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Makeup Cases – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

For professional or amateur makeup artists, having the right tools is essential to do a good job, but having a place to carry these tools is just as important, so here we summarize the best makeup bags on the market, taking into account the opinions of users. Among the most outstanding we can mention the Lifewit Multifunctional Organizer, a versatile bag, whose compartments can be distributed depending on your needs and cosmetics. On the other hand, there is the aluminum case with a classic design of Makeup Trading 52 pieces, a case that includes a varied range of eye shadows, as well as applicators, a blush brush, among others, ideal for a beginner.

Opinions on the best makeup bags

If you have already accumulated a good amount of products and makeup brushes, surely you need the right place to store them. That is why we have summarized the most important data of the makeup bags that currently stand out on the market, to help you in your purchase.

Professional makeup bag

Lifewit Multifunctional Organizer

Measuring 41 x 14 x 29 cm, this case is roomy while remaining compact thanks to its travel design. Well, it includes an adjustable shoulder strap, and can also be used as a backpack or if you prefer to securely hold it on top of a suitcase, so for this and much more, it can be the best makeup bag.

As for the internal space, it is divided into three layers: the first on the lid with mesh pockets, ideal for the straightening iron or eyeshadow palettes. The second part has 13 pockets in which you can organize brushes by type of cut, hair and function.

For its part, the main compartment of the suitcase is the third layer of storage, whose divisions can be made to your liking to cover your space needs thanks to the 10 removable dividers, which makes it a good option if you are looking for a briefcase professional makeup.

The possibility that you can organize the interior of your makeup case to fit it to the size of your cosmetics, makes this product the best makeup case of the moment, according to users. That is why we mention more of its features here.


Materials: The case has a sturdy frame and a good quality Oxford cloth lining, while inside the nylon lining offers durability.

Zippers: The zippers allow an easy opening of the briefcase, without obstacles or defects.

Distribution: You can distribute the internal compartments to your liking using the removable divisions.

Transport: Its design allows it to be carried as a backpack, with a shoulder strap, by a handle or hanging from the luggage handle.


Weight: When filled, it may weigh more than you expected, but this is normal for professional makeup artists.

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Songmics JBC318B

Another very popular professional makeup bag is this model, made of ABS and acrylic glass to achieve a very elegant design that allows you to see the inside of the case.

This product has a lower compartment that measures 28.5 x 18.5 x 7.3 cm, as well as 4 pull-out compartments and an additional drawer, so you have enough space to store all your makeup supplies.

To close it has good quality metal hinges and two folding latches that can be secured with a key. In this way, it offers a safe space to keep your products.

It is necessary to mention that this is one of the best makeup bags of 2022, as it has a wide handle design to transport comfortably, reducing the pressure on the hand, as well as a system of aluminum levers that allows the internal trays to be folded and extended.

We still have many models to show you before you decide which makeup bag to buy, while we invite you to read the pros and cons of this one.


Structure: The resistance of this briefcase is determined by the aluminum frame, hinges and metal protectors in the corners.

Design: It is a very elegant briefcase in black with an acrylic lid, which allows you to see the interior, giving a very professional appearance.

Space: The different compartments offer ample space to store and organize your brushes and makeup products.


Transportation: It can only be carried by a handle, as it does not include a shoulder strap or other form of transportation.

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Kemier KM-N43W-Black

If you are a make-up artist, who performs long hours and styling sessions at home, you should have this professional make-up case from Kemier for its versatile and multifunctional design.

The telescopic retractable height of 96.52 cm allows better use of space and can be carried like normal luggage, thanks to the omnidirectional wheels and the retractable handle.

For storage, it has 8 plastic trays in the lower box, external side pockets and on the lid where you can store your brushes, brushes and other tools in a safe and organized way.

The top case, on the other hand, includes two folding trays in addition to the main compartment and more divisions in the lid that optimize the storage of makeup brushes. In short, this is a comprehensive and functional product, which can also be useful for comprehensive styling professionals; that is, hairdressers, makeup artists, manicurists and much more.

Kemier has specialized in functional bags and cases for stylists, so it can be considered the best makeup bag brand, but to be sure you can check the positives and negatives of this model.


Versatility: The briefcase separates in two, that is, a large one that goes in the lower part and a smaller upper part, so they can be used together or separately.

Transport: You can carry the smaller briefcase slung over your shoulder or as a handbag.

Retention: The internal compartments have net mesh so that loose items are well secured and do not end up cluttered throughout the case.


