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Lipstick – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Lipsticks have always been associated with beauty and power. They not only dress your lips in fashion and make you look attractive and feminine, but also denote your style and personality. However, they are not all the same; There are formats, sizes, textures and an infinity of colors to choose from, so you can always find the lipstick that best suits you. If what you are looking for is a set of 12 colors, you have Rechoo 3103-27, a product with a liquid texture and a matte finish; but if you prefer a pack of 3 shades, we have the 3-piece Esailq that offers you long-lasting wear and a velvety effect.

Opinions on the best lipsticks

When you put on makeup, the lips are that part of the face that experiences the most changes and the tone you use in your lipstick could be a reflection of your mood or the way you have to assume fashion and trends. For this reason, in order to help you choose the perfect lipstick for you, we have prepared a select collection with some of the best models.

Matte Lipstick

Rechoo 3103-27

Many people prefer to wear matte lipstick as it lasts longer than other similar products. In this sense, today we present you one of the cheap and high-quality models that the market has. It is a set that gives you up to 12 units, with tones ranging from classic to modern; they leave your lips with a velvety texture and can stay on for up to 16 hours. For this reason, many people consider it the best value for money lipstick today.

Its presentation is given in a liquid lipstick, with a high degree of pigmentation and waterproof. You can choose according to your tastes, between three different versions: a 7-piece set with pearly and shiny tones, a 12-piece set with dark and soft matte tones and a 12-piece set with soft colors.

This could be the best lipstick of the moment, since in a single product you will get up to 12 shades to match your outfit. Learn more by reading its pros and cons.


Set: It is a set with a great diversity of tones, to choose the ones that best suit your style.

Utility: It is ideal as a gift on any holiday, birthday or anniversary; as well as to use daily or in special events.

Presentation: It is a liquid lipstick presented in a tube with a practical applicator.

Formula: It has a waterproof formula that lasts up to 16 hours.


Fatty foods: The manufacturer advises avoiding the intake of fatty foods while using this lipstick, as the durability of the color could be impaired.

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Permanent Lipstick

esailq 3 pieces

If you like a permanent lipstick to offer you coverage and color for longer, this model could meet your expectations. Not only will it leave your lips luscious and silky, but it comes in a pack that includes three lipsticks. Its varied shades adjust to any occasion, so that you can choose the pack that you like the most. In addition, the manufacturer offers you various shade combination options.

It is a lipstick that offers you three functions in a single product; It is waterproof, kiss-proof and has a long-lasting effect, so you will not need to retouch the color of your lips every time. Likewise, its liquid formula offers you a creamy texture, with matte finishes and a high level of pigmentation. For this reason, with a small amount of the product you will obtain a long-lasting makeup; You can use it to work or for any celebration.

As one of the cheapest cosmetic products available on the market, this lipstick set could be a good purchase option. Keep reading more about its pros and cons.


Presentation: It is presented in an attractive package, which makes it ideal as a gift for any lady, at any time of the year.

Pack: Each available pack contains three units and you can choose the combination of tones you prefer.

Pigmentation: Thanks to its formula rich in long-lasting pigments, you will not need to touch up your makeup.


Dryness: According to some people’s comments, after several hours of use, this lipstick tends to cause a little dryness.

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Maybelline Lipstick

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink

Maybelline lipsticks have made a name for themselves in the world of makeup, as it is a product that leaves your lips sensual and attractive. This model that we bring to you has earned the trust of many people, who prefer it for its permanent matte lipstick qualities and also because it offers you more than 20 shades to choose from.

It is a color-saturated lipstick with a liquid ink effect, which is permanently fixed on your lips in a single stroke and with a professional finish. To do this, it has an innovative applicator designed with an arrowhead, which favors greater condensation of the product and a perfect application of color. In addition, its formula enriched with elastic ink prevents your lips from drying out or cracking.

It is an ideal lipstick for any occasion, thanks to the great diversity of shades available. We invite you to learn more about this product, reading its pros and cons.


Formula: It is made with elastic ink, rich in color, with permanent properties and a matte finish.

