The best coconut oils

Coconut Oil – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

In the event that you are looking to purchase coconut oil, you can consider some of the most interesting models on the market. Take a look at L’Oreal Paris Elvive A9332500, a product indicated for normal and dry hair that nourishes it in depth. It comes in a 100 ml container. Another option is the Générique Flower model, perfect for applying to both the hair and the body. In a 500ml jar, this coconut oil has natural antifungal properties, so it can be used as a treatment against fungus and also to relieve dermatitis.

Opinions on the best coconut oils

Coconut oil is a substance with numerous properties for the face, body, hair or nails. This means that it is a product that should not be missing from any dressing table. Next, we talk about some of the best coconut oils of 2022 to facilitate your purchase decision.

coconut oil for hair

L’Oreal Paris Elvive A9332500

If you have normal or dry hair and have noticed that you need hydration, this product may be what you are looking for. This coconut oil for hair is responsible for nourishing your hair without weighing it down, allowing the hair to be full of life and, at the same time, to be much softer.

In a 100 ml container, it also stands out for its pleasant coconut fragrance and certain notes of wood. Due to its size, you can even take it with you in the cabin of the plane. It incorporates a practical dispenser so that you apply exactly the amount of oil you need.

The best brand of coconut oil for hair could not be other than L’Oreal Paris Elvive, a firm that is always behind the best results in the field of beauty.

Take a look at this model if you are looking for a coconut oil that provides nutrition, discipline and much more shine.


Brand: One of the main advantages of this product is that it is from the L’Oreal Paris Elvive brand. Hence, if you are undecided, know that you are dealing with a completely trustworthy beauty firm.

Dispenser: It comes in a 100 ml container that incorporates a useful dispenser. This will allow you to apply exactly the dose of product you need to your hair.

Aroma: The aroma is one of the most outstanding qualities of this model. Not only does it provide a pleasant coconut aroma, but it is mixed with a touch of wood.

Result: After applying this product, you will notice how the hair becomes silkier, disciplined and with extra shine.


Frizz: Since it is a product that controls frizz, it is possible that if you are looking for a more voluminous hair, it is not the ideal article for you.

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Moroccan Argan 200 ml

For those who have very curly hair, this model is surely the best coconut oil you will find on the market. Its special formula and preparation through cold pressing configure a coconut oil for hair that nourishes it while giving it extra shine.

After applying this product to the hair, it will gain in hydration and also in resistance. The hair will then become less brittle and will regain its natural shine. This model is a good ally to fight against dull and lifeless hair.

It comes in a 200 ml jar to make it last longer. Simply twist the lid to access the product. Its benefits for hair are more than remarkable, although it is also suitable for moisturizing the face and body, especially those drier and more sensitive areas.

A good coconut oil for hair should hydrate it, nourish it and leave it soft and silky, like this product that we present to you.


Packaging: This coconut oil is contained in a practical 200 ml jar. To access the product, you just have to turn the lid.

Moisturizing: Due to its composition, it is a highly moisturizing product, both for skin and hair. Restorative in nature, it adds shine to the hair and softness to dry areas of the body.

Use: Its application is very simple. For the body, hold it in the palm of your hand until it melts and rub into dry areas. For hair, spread and keep overnight. The next morning, it clears up.


State: When temperatures are low, this oil is in a solid state. It is enough to keep it in your hands so that it melts and its application is easier.

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coconut oil for skin

Generique Flower

This natural and 100% organic coconut oil is suitable for application to hair, face and body. This means that it does not contain any chemicals that are harmful to the user.

Its effectiveness is due to its molecular structure of small triglycerides, which act by penetrating the skin. It comes in a 500 ml container, in solid paste format, although it changes to a liquid state when temperatures rise.

As coconut oil for the skin, it is ideal for deep nourishment, softening cuticles, removing make-up and is even a good substitute for shaving cream. It has antifungal properties, so it can be used to treat fungus and skin irritations.

The multipurpose and versatile character is the best quality of this product and what makes it the best coconut oil of the moment.


Multi- Purpose: This coconut oil is appropriate for hair and body. It deeply nourishes the skin and can also be used as a shaving cream, hair mask or to remove dark circles.

Antifungal: It stands out for its antifungal properties, which is why it is an adequate treatment to combat fungi and other skin pathologies.

