The best braided hairstyles for weddings

Braids are one of the most used alternatives by wedding guests, since it is a style that looks good on any type of straight, wavy or curly hair. It is a hairstyle whose history dates back to 3500 BC and has managed to set a global trend.

Although braids are currently a very popular hairstyle among women, because it offers comfort and aesthetically makes hair look natural, it is also true that, in ancient times, specifically in the year 3500 BC, this style was worn as a symbol of high status. 

Likewise, braids stood out in the religious symbology of some countries and created their own ethnic identity. For these three important reasons, this hairstyle is recorded in the history of the vast majority of societies worldwide.

For example, in Africa, braids were used to distinguish tribes, so the art of making them was passed down from generation to generation. For their part, in Egypt and Rome wigs and jewelry with this type of braiding were common, while in Greece, only women of high society wore long braids wrapped around their heads. 

Likewise, the Vikings and Celts made use of this hairstyle. Thus, men and women wove their long hair and, depending on their status, added silver or gold accessories.

Years later, during the Middle Ages, women wore braids under the veils that covered them and, by the time of the French Revolution, men and women used braids to achieve greater comfort when putting on wigs.

Already in modernity, the legacy of braids in long or short hair continued, ceasing to be a way of marking status or differentiating ethnic groups, to become a versatile hairstyle, suitable for being at home, going shopping, going to the gym or attend a wedding.

Hairstyles with braids are usually varied, so you will have no problem getting a style that suits the shape of your face and hair type. Such is the case of the buns with braids, the updo with braid, the semi-updo with braids, the wedding ponytail, among others.

Whatever the case, if you want to get the most out of these types of hairstyles, you’ll need to start by removing any existing frizz from your hair. In this sense, you must have a device with ionic technology, such as the ionic hair dryer.

Remember that it will not matter if said device is not considered the best ionic hair dryer of the moment, it will suffice that it correctly seals the cuticle of each hair strand. In this way, the static will be significantly reduced and the hair will be ready to wear any of the existing braiding styles, which we will discuss below.

5 easy to do braid hairstyles

There are many hairstyles with braids for weddings, although some are more complex than others when making them. However, if you are careful with the step by step of the braiding process, you will have nothing to envy to any professional job. Thus, you will look splendid at the celebration, without having to invest a lot of money.

1. Braid four strands

Among the hairstyles to go to a wedding that do not go out of style is the four-strand braid, which can be done using all the hair or in a specific section of the hair. Its preparation is not complicated, but it requires time and patience.

You must section the hair into four equal parts and intertwine three of them as you would with a basic braid, to proceed to incorporate a fourth strand on the right side and then on the left. Continue weaving the hair until you reach the end, where you will need to attach an elastic or decorative barrette.

2. Hidden Braid

Another of the simple wedding hairstyles are the hidden braids, for which you will only need to weave the hair with a lot of volume from the top of the head downwards. Next, secure the hair with a transparent elastic.

Then, you will have to do what stylists call braided updos, which, in this case, involves nothing more than hiding the final part of the weave inwards. In such a way that it will look like a bow.

3. Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is one of the wedding hairstyles for long hair, with which you will give your hair a pleasant effect of natural movement, since you can play with the creation of slight waves at the ends of the hair.

To make this hairstyle you have to make a lateral division in the hair, select a strand closest to the fringe area and section it into three equal parts. Then, start weaving the hair from top to bottom until you reach the level of the opposite ear. In addition, you must braid the hair superficially, so that the rest of the mane falls freely.

4. Herringbone Braid

Herringbone braids are an alternative for those who like high buns for weddings, as they combine the elegance of gathered hair with the carefreeness of a voluminous braid that starts from one end of the head.

The technique is very simple, since you will have to weave the hair from the level of one ear to the other vertically, to proceed to hide the end of the hair with some tweezers, giving a bow effect.

5. Pigtail Braid

It is a style of pigtails for weddings, designed for women with extra long hair. It is a simple but very elegant hairstyle, in which it is necessary to gather the hair in the middle with a garter, which you must cover with a lock of hair for a better finish.

Then, at the height of the ears, take a section of hair from each side and join them in the center. Repeat the elastic process to secure it. Finish by weaving a loose braid into the remaining hair and pin it in place.

Whatever the hairstyle to be done, you must keep in mind that straightening the hair is essential, since in this way it will be easier to braid the strands, to achieve a professional finish without lumps.

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