Color: The manufacturer does not offer this product in a color other than black.

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Complete makeup bag

Makeup Trading 52 pieces

For makeup apprentices, a good investment is represented by this complete makeup case from Makeup Trading, with a traditional metallic design and 52 pieces in total between cosmetics, applicators and a blush brush.

The elegance of the metal case gives this briefcase a very professional style, as well as providing strength and durability without affecting its price, as it is one of the cheapest products in this comparative study.

Regarding its dimensions, we can say that it is very compact because it measures 25.5 x 16.5 x 9.2 cm, which also makes it easy to transport thanks to the built-in handle.

In this case you have access to 32 eye shadows, 4 lipsticks and a lip pencil, 3 eye pencils and 4 nail polishes; a good kit to start and to which you can add more products as you learn new makeup techniques.

To learn more about this briefcase, we invite you to know its pros and cons below.


Tones: Different shades of shadows, lipsticks, pencils and enamels are included so that you can learn to make all kinds of makeup and combinations to practice.

Appearance: The briefcase has a very elegant and professional design, compact and easy to carry.

Fasteners: On the lid of the case there are elastics that help hold the pencils and applicators.


Tools: The inclusion of basic makeup brushes for any set is missing.

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Urban GoCo Urban Beauty

To find the best makeup bag, it is necessary to take into account different aspects such as structure, size, among others. But, if it is a complete makeup bag, it is important to know that it includes quality products and basic tools.

This is the case of the Urban Beauty, a compact but very versatile model, designed for personal use. For this reason, in addition to cosmetics and makeup, it includes nail clippers, a metal file, a pencil sharpener, a pedicure toe separator, a brush and applicators.

Due to its characteristics, this model can be a good gift for a teenager, since the shadows, lipsticks and enamels allow you to play and combine styles, makeup techniques and much more, since it is a basic kit that any woman should have when she wants to learn. to put on makeup

In addition, the case is resistant and durable thanks to its aluminum construction, which favors its useful life.

According to the opinion of the users of this product, we have highlighted some features that we present as pros and cons.


Quality: The aluminum case has a good finish, appreciating the quality of the metal and the manufacturing.

Use: It is a model designed for personal use, ideal for beginners and teenagers.

Nails: Stickers are included to decorate the nails and improve the finish of the manicure.


Size: Some users comment that it is smaller than they expected, but the seller specifies the measurements of the case.

Cosmetics: Other clients affirm that the quality of the cosmetics is very fair, but according to the price paid.

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Girl’s makeup bag

Markwins BonVoyage Fuchsia

Most girls have an affinity and curiosity to start putting on makeup, and to make them feel like professionals, Markwins has this makeup bag for girls: the BonVoyage Fuchsia edition.

This product is a good quality, pretty pink metal case that includes different makeup products such as eyeshadow, lipstick, blush and brushes for application.

It also includes nail polishes, so it is a very complete product for girls to start learning about the most basic makeup cosmetics, they can play with their friends at being professional stylists and makeup artists during pajama parties or game nights.

Due to the quality of the product and cost, some users consider it to be the best value for money makeup bag, a model that fulfills its purpose and that can be a great birthday, Christmas or Three Kings gift.

This one stands out among the cheapest briefcases, so we have prepared a summary of its characteristics in case you decide to buy it.


Color: The pink color of the briefcase gives it a feminine and very delicate touch, ideal for girls.

Pieces: This case contains 4 palettes of 6 shadows, 4 nail polishes, 4 lipsticks, 1 compact powder with a mirror, 1 pencil for eyes and one for lips, 1 brush, 2 brushes and a brush and comb for the eyebrows.

Case: A travel case is included to carry what you need when you leave home.


Pigment: A user affirms that the lipsticks do not paint with intensity.

Mirror: Another customer comments that the mirror is too small and does not provide a good view for the girls.

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How to choose the best makeup bag

It does not matter if you are looking for a complete professional makeup bag or just a case to store all your cosmetics, organize them and transport them with ease, it is always beneficial to know and identify the aspects that matter most when buying one of these. To help you, we have prepared this guide to buy the best makeup bag as a summary of what you should know to make your decision the right one.

Shopping guide


If you dedicate yourself professionally to the application of makeup, you will need to organize all your products and work tools, so to buy a functional briefcase you must identify what its purpose will be: you want it in a compact presentation to have the basic products and the ones you use the most in your daily work, or you need a big one, with wheels and other forms of transport to take it to photo shoots, modeling or other occasions in which you will have to use many things at once.

