity of the flashes so as not to damage it.

For its part, the two heads are interchanged to have greater precision in the different areas of the body and maintain uniform results. In this sense, the sliding mode is suitable for wide areas, while the shot mode is more precise for delicate and narrow areas. 

These are just some of the main qualities of this equipment that has been considered one of the best pulsed light epilators of 2022. 

Now, we invite you to know the pros and cons of the product whose manufacturer is emerging as the best brand of pulsed light epilators, according to the opinions of its users.


Speed: The sliding and shooting modes complete the treatments in less time, so you can wax your legs in approximately 5 minutes. 

Durability: The lamp has a useful life of 400,000 flashes, so you will have effective home hair removal for many years.

Set: The epilator comes in a stylish bag for storage or transport. Also included is a Venus Extra Smooth Swirl razor, required for the first stage of treatment.


Glasses: The inclusion of protective glasses is missing. 

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4. Braun 81677838 hair removal with light

The Braun Silk expert Pro 3 pulsed light epilator offers precise body hair removal over a period of approximately three months, with a weekly session. 

To do this, the 300,000-shot lamp has three intensity levels to offer greater compatibility between the light and your skin tone. In this sense, the adaptation sensor identifies the tone of the dermis, according to the area to be depilated, and adjusts the intensity in each shot. In addition, the two treatment modes are tailored according to each user’s experience and resistance to pain, which is beneficial for beginners in the light mode and lower power.

As for the design, this epilator is lighter and more compact than its predecessors, easy to manipulate in the different parts of the body and you only have to plug it in to start the treatment.

Other characteristics in this product are separated below into positive and negative aspects.


Investment: The average duration of this equipment is 12 years for a single person, so it is a good long-term investment to remove body hair.

Treatment: The sliding mode is suitable for covering larger areas of the body, while the short shot mode is suitable for sensitive areas that need more precision.

Operation: The epilator is easy to use thanks to its compact and intuitive design.


Connection: This product comes with an American plug, requiring the purchase of a European adapter.

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Philips pulsed light epilator

5. Philips Lumea Prestige BRI954/00 Pulsed light epilator

When looking for the best pulsed light epilator, it is important to take into account the precision accessories that it incorporates, to apply it correctly to each part of the body. 

In this sense, the Lumea Prestige comes with three heads: one of 4.1 cm 2 with a curved design for larger areas of the body, a 2 cm 2 flat facial accessory with an additional protection filter and a curved accessory designed for armpits and the bikini area that measures 3 cm 2. These are easily interchanged and simplify treatment for better results.

In this model we also highlight the SmartSkin sensor that identifies the skin tone to adjust the intensity of the flash, being compatible with up to 5 types of dermis, acting more effectively on dark blonde, black and brown hair. 

To work, this Philips pulsed light epilator can be used corded or cordless, making it easy to use. On the other hand, the pistol design also favors a comfortable grip of the device during treatment.

Now we invite you to read the pros and cons that we distinguish in this model.


Tested: The IPL technology of this equipment has been designed by dermatologists to offer greater efficacy and protection to the skin.

Pulses: With 250,000 pulses, this epilator offers several years of treatment for regular home hair removal. 

Heads: The included heads allow precise and effective use of the epilator on different parts of the body, whose sensitivity is varied.


Time: When the epilator is used wirelessly, hair removal takes longer, making it tedious to treat large areas such as legs.

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6. Philips Lumea Advanced SC1999/00 with skin tone sensor

A Philips pulsed light epilator widely recommended by users is this Lumea Advanced model, which is designed with the same technology as specialized beauty centers, but in the comfort of a compact device that you can use at home. 

This device shaves legs in no time, thanks to the 4 cm 2 head, as well as two 2 cm 2 filters, one for the face and one for the groin. 

Regarding its design, you should know that the epilator has a pistol format, which makes it easier to grip; while the extra-long cord allows for greater freedom of movement and the fire button is easy to press.

Philips recommends 4-5 waxing sessions every two weeks, then every 4-8 weeks depending on body hair growth. As for maintenance, a cloth is included that must be moistened to clean the windows of the heads. 

If you don’t know which pulsed light epilator to buy, you can review the pros and cons of this model and check if it suits your needs.


Ventilation: The epilator has superior ventilation to prevent overheating during use.

Life time: The lamp has a capacity of 250 thousand shots, enough for 10 years of treatment with regular use, according to the manufacturer.

Accessories: A storage case and a cloth to clean the heads are included.


Operation: This model does not have wireless operation, but the extension of the cable allows you to move further away from the plug. 