Structure: Its molecular structure of tiny triglycerides makes them penetrate deep into the skin or scalp and not just coat it.


Aroma: There are users who miss that the skin is impregnated with coconut aroma, because, in their opinion, the essence is very light.

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With a sweet fragrance, it is a 100% organic and biological product suitable for all skin types and all ages.

In environments whose temperature is below 25ºC, coconut oil solidifies, while it becomes liquid when it is higher. Made in Indonesia, this coconut oil for the skin is contained in a very practical 100 ml container to always carry with you. It has a very secure cap that prevents spills.

To show off more nourished and softer hair, the manufacturer recommends applying a little product to the ends and wrapping the hair in a towel. It is advisable to keep it like this all night and rinse the next day. For dry skin, it acts as a calming agent.

If you are wondering which is the best coconut oil to moisturize both the skin and the hair or the face, this model may interest you.


Organic: This is organic coconut vegetable oil that has an organic certificate. It has been made in Indonesia and packaged in the workshop of this Parisian brand.

Nourishing: Coconut oil is especially known for its nourishing properties. It not only deeply hydrates the hair, but also the skin and face.

Soothing: It is a powerful soothing that helps combat dry skin. Due to its characteristics, it is suitable for all ages and skin types.


State: To apply it when it is in a solid state, you have to wait a few minutes for it to turn into liquid oil. To do this, place the jar under hot water.

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coconut oil for face

InstaNatural Fractionated

This moisturizing coconut oil is an ideal product to apply from head to toe. With a light and fast-absorbing formula, it comes in a 240 ml container. The best thing about this model is that it is a coconut oil for the face, but also for the hands, feet, hair and nails. In short, it is a product that guarantees the best results by simply applying it where you think it is convenient.

It contains antioxidants such as vitamin E, making it a powerful asset against aging, skin irritation or damage caused by the sun. It is also great for nourishing the hair, restoring its original shine and softness.

You can also use it as a lip balm, makeup remover, shaving gel, etc.

If you are looking for the best value for money coconut oil, value this product and you will have at your disposal a model that offers multiple uses.


Antioxidant: The formula of this coconut oil contains antioxidants such as vitamin E, which will be responsible for repairing skin damage caused by the sun or fighting against aging.

Moisturizer: This product is a powerful moisturizer that restores softness to dry skin. It is also a fantastic hair ally.

Comprehensive care: The best thing about this model is that it offers care for the face, body, nails, and hair. In short, it can be applied from head to toe.


Texture: A user comments that he expected this coconut oil to be a little thicker, although it is worth making sure of its texture before purchasing it.

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coconut oil for wrinkles

AROMATIKA trust the power of nature KO100MLAROM

In a 100 ml jar, this coconut oil offers multiple benefits for skin, hair, nails, face and lips. It is a 100% natural product rich in minerals and vitamins, without additives or preservatives.

It is, without a doubt, a cosmetic to always have on hand to apply to the skin on a daily basis, ensuring that it retains its youth.

Coconut oil is indicated for a good number of situations. It nourishes and hydrates the skin, fights wrinkles, strengthens nails, softens and adds shine to hair and also has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antioxidant properties. This product can also be used as a massage oil, as it helps to relax the body and achieve the desired well-being.

If you are looking for a coconut oil for wrinkles and anti-aging, this model will totally convince you.


Natural: This coconut oil is 100% natural and pure, free of additives and preservatives. It is rich in minerals and vitamins. It has not been tested on animals.

Anti- wrinkle: It acts nourishing in depth, as anti-wrinkle and anti-aging. Its uses are diverse and can be applied to both hair and skin, nails, lips or face.

Essential oil: This product also substitutes for any essential oil, which means it is ideal for aromatherapy and massage.


External use: According to the manufacturer, this coconut oil is not edible, although there are other products available from the same brand that are.

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organic coconut oil

Meracus 60515

Here is a high-quality organic coconut oil, suitable both for applying to the body and/or hair and for food use. The product comes from a fair and sustainable cultivation, so the user will have the guarantee that it is an option that respects the environment.

It contains 1,000 grams of product, which makes it one of the cheapest coconut oils that we can find on the market. Being composed of 53% lauric acid, it is highly beneficial and appropriate for skin and hair care.