In this sense, when making a comparison of makeup bags, you will notice that there are options for all tastes, needs or budgets, from the toiletry bag style to folding and spacious bags, with numerous compartments to carry all your well-organized work items.


However, the quality of the materials and the structure of the case are what will provide resistance and determine its useful life. The truth is that when we make an investment in a briefcase of this type, we hope that it will last us a long time. For this reason, the metallic type are very common, which are generally made of aluminum because it is light and resistant.

There are also models that have a metal structure, but are covered with some resistant fabric such as Oxford cloth and nylon inside, being highly recommended for being easy to load and for maintaining their shape, supporting the weight of the content.

On this aspect, it is necessary to determine that its size and weight are useful for you, especially if you are starting in the world of makeup and do not yet have a large number of products, so it would be convenient for you to buy a small and manageable briefcase at first..


If you work at home or travel frequently to carry out styling sessions, it is advantageous to acquire a model that is easy to load. Those with wheels are the most popular, because they allow you to move them without much effort, since they also include a retractable handle.

But no matter how much it costs, versatility in a briefcase is much more important, which is why there are some models that offer different types of transport. To do this, they include padded straps that allow them to be carried on the shoulder as a shoulder bag, or on the back as backpacks.

Those that can be carried like a traditional briefcase or anchored to your personal luggage are also useful. In this way, you will have one of your hands free while you carry your suitcase and the work bag together.

space and compartments

Even if you are looking for a cheap briefcase, you should make sure that it offers the space you need and a little more, so the number of compartments it offers will help you determine if it is convenient to buy it or not.

There are models that have a main drawer and pull-out trays above it that are used to organize cosmetics and smaller tools, while below you place the largest and most voluminous.

An advantage is represented by the cases that include mesh pockets for makeup brushes and brushes, since you can carry these tools well stored without compromising the shape of the bristles or damaging them.

Currently, customizable briefcases have become popular, those whose compartments can be distributed according to your needs, since they have removable divisions that you can change position, to get more or less large compartments.

full or empty

For those who want to learn some techniques before investing in brand name makeup products, there are many options like the cheap and complete makeup bag that includes several eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, some brushes and pencils that are functional to start a practice.

This option is also ideal to give to girls, young people or women who like to put on makeup, without having to spend a lot of money. However, professional makeup artists prefer to buy an empty bag with numerous compartments to fill it with their favorite products, the shadows they use the most and those tools that have become essential for everyday life.

Thus, this decision will depend on your level of education, that is, if you are a beginner or a professional makeup artist, or if you are looking to make a beautiful and functional gift without altering your budget. The important thing is to know that there is a variety of models to choose from without compromising quality, presentation and functionality.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to organize a makeup bag?

A general recommendation from professional makeup artists is to organize by departments and products; that is, place all the products for the preparation of the face on a tray: cotton pads, moisturizing creams, cleansers, etc. Allocate another area just for bases and concealers, a space for lipsticks organized by colors and shades, the area for the eyes with pencils, shadows and mascara, the place for brushes, sponges and other tools. In this way you will avoid having everything mixed up and difficult to find when you need it.

Q2: How to restore a makeup case?

Many cases end up with loose or loose locks, so to restore them, you can start by tightening all these parts, screws and handle. If the case has any signs of oxidation, you can use a special product to clean it and if it is broken inside, you can use white glue to glue its parts.

To give it a new look, buy a spray can to paint it the color you want, but first use paper tape to cover the areas you want to keep and thus create a contrast effect.

Q3: What is a rolling makeup bag used for?

Trolley cases are very beneficial for professional make-up artists who run catwalks, model photo shoots and clothing lines who need several make-up changes and have to travel to different cities and countries, so they must carry all their material in a large space., organized and easy to load. In this sense, the cases with omnidirectional wheels and extendable handles are the most popular.

Q4: What to do with an old makeup bag?

If the bag is past its useful life for a professional makeup artist, there are still a few extra uses to reuse it. We can turn it into a first aid kit, decorated in the shape of an ambulance.

To do this, it must be painted inside and out, place details and decorations alluding to its functionality and find a fixed place where any member of the family has access to use their implements in case of a minor accident at home.

Another way can be to turn it into a jewelry box or accessories organizer, if you have many, in this sense you can line its interior with Eva rubber with a plush texture, suede or other soft material to better preserve the jewelry.

Q5: How to clean a makeup bag?