Applicator: It is a lipstick equipped with an innovative applicator, designed in an arrowhead that allows you optimal coverage.

Diversity of colors: You can choose according to your personal tastes, among more than 20 available long-lasting shades.


Texture: Some users recommend that due to its creamy texture and great pigmentation, use a small amount of the product.

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NYX lipstick

NYX Velvet Matte

The best lipstick is the one that perfectly complements your makeup and illuminates your face. With this in mind, today we present you the NYX lipstick, a product that could be an excellent option if you are looking to attract attention for your feminine and elegant style. It is a red lipstick with a matte finish that frames your smile and you can use it for any important event or for a special occasion, making you look attractive and sophisticated.

This model offers you a presentation with a classic format that never goes out of style; is a creamy, colour-packed stick with a luxurious finish and smooth texture. You will have your lips made up with an intense color and velvety touch. In addition, the manufacturer offers you up to 12 attractive colors, so you can select among your favorites and get a variety of shades to accompany each outfit and occasion.

NYX is known for its high quality cosmetics and this makeup tool could be your great ally when it comes to providing a sophisticated and elegant image. Read on and learn more about this lipstick.


Format: It is a lipstick with a conventional lipstick format, easy to open and close and to carry in your bag.

Texture: Its creamy formula offers you a smooth texture with a velvety touch.

Application: It is applied effortlessly on your lips, filling them with intense, sensual and attractive colors.


Color chart: The color chart is not visible in the advertising, in order to choose any tone among the 12 available.

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kylie lipstick

Kylie Makeup Dolce K

If you are one of the modern women who leads a busy life and has little time to put on makeup every morning, this Kylie lipstick could be your best ally to give you an attractive and feminine look throughout the day. It is a kit that includes a liquid lipstick, which contains 3.25 g of color with a design that includes a practical applicator and a lipstick to match the chosen color.

It is an ultra-long lip liner, with a creamy texture that favors its easy application on your lips and thanks to the pencil, you can easily outline achieving a professional finish to your makeup. Likewise, you will have a color rich in pigments and moisturizing ingredients, which leaves your lips silky and with a pleasant sensation of comfort. Plus, you’ll be able to keep your pencil sharp thanks to its design that’s compatible with standard-size sharpeners.

This kit could be the perfect addition to your everyday makeup. Learn a little more about this product, reading its pros and cons.


Kit: You will receive a kit that includes a lipstick with the color of your selection and a matching pencil with the chosen shade.

Drying and duration: It is an original lipstick that dries quickly and stays on for a long time, even after eating or drinking.

Application: Thanks to its creamy formula and highly concentrated pigments, it applies smoothly and leaves an emollient and silky sensation.


Cost: This is the most expensive lipstick of our entire selection. However, it enjoys a very good reputation on the net for its high quality.

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Chanel Lipstick

Chanel Rouge Coco 442 Dimitri

If you are a person who boasts of good taste and you like high quality cosmetics, this Chanel lipstick is for you. It is a product that has the backing of a highly prestigious brand in the world of fashion and beauty; For this reason, many consider it one of the best lipsticks of 2022. Likewise, it is a lipstick that offers an impeccable finish and on this occasion, 442 Dimitri is the one indicated for any skin tone.

It is a lipstick that at first glance stands out from other similar products, thanks to its luxury packaging; the black and gold colors, present in its design, combine perfectly and speak for themselves, giving that sophisticated appearance that inspires confidence. Channel also offers you a wide catalog of colors to choose the one you prefer, with a formula rich in vibrant and moisturizing colors.

If you still don’t know which lipstick to buy, this product endorsed by a recognized brand could be a smart investment. Keep reading a little more about this lipstick.


Brand: Chanel has not only stood out in the world of perfumes and haute couture; It has also conquered the world of cosmetics.

Presentation: It is a lipstick with a stick format, which has a luxury presentation in black and gold colors.

Formula: It is a product that offers you a moisturizing formula that does not dry out your lips and keeps the color impeccable.


Price: This is an expensive lipstick, so if you are on a budget, this high-end product might not be within your reach.