It is also an excellent ally in the kitchen. This oil is an interesting seasoning for frying, baking and, ultimately, to add to your favorite dishes. Finally, it is useful for the care of pets, both to apply on their legs and to deal with ticks.

Organic coconut oils guarantee a 100% natural elaboration. If you want to be sure of everything, do not miss this model.


Organic: This coconut oil comes from a 100% organic and sustainable crop. This results in a product of the highest quality that respects the environment.

Formula: Its special formula is made up of up to 53% lauric acid, a substance known for its antimicrobial properties.

Uses: This product is extremely useful for moisturizing hair and skin, although it is also notable for its use in the kitchen, as a seasoning for dishes. It is even suitable for animal care.


Smell: Some users comment that the smell may not be to everyone’s liking, so this detail should be taken into account.

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coconut oil mask

Simply Beautiful BLU00104PAN

Sometimes our hair is screaming at us that it needs help. It’s time to use a restorative mask that gives hair back its usual shine and texture.

This coconut oil mask is an excellent option for those who need to deeply repair their hair, thanks to the fact that it also contains keratin. It is a product indicated to intensely nourish the hair, but without weighing it down. The result is softer, hydrated hair with a sublime coconut aroma.

In addition to coconut oil and keratin, this mask contains argan, olive, castor and avocado oil. These ingredients will take care of eliminating frizz and tangles. The best thing is that it is suitable for all types of hair, whether they are short or long, thick or thin, straight or curly.

If you still don’t know which coconut oil to buy for your hair, bet on this intensive and repairing treatment.


Composition: This hair mask is made up of coconut oil, argan oil, avocado oil, castor oil, olive oil and keratin. These combined components offer total repair to damaged hair.

Easy to use: It is enough to apply it to damp hair and leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing it off. Using it once a week you will notice the results immediately.

Universal: It is a product suitable for all types of hair: long and short, straight and curly, thick and fine.


Smoother: Since this mask provides extra softness, it is possible that a certain smoothing effect will be noticed on curly hair.

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coconut oil for teeth

Natureseed Natural

This Naturseed brand model is proof that enjoying optimal oral hygiene is easier than it seems. It is a 100% natural product, without chemicals or alcohol. It only contains coconut oil and mint essence.

Lauric acid (a component of coconut oil) is responsible for fighting germs that are responsible for gingivitis and bacterial plaque. Hence, this product removes tartar and contributes to much fresher breath. Because it destroys bacteria, coconut oil acts as a tooth whitener.

This 250 ml coconut oil is ideal for beginners in the practice of oil pulling. To do this, take a little of this oil with a dessert spoon and keep it in your mouth for a few seconds. Then spit it out and rinse your mouth. Doing this for a long time improves oral health.

Identifying a good coconut oil for your teeth doesn’t have to be mission impossible. This article is the best example.


Antibacterial: Thanks to its high content of lauric acid, it eliminates germs and bacteria responsible for bad breath and the formation of tartar and bacterial plaque.

Whitener: Coconut oil is a powerful whitener. This can be explained because it attacks the germs that adhere to the teeth, allowing them to recover their natural white.

Oil Pulling : This product is perfect for the practice of oil pulling. Just keep a little coconut oil in your mouth and then rinse with water.


Discomfort: In the opinion of some users, the freshness of the mouth after oil pulling is noticeable, although the process of keeping the coconut oil in the mouth can be a bit uncomfortable.

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Extra virgin coconut oil

Mituso 1000ml

The most gourmets will find in this article an extra virgin coconut oil of the highest quality. This product has been cold-made and has not been genetically modified during the process, which means that it keeps all its properties intact.

It draws attention for its pleasant aroma and also for its coconut flavor, which will delight enthusiasts of this fruit. It comes packed in a 1000 ml jar, a very generous quantity.

The jar incorporates a lid that is very easy to open and close. In this way, the oil will be kept in optimal conditions. Being of vegetable origin, it is an appropriate product for vegetarians and vegans and is presented as an excellent substitute for butter and margarine. Its versatility in the kitchen is its greatest asset.

In the event that you are looking for cheap coconut oil, this is a product that could be interesting for you.


Organic: This extra virgin coconut oil is not only of the highest quality, but also comes from organic farming.

Aroma: It stands out for its pleasant aroma and flavor. It will be a feast for the palate of coconut enthusiasts.