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pulsed light hair removal machine

7. Homedics Duo Lux Bundle Pulsed Light Epilator 

The 5 joule power of the Homedics epilator allows you to adjust the intensity of the lamp to adapt to your skin tone and hair type, taking care of your dermis for a painless and effective treatment.

This pulsed light hair removal machine stands out for its compact size and light weight, being very manageable and easy to use. In addition, it incorporates a touch sensor so that the flashes are activated only on contact with the skin.

As for how it works, you should know that this equipment also incorporates advanced fluorescence technology, which emits up to one flash per second for large areas of skin, such as the legs or back. Such technology offers protection by preventing shorter waves of light from overheating the skin. 

About the useful life of this device, on average it serves to be used for the next 5 years, since the lamp is 300 thousand flashes, so your investment is supported. 

To dispel other doubts about this model, we invite you to read our summary of pros and cons.


Format: The IPL machine is compact and light, being comfortable to use in all hair removal sessions.

Technology: This model has IPL technology for the most sensitive places such as the face or groin, and advanced fluorescence technology for larger parts of the body, such as the legs, reducing hair removal time. 

Skin care: In addition to sensors to protect the dermis, a silicone exfoliating brush is included for complete body cleansing and dead skin removal.


Noise: As the lamp heats up, the epilator’s motor emits a noise that may be uncomfortable for sensitive users. 

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Rowenta pulsed light epilator

8. Rowenta IPL Instant Soft Compact EP9600 

Rowenta is well known for its sophisticated vacuum cleaners and steam generators, but it has also made a name for itself in the personal care market with its hair removal equipment.

Such is the case of the EP9600 model, a piece of equipment with pro-precision technology that uses a spacer roller, so as not to repeat the pulsations in the same area of ​​the skin, which reduces the risk of burning. This system also prevents us from leaving spaces uncovered by the lamp.

The Rowenta pulsed light epilator is distinguished by the concentrated energy beam to remove hair regularly from the first session, thanks to the 5 cm 2 application surface, which also favors the speed of treatment. 

As a safety measure, this device incorporates a contact sensor that prevents the flashes from coming out if it is not in contact with the skin. In this way it does not affect the view. 

In this model we observe a compact design of 13 x 16 cm and other qualities that we explain below, as pros and cons.


Handy: The format of the epilator, its compact dimensions and light weight favor the right grip for complete epilation without fatigue.

Precision: The built-in roller allows you to know which areas of the skin have been pressed and which are missing, to avoid repeating the shots in the same area and forgetting to wax some parts. 

Protection: To protect vision from involuntary flashes, a contact sensor allows the lamp to fire only when touching the skin. 


Lamps: The two built-in lamps have a useful life of 150 thousand flashes, much less than the high-end models that offer a longer use time.

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Remington pulsed light epilator

9. Remington i-Light Essential IPL6250 100,000 Shots

This Remington pulsed light epilator is one of the cheapest in our selection, and offers permanent hair removal in a few months, depending on your skin and hair type. For this reason, some users may think that it is the best pulsed light epilator.

You should know that the i-LIGHT Essential has a quartz lamp with 100,000 shots and 5 intensity levels to act on different skin tones and use a lower power on the most sensitive areas, reducing the risk of irritation. 

On the other hand, its effectiveness is proven for male and female body hair with remarkable results in a short time, being suitable for waxing the legs, back, chest, abdomen, armpit and bikini area. Also, the facial adapter allows safe epilation on the cheeks, chin and upper lip.

This model deserves a more detailed analysis of its characteristics, but for now we will summarize its main positive and negative aspects.


Affordable: The equipment has high-precision technology and a competitive price, which compensates for the 100 thousand shots of the lamp.

Usefulness: The effectiveness of the epilator is noticeable on male and female hair, as long as the skin tone is not so dark. 

Grip and heads: The ergonomic design favors a comfortable hold. For its part, the exchange of the heads is easily done with a coupling system.


Protection: Protective glasses are necessary, because the flash of the lamp can be a bit annoying.

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Shopping guide

If you continue to use razors or hot wax to wax, it’s time to pamper yourself and have a permanent hair removal without leaving home. For this reason, we have prepared this guide to buy the best pulsed light epilator that will show you the most important things you should consider to get one of these, saying goodbye to body hair for a long time. 

lamp and power

To start, you should know that IPL epilators work by weakening the hair with light energy emitted in each pulse of light. Therefore, one of the first elements to observe in one of these epilators is the power of its lamp, which is measured in Joules/cm², also identified as light flux.

In general, these devices have between 3 and 8 Joules/cm². But, when adjusting the power it is easier to talk about intensity levels. This adjustment is what allows the epilator to adapt to your skin tone to offer greater effectiveness and less risk of irritation or burns. 