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Moroccan Lipstick

Hare Cosmetics Pack 6

If you need a lipstick set with several units to give to your sisters or friends, this could be the product you are looking for. We present you this Moroccan lipstick, which not only offers you a practical pack of 6 units, but also offers you a competitive cost; making it ideal to give as a gift on any occasion.

It is a product that has a unique presentation, which makes it different from other cosmetics. Its appearance is that of a green lipstick; however, once you apply it the true color appears. A color that can vary in hue depending on the user’s body temperature.

It is an Arabic lipstick that has a presentation where an attractive floral motif stands out. Likewise, it has a moisturizing formula based on argan oil and henna, so it is recommended in cases of dry lips.

Because it offers an attractive pack with 6 units, it is an ideal product to give as a gift to your relatives. We invite you to continue reading more information about this product.


Pack: It is a model that offers you 6 lipsticks, all with the same color. However, depending on body heat, the true hue can vary between pink and red.

Presentation: It is a lipstick with a stick format in green and its case is decorated with beautiful flowers.

Formula: It offers you a moisturizing formula based on argan oil and henna.


Color intensity: According to the reviews of some buyers, more pigmentation in the color is missed.

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Chameleon Lipstick

Chameleon Magic Color Moisturizing Stick

The Chameleon lipstick that we present to you today is one of the products with the best reputation on the net. It belongs to the Magic Color range, a line of cosmetics made up of lipsticks full of vivid and intense colors. On this occasion, we bring a beautiful shade of rose red, a color that harmonizes with most makeup and skin tones.

It is a lipstick that offers you up to 4 g of color with a moisturizing and long-lasting effect. To do this, its enriched formula has moisturizing ingredients such as rosehip oil, cocoa butter and aloe vera, so your lips will look hydrated and with a layer of nourishing and intense color. In addition, the pink finish could vary depending on the hydration of your lips, either in a lighter or darker shade.

This pencil-shaped lipstick could be what you are looking for to get a perfect makeup without complications. Know its pros and cons.


Variable finish: Its shade can vary from one person to another, depending on the hydration present on your lips.

Presentation: You will receive a pencil-shaped lipstick in a case that includes a practical mirror.

Texture: It offers you a smooth and creamy texture, thanks to the fact that it contains aloe vera, cocoa butter and rosehip.


Touch- ups: According to the comments left by some people, if you have chapped lips you may need touch-ups to maintain the color.

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L’Oréal Lipstick

L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24H

We know that with so many options it is difficult to decide which is the best lipstick; however, this L’Oréal lipstick could be a wise purchase. It is a bar full of intense color, which leaves your lips hydrated and with a touch of sensuality. You can choose from a range of colors of 22 shades and depending on your preferences, you can select between a matte or gloss finish.

To do this, its design offers you two products in one. On one end you will have a liquid color with an applicator, which makes up your lips in matte tones and on the other hand, it has a stick that gives you a moisturizing shine, while enhancing the makeup. You will be able to show off the best of your smiles for up to 24 hours and with a freshly applied effect. In addition, it does not stain your teeth, does not run and does not dry out your lips.

L’Oréal Paris could be the best lipstick brand, given its prestige and high quality in each of its products. Next, analyze the pros and cons of this lipstick.


Formula: It has a formula that offers you a liquid texture, enriched with hyaluronic acid balm.

Duration: Thanks to the components of its formula, your lips will be hydrated for up to 24 hours.

Presentation: It is a tube full of color, which offers you a stick on one side and an applicator with liquid lipstick on the other.


Color of the image: It is possible that the color of the advertising image may vary, depending on the resolution of your monitor.

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Rimmel London Lipstick

Rimmel London Stay Matte

If you are looking for a product that leaves your lips soft, hydrated and with an intense color, this Rimmel London lipstick could be your best option. It is a lipstick with a liquid texture, provided with an elongated applicator that favors optimal application. With its formula rich in vitamin E and coconut oil, it not only provides you with an ideal makeup for every occasion, but also provides nutrition and protection to your lips.

