The 9 Best Vitamin C Serums of 2022

Vitamin C Serum – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The benefits of vitamin C in the body are widely known, especially its regenerative function of tissues and skin, wound healing and antioxidant effect. In this sense, we recommend using a serum such as Sesderma C-Vit suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive. With it you can cleanse and tone your face twice a day. On the other hand, the Florence Bio Cosmesi Facial Serum combines the power of vitamin C with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, to deeply hydrate the skin of the face, neck and décolletage, reducing sun damage and dark spots.  

The 9 Best Vitamin C Serums – Opinions 2022

Taking care of your skin from sun damage and the effects of aging is possible if you use the right ingredients, vitamin C being one of the most beneficial for moisturizing and regenerating the dermis. Therefore, we have selected the best vitamin C serums of 2022, according to the opinion of users, to help you choose the most suitable for your skin. 

Sesderma vitamin C serum

1. Sesderma C-Vit Liposomal Serum

The formula with liposomes in this product concentrates vitamin C to bring all its properties inside the cell so that it can be absorbed efficiently, reflecting healthy and hydrated skin. 

This Sesderma vitamin C serum has a high cost, but its investment is compensated thanks to its development that involves nanotechnology, to take advantage of its anti-wrinkle properties, since it increases the synthesis of elastin and collagen so that the dermis regains its firmness. Likewise, the serum protects the skin from early aging, reducing damage from sunlight, air pollution, among others. 

In relation to its use, this product is suitable for all types of dermis, as it does not contain parabens or phthalates and its application is indicated twice a day to restore vitality to the skin. 

Due to the mentioned characteristics, this can be considered the best vitamin C serum of the moment and, consequently, we have summarized its main pros and cons below.


Application: The presentation includes a dropper that allows you to use the right amount of serum to apply to the face, neck and décolletage.

Properties: Moisturizes the skin, but also increases collagen levels to reduce wrinkles and maintain the vitality of the dermis with its natural shine.

Nanotechnology: The formula of this serum uses nanotechnology to incorporate liposomes that favor the absorption of vitamin C from cellular metabolism.


Price: To start skin care, this product may seem expensive, but its benefits support its purchase.

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2. Sesderma C-Vit Serum 5 Units

For an intensive moisturizing treatment on your skin, you can use this Sesderma vitamin C serum that comes in a presentation of 5 ampoules of 2 ml each, offering 12% pure vitamin C to achieve an immediate illuminating effect and revitalize the skin.

The qualities of this product make it recommended for the treatment of stretch marks and cellulite. However, in the same way, it evens out skin tone in dermis prone to melasma, blemishes or chloasma, being suitable for oily, normal, combination or dry skin. 

The ideal dose for a shock treatment is to apply half an ampoule in the morning and the other half at night. In the case of photoaged skin, with a matte appearance and damage caused by the sun, it is recommended to apply a single dose. 

Thanks to the wide range of dermatological products, Sesderma could be considered the best brand of vitamin C serums, this being one of its most popular presentations. Therefore, we summarize its pros and cons below.


Ampoules: The presentation is in ampoules of 2ml, each one to perform an intense treatment on photoaged skin.

Use: Rubber caps are included to uncover the blisters safely and apply them directly to the area to be treated. 

Effectiveness: With this product, the skin is hydrated, recovers its shine and elasticity, achieving a smooth effect almost instantly. 


Dose: Each ampoule should be applied in a single dose, or a maximum of two, because, when uncovered, the content oxidizes quickly. 

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Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum

3. Florence Bio Facial Serum with Vitamin CE Hyaluronic Acid 

The best vitamin C serum is the one that enhances the effectiveness of this element with other active ingredients to optimize skin nutrition, slowing down the signs of aging.

That is what this vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum from Florence Bio offers, which also stands out for its organic and vegan formula, a generous product that treats the skin and cares for the environment.

With this facial moisturizer you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and acne spots. Its application can be done twice a day, even before makeup, to work as a base for the skin. 

Among the other ingredients of this formula are several natural extracts such as aloe vera, virgin jojoba oil, centella asiatica, among others that promote deep nutrition of the dermis. 

Now we invite you to review the highlights of what could be one of the best vitamin C serums of 2022.


Efficacy: Its regular use helps reduce expression lines, lighten acne spots and sun damage.

Presentation: The 60 ml content is double that of most presentations of this serum available on the market.

