The 9 LED Nail Lamps of 2022

LED Nail Lamp – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A long-lasting manicure needs efficient drying, which is why an LED lamp is essential to set semi-permanent nail polish or acrylic nails. One of the standout devices in this category is the Nailstar NS-02B/EU, which emits a low level of heat, but high power to dry gel with a timer of 30, 60 and 90 seconds, as well as a setting of 30 minutes.. Another recommended model is the Sunuv Smart Lamp 2.0 48 W, which is compatible with gel nails with UV and LED drying enamel, dries in a few seconds and has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. 

The 9 LED Nail Lamps – Opinions 2022

If you like to do your manicure at home or you dedicate yourself to this work professionally, you should have a powerful and compact device to improve the drying of nail gel. For this reason, we bring you a selection of the best LED nail lamps, recommended for their power, temperature settings and easy handling.

Professional LED nail lamp

1. NailStar Professional LED Lamp Dry Nail Polish

The new manicure techniques to increase the duration of the enamel, as in the case of Shellac, gel or acrylic nails, require professional drying provided by an LED lamp. 

In this case, the NailStar model is widely recommended by professionals due to its time settings that allow you to choose between 30, 60 and 90 seconds or 30 minutes of drying, with intuitive handling.

This professional LED nail lamp is also suitable for home use, so it is ideal for those who like to do their own manicure at home. With regard to power, this model reaches 12W and the LED lamps do not need to be replaced because they have a long useful life.

On the other hand, it highlights the fact that it is a device with a low level of heat emission, which does not damage skin cells, also reducing the risk of accidental burns. 

For some users, this may be the best LED nail lamp of the moment. Therefore, we invite you to review the summary of pros and cons that we prepared. 


Size: The measures of 19 x 10 x 19 cm favor its transport and storage.

Compatibility: You can use high-end manicure gels such as Elite99, Gelpolish, Harmony, Maybelline, among other acrylic and gel nail products.

Suitable for feet: Due to its design, you can also place your feet in this lamp for gel drying.

LED: There are 60 LED pieces that this equipment has, with a long useful life, which do not need replacement and do not cause skin burns.


Type of enamel: This lamp does not dry conventional enamel. 

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2. Navanino LED/UV Nail Dryer Lamp 

Equipped with 21 white light bulbs, this professional LED nail lamp offers a lifespan of up to 5 years of use, equivalent to 50,000 working hours. 

Its 40W power allows you to dry gel nails in three time intervals: 30, 60 and 99 seconds. In addition, its infrared design with automatic sensor detects when you put your hand under the lamp to turn it on, turning it off automatically when you remove it. 

Regarding the size, we must mention that this device measures 21.5 x 13.3 x 7.5 cm and its convenient format allows you to insert the entire hand, reaching the light to all the fingers for a homogeneous drying. 

Another aspect to highlight about this lamp is that it includes a screen to view the countdown of the timer, while the three upper buttons make it easy to select the drying time.

For all these qualities, this can be considered the best LED nail lamp. So, in the next section we summarize its characteristics.


Format: The wide design of the lamp favors the drying of all the nails at the same time, including the thumb. This format is also useful for drying toenails.

Sensor: The motion sensor allows the lamp to turn on and off automatically with the presence of your hand, which is convenient. 

Accessories: The lamp comes with two files as a complement to your manicure. 


Use time: It is advisable to avoid prolonged use of the lamp for more than 10 continuous minutes, if you want to extend its useful life. 

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48W LED nail lamp

3. Sunuv UV Led Lamp Professional Nail Gel Dryer

For professional use, a nail lamp should have at least 24W of power. In this sense, the Sunuv model is a 48W LED nail lamp that efficiently fulfills its function, since it offers fast and uniform drying, designed for both professionals and home use.

The Sunuv lamp works through 39 LED pieces that give it its heating power and the ability to dry different types of nail gel in four time settings: 10, 30, 60 and 99 seconds. The latter is the low temperature mode, in which the heat gradually increases to avoid pain in the fingers due to the sudden hardening of the gel.

In this equipment there is an intelligent sensor that detects the entry of the hand to the lamp to turn on the light and start drying. The other function is to set the timer and see the countdown or progress on the display.

Among the best LED nail lamps of 2022, this model occupies an important position. In this sense, it is convenient to evaluate its positive and negative aspects. 


Lights: The arrangement of the lights at different angles allows the thumbs to dry well, at the same time as the rest of the nails, improving the user experience.