If it is a metal briefcase, it does not have many implications, since you will only need a damp cloth to clean its exterior. And if it is a deep cleaning, the appropriate thing is to remove all the products inside and pass a cloth dampened with water and vinegar to clean all the spaces, trays and compartments. To dry, it is good to leave it open in a ventilated place, while each product and tool is cleaned individually, thus avoiding stains once the case is dry.

Q6: How to open a makeup bag?

In general, briefcases of this type use metal clasps for opening, whose mechanism is very simple, since you only need to lift the safety ring of each clasp and finish unlocking the lock. The most common is that it includes two locks: one on each side. Other models only have a main clasp in the middle.

Q7: How to make a makeup bag?

You can use a toolbox from the ones you can find in department stores or hardware stores, and decorate it to give it your personal style and make it a unique makeup bag.

However, there are many DIY project tutorials that show how to make a briefcase out of cardboard boxes. For this you will need the following materials: 3 large shoe boxes, 3 small shoe boxes, pieces of thick cardboard to reinforce the boxes of the structure, adhesive tape, decorated adhesive paper, glue stick, extra strong glue, 1 meter of fabric color of your choice and a leatherette or fabric strap for the handle.

The idea is to cut the boxes in such a way that the three large ones form the main trunk, and the small ones are the internal compartments distributed in extendable trays.

When you have the designed structure and each part for assembly, the boxes must be lined on the outside with the adhesive decorated paper and on the inside with the fabric, then it must be joined with adhesive tape and super-strong glue to create the opening system, fix the strap and place velcro on the upper part, which will be the closures of the briefcase.

Q8: What should a makeup bag have?

Whether for personal or professional use, there are some basics that cannot be missing in your makeup bag, such as sponges, brushes, and brushes, at the rate of a pair for each function, as well as powders, creams, contours, etc.

We know that preparing the face is important, so you should also have facial wipes, cotton pads, makeup swabs, micellar water and cleansing milk, among others.

In the case of cosmetics, it is good to have eyeshadow palettes of different colors, lipsticks in various shades, mascaras with different effects. As well as bases, correctors and compact powders to seal the makeup, liquid eyeliner, gloss, eyelash curler, eyebrow tweezers, illuminators, bronzing powders, blushes and pigments, among others.

How to use a makeup bag

The purpose of the makeup bag is to organize, store and transport your cosmetics, for this reason if you are wondering how to use it correctly, here are some tips that will help you maximize the benefits that this product offers you.

Each thing in its place

Although the briefcase should already have its divisions and sections, we advise you to separate these spaces by categories and allocate them for specific products, in this way you avoid having a mess inside the briefcase. So you can keep foundations in one place, lipsticks in another, blushes in a tray, concealers in a drawer, giving each product and tool a place by category: brushes, sponges, eyeshadows, etc. etc.

avoid overloading

When we buy a makeup bag, we already feel professional and believe that the more products we have in it, the more useful it will be, and that is far from reality. It is advisable to keep the tones that are used the most and the pigments that can be combined to form other colors, in this way you save space. The same applies to the accumulation of many mascaras and lipsticks, the former have a recommended shelf life of 6 months, so you should check frequently if they are dry or damaged and discard what is no longer useful.

In the case of brushes, if they are for personal use you can keep one of each type in the briefcase, but if it is for professional use, it will be convenient for you to have a couple of each type. Also, you can use the brush blankets and store them inside the briefcase, as they take up less space.

clean frequently

Having your brushes always clean, separate sponges and tools in their place will help you keep your bag clean. However, depending on how often you use it, an occasional cleaning will help keep it organized, without stains or dust on the floor of the compartments. This will also make you look more tidy and hygienic in front of your clients when applying makeup.

If your briefcase is metallic, it will be very easy to clean it with a damp cloth, but if it is made of fabric, you must take care of it from stains and dust. If it is very dirty, you can use a solution of water, vinegar and baking soda and clean with a sponge rubbing the stained parts, then rinse with a damp cloth and leave to dry in the sun.

don’t throw it away

You must be careful when traveling with your makeup bag not to throw it in the trunk of the car, so always ask the taxi driver to store it carefully. In the case of airplanes, you should check with the airline to see if you can take your briefcase in the cabin. In general, it is allowed, but you must take the restrictions with liquid products to carry them inside a hermetically sealed transparent bag and in presentations of a maximum of 100 ml.

The important thing is to always place the case carefully on the floor, table or surface where you are going to have it and in this way you avoid breakage in the metal casing.

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