Ingredients: The combination of vitamin C with hyaluronic acid and different natural extracts enhances the properties of the serum for intense skin care.


Smell: The fragrance of the serum is slightly herbaceous, and some users may like it but others may not. 

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4. Satin Naturel Organic Vitamin C Facial Serum 

In the search for a vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum, this product stands out for being organic and being combined with other ingredients such as rose essential oil to rejuvenate the skin and leave the complexion firmer, without visible wrinkles.

Regarding the content, we must highlight that the double complex of 30% vitamin C increases the effectiveness of the serum, since it penetrates the skin to keep it hydrated and increase its elasticity. It also improves the appearance of acne scars and leaves skin scented with a light citrus fragrance. 

For its part, vitamin E and other botanical ingredients such as aloe vera, cucumbers and grapes, complement the formula of what could be the best vitamin C serum, since it efficiently treats skin blemishes, relieves irritation of sensitive dermis and regenerates it. 

We have summarized some pros and cons of this product that will help you decide whether to invest in it or not.


Packaging: The purple bottle protects the serum from light so as not to affect its properties.

Origin: The ingredients of the serum are organic and cruelty-free, so it can be used by vegans and those looking for natural cosmetics.

Efficacy: Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid act in the deepest layers of the skin for intense hydration. 


Liquid: In a few cases the fluidity of the serum has been mentioned, which can delay its absorption. 

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Babaria vitamin C serum

5. Babaria Serum Vitamin C Antioxidant Radiance

Qualified as the best value for money vitamin C serum, this product combines vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, to enhance the effects of the main ingredient, favoring the natural production of collagen. Consequently, the skin appears firmer and wrinkles are reduced, recovering its natural shine and lightening spots. 

The Babaria vitamin C serum is suitable for daily use as part of the facial routine, but also to prepare the skin for urban conditions such as air pollution, sun exposure, blue light from mobile devices, among others. 

It should be noted that the application of this product is very fast thanks to the dispenser, since just a few drops are placed on the fingers and they are evenly distributed on the face and neck, being absorbed in a short time. 

The presentation of this serum is one of the cheapest on our list and therefore we summarize its positive and negative aspects below.


Formula: It is a vegan product that combines vitamin C and E, to stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the dermis, favoring the production of collagen.

Protection: It serves to protect the skin from pollution, blue light from mobile devices, sun damage, among others.

Cost: Its price is affordable and attractive, as it is a high-quality serum backed by a well-known natural cosmetics brand. 


Texture: The serum feels a little sticky at first, but it absorbs quickly without leaving an oily feeling.

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Vitamin C face serum

6. Gloryfeel Vitamin C Serum 30% with Hyaluronic Acid

In the search for the best vitamin C serum, we found many recommendations from users about this Gloryfeel product, which has a concentrate of 30% ascorbic acid with hyaluronic acid to offer more benefits to the skin.

Among the most outstanding aspects of this cosmetic is the fact that it is 100% vegan, has not been tested on animals and does not contain microplastics or chemical additives that could cause allergies. 

On the other hand, this vitamin C facial serum is suitable for all skin types and offers an immediate moisturizing effect; an aspect that is perceived in women and men by reducing impurities, giving vitality to the dermis and concealing expression lines with regular use. For its application, it is recommended to use a few drops twice a day, which is enough to notice its effectiveness. 

Now we invite you to know some pros and cons that we detect in this serum. 


Concentration: The concentrated formula of 30% vitamin C and hyaluronic acid tells us that the serum deeply moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin, stimulating collagen production.

100% vegan: The manufacturer has been respectful of animals and the environment when making this cosmetic. In addition, it does not contain perfumes, microplastics or dyes.

Presentation: The 100 ml bottle with a pump-type dispenser improves the user experience due to its durability and easy application. 


Results: You must be constant in the use of the facial serum for several months to observe the changes in the skin. 

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Pure Vitamin C Serum 

7. Kizenka Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

Getting a pure vitamin C serum on the market is not so easy, as so many ingredients are used in the formula of these moisturizers, that the amount of ascorbic acid ends up being very little. 

However, Kizenka has understood the need to offer a highly concentrated product, therefore, in this 30ml serum, 20% is vitamin C. In turn, the use of vitamin E, botanical hyaluronic acid and other amino acids optimize the effectiveness of the serum to hydrate the dermal layers, slow down aging and increase collagen production. Consequently, the skin is rejuvenated, firmer and sun spots are lightened. 