Design: The base of the lamp is removable for easy cleaning or to conveniently cure polish on your feet.

Timer: You can set the lamp to four drying time settings, including low heat mode, which lasts 99 seconds and doesn’t burn your skin.


Price: Its cost is high, but because it is a professional equipment and its useful life of 50 thousand hours, the price is justified.

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4. Rixow Nail Dryer Lamp 48W LED/UV Timer

A few years ago nail lamps could cause skin burns and eye discomfort during use. However, the technology of LED lamps has eliminated this problem because the intensity of the lighting is safe. 

In the case of this 48W LED nail lamp, the heat output is low but powerful for fast drying of gel polish and other contemporary manicure techniques.

For its part, the strategic distribution of the lights allows a uniform heating in all the nails, drying simultaneously to speed up the process. Also, you can set the lamp to dry in 10, 30, 60 or 99 seconds to suit the nail art technique used. 

As for the size, this model measures 23 x 20.5 x 12 cm, offering ample space to place your hand or foot, without complications. Now, if you are wondering what is the best LED nail lamp? this device may fit your needs, but first take a look at its pros and cons.


Base: The removable base facilitates the cleaning of the lamp, as well as its use to dry the gel polish of the pedicure.

Heat: Low temperature prevents burns and skin damage, making it safe to use, even in the 99-second long-play mode.

Management: The time adjustment buttons and the LCD display offer an intuitive user interface. 


Magnetism: Sometimes the magnetic system of the lamp base does not hold firmly.

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36W LED nail lamp

5. SuperMega Panda Manicure Dryer 36W LED UV

If you want the best value for money LED nail lamp, you can evaluate the characteristics of this model: a device with a motion sensor for automatic on and off, efficient heat power and 12 strategically distributed LED pieces.

In addition, the design of this 36W LED nail lamp is very attractive and fun with its panda shape, which can serve as a birthday gift for young girls who are learning to do their manicure at home. 

Regarding the time settings on this device, you should know that it has 3 modes of use: 60, 90 and 120 seconds. As for its operation, it is intuitive, since it incorporates a sensor that turns the device on or off when you place and remove your hand, respectively. On the other hand, it should be noted that the format of the lamp also favors the drying of gel on the toenails, thus increasing its versatility. 

About this device we distinguish some positive and negative aspects that we summarize below.


Portable: It is a compact and lightweight lamp that measures 19 x 14.5 x 6.8 cm.

LED: There are 12 LED pieces that this lamp has, distributed in such a way that they heat gradually and uniformly for the homogeneous drying of the LED gel and UV enamels.

Design: The lamp has a fun panda face design, serving as a decorative object when not in use for manicures.


Domestic use: It is recommended not to use the lamp excessively for long continuous periods, since it has been designed for domestic use.

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LED Nail Lamp Kit

6. Saint-Acior 6PCS Poly UV Gel Construction Kit

To start working as a manicurist or do the assembly of your gel nails yourself, this LED nail lamp kit represents a convenient investment because it includes the main products for a professional manicure with a long-lasting finish.

The list of elements is headed by the 36W LED lamp with motion sensor included. This component is what activates the lamp when you put your hand inside and turns it off when you remove it.

On the other hand, it includes a pack of 50 false nails, 6 gel polishes, 1 base coat, 1 top coat and 1 Poly UV gel, as well as other tools and accessories necessary to get started in modern manicure techniques. 

Regarding the quality of the products, we must mention that the kit has the support of Saint-Acior, considered by some users to be the best brand of LED nail lamps.

Now, we present other interesting information about this lamp model with its accessories that you should know before making your purchase.


Power: A USB cable is included, so you can connect the lamp with your mobile charger or other electronic device.

Timer: The lamp includes 3 time functions to set the drying of the gel and obtain a better result.

Price: It has an affordable cost, considering that it includes specialized products and accessories, in addition to the lamp. 


Quantity: As it is a starter kit, the presentation of each gel is 15 ml. 

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Other products

7. Tonsooze 168W LED Lamp Professional Nail Dryer 

If you are a stylist specialized in nail care and you are looking to replace an old lamp, this Tonsooze model may be the one for professional use, due to its great power.

It is a 168 W LED lamp, whose light source is determined by 42 pieces, arranged at an angle of 180 ° to reach all sides of the nails and make a uniform drying.