Versatile: In the kitchen, it is a great substitute for foods such as butter or margarine. This oil is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.


Expiration: The manufacturer reminds that, once the container is opened, it is convenient to consume the coconut oil as soon as possible.

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How to choose the best coconut oil?

Coconut oil is an element known for its use in both the cosmetic and culinary worlds. There are many benefits for health, hair and skin, although it is important to select the appropriate product to make the most of its properties. We encourage you to consult this guide to buy the best coconut oil. These are the main aspects that you should consider.

Shopping guide

coconut oil purity

In the market, there are countless brands of coconut oil, as well as typologies. One of the first factors to take into account is its purity, since it will depend on this quality how beneficial it will be for health or skin.

At the top of the pyramid, we find extra virgin coconut oil, a name that can remind us of other oils, such as olive oil. As you may have guessed, it is the highest quality product. This is so because it has been extracted through a 100% natural process and no chemicals or preservatives have been added. For this reason, all its properties and qualities remain intact. Being natural, it is absolutely safe both to apply to the skin and to consume.

Next comes refined coconut oil. This is very common, although it is not as natural as the previous one. The advantage of this option is that it preserves the benefits of coconut oil. However, chemicals have been used for its elaboration. In most cases, you will notice that this oil does not have the characteristic coconut smell.

Finally, it is worth referring to coconut oil that is presented in a liquid state. At this point, you should know that 100% natural coconut oil cannot be kept in this state if the temperatures are too low. This means that if the ambient temperature is less than approximately 25ºC, it will automatically go into a solid state. In the case of that coconut oil that is always kept in a liquid state, it is usual that it has been severely manipulated, so it is possible that it has lost many of its properties.

If you are wondering how much coconut oil costs, you should know that its price will be closely related to its purity.

Organic or non-organic coconut oil

Another classification that we cannot ignore in this comparison of coconut oils is related to its production. Regardless of whether it is extra virgin or refined, all coconut oil can be organic or non-organic.

In the first case, it means that the coconuts have been grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals that could be harmful to health. To do this, you should look for a label that indicates so on the container. If this does not appear, it means that this type of chemical has been used for its production.

Logically, acquiring an economical coconut oil that is also organic is the desire of most consumers.

coconut oil container

Another aspect to consider when choosing a coconut oil or another is the container in which it comes. Ideally, the container protects it from direct light, as this could damage it. Hence, it is advisable to store coconut oil away from sunlight.

Try to select a container that is easy to handle. When the coconut oil is in a liquid state, it will be very easy to apply it, even if the container does not include a dispenser. However, when it becomes solid, if the neck of the container is very narrow, its access could be difficult. For this reason, it could be a wise choice to bet on jars or containers with a lid and a wide mouth, for example.

coconut oil size

Last but not least, you should consider how much coconut oil you want. The good news is that this product can be kept in optimal condition for up to two years, so you don’t need to spend it in a hurry.

At this point, it is convenient to assess the use you give it daily. If you use it to moisturize your skin or hair frequently, it may be advisable to go for larger containers. In the event that you are looking for coconut oil to take with you on a trip, then it is best to opt for smaller containers, such as 100 ml. If it is for use by the whole family, it may be convenient for you to opt for models of more than 500 ml.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to use coconut oil for hair?

To moisturize the hair, coconut oil is an excellent ally. A good formula is to apply it all over your hair before going to bed. Wrap it in a towel so you don’t stain your pillow when you sleep. The next morning, all you have to do is wash your hair as usual to notice that it is more hydrated. Another option is to apply a little coconut oil to the ends after washing your hair. This will prevent them from opening and drying out.

Q2. How to apply coconut oil on the face?

Coconut oil is a powerful moisturizer, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging thanks to its high content of vitamin E, K and lauric acid. It can also be used as a make-up remover. To do this, soak a cotton ball in coconut oil or spread it with your own hands on your face. Gently massage and leave for at least 5 minutes. Finally, wash your face with lukewarm water until all the oil is gone and your face is smooth.

Q3. Can I use coconut oil as a deodorant?

Coconut oil can be used as a deodorant, but it will need to be mixed with other ingredients. You will need, then, lemon, shea butter, baking soda and essential oils. First, you must heat two tablespoons of shea butter in a bain-marie until it melts. Remove from the heat and add another two tablespoons of baking soda and heat the mixture

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