We also highlight that this product is one of the cheapest in the selection, so its purchase represents a good investment for the tightest budgets. 

Here is the summary of the pros and cons of this Kizenka facial serum. 


Skin type: The serum is suitable for all skin types: dry, normal, oily and combination, including sensitive dermis, because it does not contain allergens.

Components: The formula has 20% concentrated vitamin C plus aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, to increase its effectiveness in deep hydration.

Use: This product can be applied twice a day, preferably after the facial cleansing routine and as a base for makeup. 


Quantity: It comes in a 30 ml bottle, but due to its low cost it does not represent a large outlay. 

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La Roche-Posay Vitamin C Serum

8. La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C Serum

If you still can’t decide which vitamin C serum to buy, this option from La Roche-Posay deserves your attention. First of all, it offers the support of a brand known worldwide for the quality of its dermatological products.

Secondly, we highlight the 10% concentration of ascorbic acid combined with the active ingredient neurosensine, which prevents skin irritation and promotes the absorption of vitamin C, as well as salicylic acid, which makes this formula a suitable antioxidant. for the most sensitive dermis.

It should be noted that La Roche-Posay vitamin C serum acts as a high-power anti-aging agent, helping to combat sagging skin, irregular pigmentation caused by sun exposure, and lack of luminosity. For this reason, it is recommended to apply 4 drops to the face and neck every morning, massaging until the skin absorbs the product.

If you want to know more, you can take a look at its pros and cons.


Compatibility: This serum is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin with a tendency to redness. 

Concentration: The formula concentrates 10% of high purity vitamin C, which is metabolized from the inner layers of the skin thanks to silicic acid and neurosensine.

Brand: The endorsement of La Roche-Posay confirms the effectiveness of this serum in the treatment of wrinkles, expression lines and skin revitalization.


Value: The price of this product is high, but users of the French brand know that it is a recommended investment for skin care.

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Vitamin C serum for the face

9. Elbbub Vitamin C Serum for Face

Face care is necessary so that the passage of time does not wreak havoc on it. In this sense, a facial routine to maintain young skin needs vitamins and amino acids, in addition to the natural stimulation of collagen to prevent wrinkles. 

For this reason, using a vitamin C serum for the face, like this product from Elbbub, is a way to deeply nourish the skin, removing acne blemishes and sun damage.

In addition, this product contains vitamins B and E that favor the elimination of toxins, repair cells and protect the skin from environmental factors.

Likewise, the content of botanical hyaluronic acid provides a source of antioxidants and collagen to keep the skin firm, without spots or wrinkles. On the other hand, this serum can be applied daily and it is recommended to use a moisturizer after absorption. 

Now, you can review the positive and negative aspects that we distinguish in it.


Vitamins: This product also has vitamins B and E. Both help to hydrate the skin, restore cells and combat wrinkles.

Presentation: The serum comes in a glass bottle with a dropper on the lid to apply the necessary amount on the skin, without wasting the product.

Application: It can be used day and night, applying about four drops and spreading the product on the face and neck until it is absorbed. 


Smell: The neutral smell is a bit unpleasant for some users.

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Shopping guide

Skin care is a constant concern for many people. For this reason, cosmetic manufacturers have offered effective solutions that you can apply at home to rejuvenate the skin and keep it hydrated. One of them is the vitamin C serum and here we explain what you need to know to acquire this product. 


Our guide to buying the best vitamin C serum is designed to help you choose the product that your skin needs, and while ascorbic acid is the main active ingredient, many of these cosmetics have more elements in their composition. 

To begin with, we must take into account the concentration of vitamin C, since being the base of the serum, it must be of maximum purity. This is how we find serums that offer 10 to 30% high-quality vitamin C in its composition. 

Clearly, the higher the percentage of this ingredient, the more effective the serum is in terms of tissue restoration, wound healing, and skin pigmentation. But, it also influences how much the product costs for the consumer.

On the other hand, we have the combination of other vitamins, such as B and E, in addition to hyaluronic acid in the most popular formulas on the market. This is because the interaction of these elements enhances the effectiveness of the vitamin C serum to nourish the skin from its inner layers, slow down the signs of aging and restore radiance.  


Currently, a comparison of vitamin C serums is not focused on getting the cheapest but on finding a natural and environmentally friendly product. For this reason, buyers look at the origin of the ingredients and it is preferred that they are free of animal cruelty and that they have a vegan or organic certification.