In this equipment, the most recommended are those that have 4 to 5 intensity levels, including automatic adjustment models.

On the other hand, the lamps have a maximum life time that is evaluated by the number of shots they can emit. Consequently, if we make a comparison of pulsed light epilators, we find lamps with 75,000 shots, 100,000 and up to 250 or 300,000, the most durable, offering a usage time of up to 10 years, also depending on the brand, for one person. with a regular depilatory treatment.

Clearly, the duration of the lamp influences how much the epilator costs, but this aspect should not worry you, as the offer of products with competitive prices, long-lasting lamps and affordable replacements is increasing. 


Regarding the lamp and its intensity, it is important to know your phototype and identify the natural color of the hair before choosing an epilator, because we must clarify that if your hair is blonde, white or reddish or your skin is very dark you will not get the results expected nor with the most advanced pulsed light epilator. 

In this sense, some models incorporate a sensor designed to identify the tone of your skin and hair, in order to correctly adjust the intensity of the light for greater effectiveness. But, there are also models whose adjustment must be done manually, which is not a disadvantage at all, since choosing a low intensity is very useful for beginners in this hair removal or those who have little resistance to pain.

It should be noted that the light pulses can generate a slight tingling or burning sensation during application; For the most sensitive people this can be painful, and for this reason it is advisable to start with the lowest power while they adapt to the process. 

Design and security 

In your search for a good and economical epilator, you cannot forget the importance of an ergonomic design, which favors a correct grip and does not cause arm pain when you finish waxing.

For this reason, it is necessary to check that the epilator is compact and light, that it has a good grip and the layout of the buttons for its operation is comfortable. In this case, some models opt for the pistol format with an affordable button and a resistant plastic construction. 

Other devices are wireless or dual, so you can also use them connected to the socket. This aspect can have its pros and cons if we take into account the freedom of movement and the decrease in power in wireless mode. 

With regard to safety, there are no major health risks when using an epilator of this technology. However, some include protective glasses so as not to affect the eyes with the flash of light. On the other hand, other models incorporate a special filter and a sensor that prevents involuntary firing, so the only light will be the one that is emitted directly in contact with the skin. 

user interface

As they are equipment for home hair removal, they have a very simple user interface, you just have to adjust the intensity level and press the firing button when touching the skin. Some models have this automatic function and different modes of use, such as fixed shot or sliding, to facilitate the application depending on the area to be waxed.

Currently, some manufacturers have opted for connectivity, so they have incorporated Bluetooth in their epilators to synchronize them through an app with the user’s mobile. In this way, the operation is totally personalized, you can keep records of the treatments and activate the notifications so as not to forget the day of the next session. This plus is valued by users as a total success for hair removal according to new technologies.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a pulsed light epilator?

The pulsed light epilator is an excellent alternative to painful hair removal with hot wax. You can also use it for your maintenance treatment if you have already had IPL hair removal in a beauty center and want to save money. In addition, the versatility of this equipment offers you easy home hair removal to apply to the face, arms, armpits, legs and bikini line, mainly.

Q2: What does the pulsed light epilator do?

These teams use photoepilation to weaken hair growth through pulses of light. This light is absorbed by melanin, the hair pigment, which stimulates the follicle to go to rest, progressively weakening the hair until it falls out. Consequently, hair growth is delayed much more and with regular maintenance, the results are medium and long term. 

For this reason, IPL devices do not work on blonde, white or reddish hair, because these have low levels of melanin. They are also not effective on dark skin due to the high concentrations of the pigment. Therefore, the most appropriate phototypes for pulsed light hair removal are 1 to 4 with dark hair, preferably.

Q3: What is the best brand of pulsed light epilator?

There are several brands that are emerging as the most innovative in IPL hair removal. Philips is one of them with its Lumea line and its 300,000-shot lamp, as well as proven high efficacy on male and female hair. For its part, Braun also offers several safe and fast tools for permanent, painless hair removal. These manufacturers have technology and high prices in common.

On the other hand, there are BaByliss and Remington in the competition for high-end products and affordable costs to offer long-lasting and noticeable home hair removal in few treatment sessions for tight budgets. 

So we recommend choosing one of these brands, as any of their epilators offer many features and proven effectiveness in removing body hair.

Q4: Is it safe to use a pulsed light epilator?

The epilators for sale have been dermatologically tested, FDA certified to prove their safety and have been developed with advanced dermatological technology, endorsed by skin doctors. In addition, many models incorporate protection filters against UV rays, skin burns and eye sensitivity. Others include goggles for added protection. Therefore, they are safe equipment to use in the comfort of your home and you only need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for effective treatment. 

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