On the other hand, we must highlight the size of the lamp, whose measurements of 23.5 x 20 x 8 cm offer ample space to place both hands at the same time and obtain faster drying. In addition, the removable base expands the space to also cure gel polish in pedicure. 

Regarding the operation of this device, we can mention that it has 4 timer settings to choose between 30 and 120 seconds, observing the drying time on a large display. 

Before deciding which LED nail lamp to buy, we recommend reviewing the pros and cons of this model.


How it works: You can adjust the lamp settings with one of the timers or use the automatic mode with the motion sensor.

Space: The large size of the lamp allows you to insert both hands simultaneously, if you remove the removable base, to optimize working time.

Power: It has 168W of power, an ideal design for professional use, offering good performance and uniform drying.


On/off: A switch is missing with which the lamp can be turned off while not in use, without having to unplug it. 

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8. Soulpala 180W UV LED Nail Lamp 48

In any manicure drying lamp it is important that the design or the gel of the nails is not damaged when introducing the hands to the lamp. Therefore, a wide arch format is useful to avoid this inconvenience and this is one of the characteristics of the Soulpala 180W model. 

The lamp has dimensions of 21.5 x 19 x 10 cm and a removable base that, together with the arc design, allows the positioning of the hand for uniform drying of all nails, including the thumbs. 

For its part, the high power of 180W influences a fast and efficient drying of just 10 seconds, although you can also choose the settings of 30, 60 and 120 seconds. Also, the automatic function uses an infrared sensor that turns on the lamp when the hand is placed inside.

If you are interested in purchasing this product, it is convenient to review the advantages and some disadvantages that we observe in its characteristics.


Transport: The design of the lamp incorporates a practical and robust carrying handle to easily carry the device.

LED: This model has 48 LED pieces distributed throughout the inner arch to radiate low but powerful heat that reaches all sides of the nails.

Screen: The display allows you to observe the curing time with countdown in the timer settings, or in progressive count when you use the automatic mode.


Type of enamel: This equipment is not compatible with conventional enamels, they must be specific LED/UV gel products.

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9. Amayga LED Nail Lamp 168 W Professional Dryer

In the market you can find cheap LED lamps with high performance for domestic or professional use. Such is the case of this Amayga model that has 168 W of power and several time settings to offer fast, efficient drying and a long-lasting finish on gel polish.

The wide format of this hair dryer is one of its main qualities, since it allows you to insert your hand easily and without the risk of touching the sides, which could ruin the enamel. Therefore, there is enough space to place the hand and the nails dry evenly.

There are 42 dual lights (UV/LED) that determine the heating power of this lamp, positioned to reach all angles of the nails and optimize nail polish drying. 

On the other hand, the operation of this equipment is very simple thanks to the time setting buttons and the automatic infrared sensor. It is worth mentioning that this product is one of the cheapest on our list, so we invite you to learn more about its characteristics.


99 S Mode: The 99 second mode is a low heat cure that gradually increases to suit different nail art techniques.

Detachable Base: The lamp detaches from the base for easy cleaning and also use to cure toenail polish.

Lifespan: The LED parts of this device offer a long lifespan that reaches 50 thousand hours of use.


Cable: The power cable is short, so you must have a socket very close to the lamp or an extension cord.

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Accessories for LED nail lamp

Nail polishes for LED lamp

Clavuz Semi-Permanent UV LED Gel Nail Polish

To take advantage of the functionality of the dryer lamps, it is necessary to use nail polishes for LED lamps, since the traditional ones are not suitable for these devices. In this sense, Clavuz offers a pack of 6 nail polishes of 10 ml each, in beautiful and modern shades that can be cured in UV/LED lamps for a duration of two weeks or so.

With this product and the LED lamp you can perform a professional manicure without leaving home, as they are easy to apply and remove, as well as being suitable for both natural nails and acrylic nail systems.

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Shopping guide

There is no doubt that wearing a beautiful manicure is a symbol of care and beauty that many women frequently manifest. But, with the new techniques to obtain a durable enamel, it is necessary to have special devices, as is the case with LED drying lamps. Here we show you the main aspects to take into account if you are thinking of purchasing one of these machines.

lamp type

Although our objective is to make a comparison of LED nail lamps, it is important to know that, initially, the lamps were UV. This model was designed for drying semi-permanent nails and gel nail designs. But, the drying time per layer of enamel was approximately 2 minutes, consuming more energy and exposing the skin to radiation, sometimes causing burns. 

For its part, the innovation of LED lamps focused on faster, more efficient drying without damaging the delicate skin of the fingers. In addition, another advantage is that it does not cause visual discomfort. 