Likewise, people with delicate skin need a serum that does not contain parabens or phthalates, and although most of the products available are suitable for any type of skin, dermis prone to irritation and redness should use natural products. 

Fortunately, there is a wide range of these organic or 100% vegan serums on the market, represented by recognized brands that support the purchase. 

Likewise, in natural vitamin C serums we can find other ingredients, mostly plant extracts, from which botanical hyaluronic acid, aloe vera gel, centella asiatica, among other components that improve skin health, are obtained. 


Facial serums usually come in small plastic or glass containers that do not exceed 100 ml of content. In the case of vitamin C serum, some presentations in 2ml ampoules are indicated for intensive treatment in a single dose of dry, dull and photoaged skin.

But, the most common is to buy this cosmetic in bottles of 30, 60 and 100 ml. Clearly, the price can depend on the size of the container, but also on the concentration of vitamin C, the addition of other ingredients and the purity of the mixture, since in some products the most abundant ingredient is water, which makes the cosmetic cheaper.

In terms of dosage, the dropper is the most traditional way to use this product. However, the use of the pump has become widespread, as it avoids exposure of the contents to the air and makes handling the product easier.

How to use and brands

The application in most vitamin C serums that are currently available is very similar, only 3 to 4 drops should be used on the skin, spreading the product with massage until it is completely absorbed. 

This procedure can be done twice a day, for a good period of time to see the real changes in the skin. In the case of immediate treatment blisters, rapid changes in the luminosity of the skin are observed, however, you must be consistent in the use of this product in order to take advantage of all the benefits of vitamin C. 

Consequently, although the brand is an important benchmark for the effectiveness of the serum, it is not the only support we can have when buying this facial moisturizer. In this sense, the price differences between the most recognized brands and those manufacturers that are just starting out can be abysmal, but many times the serums of the latter have a higher concentration of vitamin C and, therefore, offer greater benefits. 

Frequently asked questions  

Q1: How to make homemade vitamin C serum?

On the Internet there are several recipes for homemade serums that use vitamin C as the main active ingredient. Here we present a very easy to do, but you must take into account that this type of natural cosmetics are appropriate for people over 30 years of age, because from this age the skin loses hydration and gives rise to the first wrinkles. 

To make your serum at home you will need 8 g of demineralized water, 0.5 g of Vitamin C that you can buy at health food stores, pharmacies or health food stores, 4 g of vegetable glycerin, 1 15 ml dropper bottle or, if you have one, a small roll-on container.

The preparation procedure is very simple, you just have to weigh all the ingredients well. Then, combine the vitamin C with the demineralized water, add the vegetable glycerin and shake the mixture well, until the vitamin C is completely dissolved. 

At this point you can add some essential oils, such as 2 drops of aloe vera, rosehip, or another botanical extract with moisturizing properties. Once this is done, you can pour the mixture into the container and use it daily.

Q2: When to use vitamin C serum?

The serum can be used to prevent premature aging wrinkles or to combat existing ones, which is why it is said to be suitable for young and mature skin. In this sense, you can use this serum as part of your daily facial routine, apply it in the morning after cleansing your face and before wearing makeup. At night, after thoroughly cleansing the skin and removing all traces of makeup, you can apply the serum to your face and neck, to finally use your moisturizer as usual. 

Q3: How to prepare vitamin C serum?

To prepare your own vitamin C serum at home, it is recommended to use a dark bottle so as not to alter the properties of the ingredients, in addition to disinfecting each of the utensils: containers, spoons and stirrers before starting the procedure. Now, to make a powerful vitamin C serum, you will need ½ tablespoon of vitamin C powder, the same amount of hyaluronic acid and vegetable glycerin, as well as ½ tablespoon of distilled water.

The first thing you must do is dissolve the vitamin C in the distilled water and for this you must stir carefully, so that no undiluted lumps remain. By doing this step, you will be able to add the hyaluronic acid and glycerin, without stopping stirring until all the elements are integrated. Finally, you can transfer the mixture to the bottle and seal it well, keep it away from light and direct sources of air or heat so that the serum does not oxidize. 

Q4: How is the vitamin C serum applied?

In general, vitamin C serum is applied in small amounts. It can be 3 to 4 drops, depending on the viscosity of the product and you should spread it with the tips of your fingers all over the face, neck and décolletage. If the amount of serum was not enough to cover these areas, you can repeat the procedure and wait for it to be fully absorbed. 

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