Thanks to its moisturizing formula and its high pigment content, you will obtain a velvety effect with a matte finish. Likewise, it contains polymers that favor optimal adherence to the skin, offering 12 hours of impeccable makeup; which is why it’s a kiss-proof and smudge-proof lipstick. In addition, the brand offers you a select collection of up to 12 colors so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

When it comes to delivering a rich, velvety matte finish, this color-packed lipstick deserves your attention.


Hydration: It is a lipstick that contains, among its ingredients, coconut oil and vitamin E that provides nutrition and hydration for the skin of your lips.

Fixation: Thanks to the polymers present in its formula, the color pigments adhere to the skin, providing optimal fixation for up to 12 hours.

Colours: The brand offers you a color chart so you can choose between 12 varied shades.


Dark coloration: Some of the colors requested by users, such as burgundy, have turned out darker than expected.

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Kat Von D Lipstick

Kat Von D Everlasting Ludwig

If you prefer a lipstick that offers you a formula with natural ingredients, this could be a good alternative. Kat Von D lipstick is not only made to high-quality standards, but also provides you with a creamy formula rich in vitamin E and sunflower seeds. For this, your lips will wear a perfect makeup, while moisturizing, nourishing and protecting them.

Its presentation is given in a liquid bar beautifully decorated with a floral pattern and you will have up to 26 vibrant shades to choose from according to your personality and style. Likewise, its high concentration of pigments favors application in a single pass and the design of its applicator allows you to easily reach the corner of the lips. In addition, it offers you a matte finish and quick drying that gives you long duration.

Designed for modern people who prefer liquid lipsticks with a matte finish, this product could be your best ally to apply makeup like a professional. Check out its pros and cons below.


Application: Given its creamy texture and the design of its applicator, you will be able to glide the color on your lips smoothly. If you want more intensity, you can give a second pass.

Formula: It is a lipstick formulated with high quality ingredients, among which vitamin E and sunflower oil stand out.

Collection: The Everlasting collection includes up to 26 varied colors for all tastes.


Cost: It is not exactly one of the cheapest lipsticks. However, its high quality is worth your investment.

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purple lipstick

Maybelline Superstay 24H 800 Purple Fever

Having a purple lipstick today, like this one that Maybelline brings to you, will make you look sexy and feminine, since it is an attractive purple tone that is compatible with most skin types. For this reason, it is a lipstick that cannot be missing from your collection, just remember to use it in harmony with the rest of the makeup and according to the colors that you wear in your outfit.

It is a long-lasting lipstick that gives you makeup lips for up to 24 hours; likewise, it is moisture-proof, scratch-proof, does not crack and does not stain your teeth. Its design offers you a double function, since in addition to having an applicator for liquid color, it also has a balm in stick format; thanks to which you will have hydrated your lips all the time.

This lipstick with its innovative, practical and functional format could be an alternative for your makeup. For more information on this product, keep reading its pros and cons.


Available tones: In addition to the color 800 Purple Fever (purple), you also have more than 10 tones to choose from.

Micro-Flex Technology: Thanks to this technology, you no longer have to touch up your lip makeup for 24 hours.

Applicator: It has an improved applicator that favors the application of color in an optimal way.


Name of the color: Some buyers state that the names and codes of some shades do not correspond to each other.

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How to choose the best lipstick

We know that choosing a lipstick is not as easy as it seems, so it is advisable that you take into account a series of factors that will make your purchase a smart investment. Thinking about this, we have prepared this guide to buy the best lipstick, where we leave you a clear overview with the idea that you choose a product that meets all your expectations.

Shopping guide


A lipstick or also called lipstick, is a beauty tool that is applied directly to the lips to add color. But its function goes further, since this product can have the quality of highlighting your smile, illuminating your face and could even become a determining feature of your personality.

The lipstick market has evolved and improved over time, so today not only do they provide color, but they also offer you greater duration, saturation, finish and better texture. In addition, they are products that meet other objectives, such as moisturizing, refreshing, outlining and shaping your lips; highlighting all its attributes and concealing its imperfections.

Likewise, the best manufacturers in order to meet the demands and demands of consume

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