On the other hand, LED lamps have a much longer useful life than UV lamps, lasting between 30 and 50 thousand hours of use. In this sense, these models became indispensable tools for professional manicures in salons and aesthetics. Now, its design has also been extended to home use due to its user interface, so you can buy a good and cheap LED lamp to do your own manicure with a professional and durable finish. 

However, we cannot forget that the use of this equipment is limited to specialized enamels for acrylic false nail systems, gel enamels for natural nails, among other products specific to these modern manicure techniques. Also, many LED lamps are compatible with enamels for UV devices, increasing their functionality. 


As they are lamps for curing nail polish and gel, the heating power of these devices is one of the main elements to evaluate in any guide to buying the best LED nail lamp. 

In this sense, in the market we find a wide variety of models that exceed 150 W of power for a professional environment, offering a quick drying of just 10 seconds. There are also domestic devices with less power, but great efficiency, ranging between 12, 36 and 48 W. 

All these models are characterized by low heat emission, so they do not cause skin burns and their objective is to minimize the sensation of pain in the drying of some gels and other false nail art products.

You may be wondering if this aspect determines how much the lamp costs and, although in most cases it can have an impact, the reality is that the prices are quite competitive and similar between the high and low power models, with other aspects influencing their value, such as the brand, the time settings, the design, among others. 


LED lamps stand out for being spacious, but light, with their arch design with enough space to insert your hand or foot, without bumping into the sides or damaging the enamel. 

In addition, for greater practicality, many of the current models incorporate a removable base, which favors the cleaning of the equipment, but also allows to expand the space to place both hands simultaneously and optimize the time of use, a very positive aspect if you dedicate yourself professionally to the manicure and pedicure. 

On the other hand, it should be noted that some units also incorporate a functional carrying handle, which firmly holds the lamp to move it from one place to another. Similarly, other designs opt for a decorative appeal, which is functional to leave the lamp in a visible place when you are not using it. 

How to use

Regarding the operation of LED lamps, we can say that they are easy to use equipment. First of all, most include a power cable or USB cable to connect it to the socket with the help of a conventional mobile charger. 

Second, many models incorporate infrared sensors for automatic operation. In other words, the lamp turns on when you insert your hand and turns off when you remove it, which is very practical. Especially if you are doing the manicure yourself. Another mode of use is with the time settings, for which the lamp has buttons and, many times, a display to count the time. 

On this aspect, the equipment varies the drying time depending on the power, the most common being the settings of 10, 30, 60 and 99 seconds; although other equipment offers a duration greater than 120 seconds of drying. 

Finally, it should be mentioned that these devices generally include an instruction manual to learn how they work, but they all have an intuitive interface, so you don’t need to be a professional manicurist to use one of these.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use the LED nail lamp?

The use of the LED lamp depends mainly on the manicure technique used. But generally it can be used by applying a first layer of gel polish and placing your hands inside the lamp. You can use the automatic mode or, if you prefer, select one of the default time settings that the equipment incorporates.

After this time, it is recommended to apply a second layer of special enamel and place the hand inside the lamp again, for about 30 more seconds. The steps to follow will depend on the instructions of the gel used or the technique applied. 

Q2: Which is better, LED or UV nail lamp?

Clearly, the LED lamp is more efficient in terms of energy consumption, since it uses less energy, its drying time is much faster and the duration of the LED parts reaches up to 50 thousand hours of use. Therefore, there are no consumables to replace and the cost of the device is affordable. However, the LED lamp only cures products specifically designed for this type of radiation, and because they are “newer” on the market, their value increases.

On the other hand, the UV lamp emits radiation that can cause skin burns, not to mention that the curing time must be 2 minutes per layer, which is understood as higher energy consumption. In addition, the life of the bulbs is short, so they need to be replaced frequently, another expense that offsets the low price of UV lamps.

Q3: What is the LED nail lamp for?

The light radiated by the LED parts in these nail lamps serves the function of drying and setting the gel polish to increase the duration of the manicure. In this sense, the nails are kept enameled for longer with a beautiful and professional finish. 

To be more technical, we must explain that the products used for the construction of gel nails contain photoinitiators that are activated by the radiation emitted by the lamp, producing a chemical reaction to harden the product. The same happens with semi-permanent nail polish, which is activated by light to accelerate drying and increase its fixation on the nail for several days, much longer than conventional nail polish lasts.

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