The best makeup bases

Makeup Bases – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

For any type of makeup, applying a good quality base is the main step to hide skin imperfections, correct shades and cover blemishes. For this reason, you should use only the best foundations if you want to always look good, so we bring you a summary of the most popular products in this category. Among these, Dermacol DC Make Up Cover Total stands out, a water-resistant product that offers very complete coverage for many hours. But, if you want to refine your pores and achieve a matte effect on your skin, you should check out Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless, a formula suitable for oily or combination skin that leaves a uniform and light coverage.

Opinions on the best makeup bases

Every day the cosmetic market offers hundreds of innovative and functional products to improve the application of makeup and facial styling techniques. And makeup bases are no exception, so with so many new features you can’t stay without one of the best makeup bases of 2022, and here we present a summary of its main features, based on the opinion of users. 

Dermacol make-up base

Dermacol DC Make Up Total Cover

Many users believe that this is the best makeup base, since they comment that it is a product designed to cover scars, imperfections and skin blemishes, completely concealing them, achieving a uniform tone with light coverage and a very natural appearance.

This Dermacol makeup base is waterproof, and has a sun protection filter number 30, which makes it ideal for daily use, it is also a hypoallergenic formula that does not contain preservatives or parabens, so it is suitable for all types of makeup. of skin 

One of the aspects that makes this product stand out as the best makeup base of 2022, according to some users, is that it has great durability, because it is only necessary to apply a small amount on the skin to spread and achieve wide coverage, therefore its 30 gr presentation is durable, representing a smart purchase.

As you can see, there are many features that position this product as the best makeup base of the moment according to users, so we summarize its pros and cons below.


Tones: It offers a very wide range of tones that can be combined with each other to pigment your skin and maintain its natural appearance.

Application: For light coverage, only a drop-sized amount is needed if you are using a cream foundation, so the product may go a long way.

Protection: It is a cosmetic without preservatives or parabens and has sun protection.

Trajectory: This base has been used for more than 50 years for its wide coverage of stains, irregularities and even tattoos. 


Stains: Some users claim that the foundation can transfer or stain clothing.

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Maybelline foundation

Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless

If you have oily skin and want to know what is the best foundation for your skin type, this Maybelline product may be the answer. With a matte effect, the Fit Me Matte+Poreless formula controls excess skin shine and refines the pores for a very natural coverage.

This Maybelline makeup base is available in 30 shades, so it will be very easy for you to find the one that suits the natural color of your skin. Regarding the duration, some users comment that the base stays very well between 5 and 6 hours before needing a touch-up.

For its part, the fluid texture with a water base allows an easier application, since a small amount of foundation is needed to achieve an even coverage, with a natural appearance and the matte effect that many women want.

For many users and professional makeup artists, Maybelline New York is the best brand of foundations, as well as complementary products to obtain exceptional makeup for your day to day. So here we mention the pros and cons of Fit Me Matte+Poreless foundation.


Skin type: This formula has been designed for oily or combination skin, as it tones them by completely obscuring unwanted shine.

Finish: The pores are completely covered to present a smooth skin, with a natural finish. 

Texture: The base has a liquid texture, easy to handle to apply in a very easy way.


Duration: Some users comment that after 5 hours it is necessary to touch up the makeup.

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mac foundation

MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

For many professional makeup artists, the best foundation for medium to full coverage and to reduce shine with a long-lasting matte effect is Mac’s Studio Fix Fluid, which also includes SPF 15.

This protection against UVA/UVB rays is broad-spectrum, that is, in addition to having a natural make-up and totally smooth skin, you can walk down the street with the certainty that you are not vulnerable to the sun’s rays. 

As for the consistency, it is worth mentioning that it is a very light liquid texture base, being easy to apply with the fingers, brush or sponge. In addition, it has a high resistance to humidity and sweat, being able to offer full coverage for 24 hours, according to the manufacturer. It’s also a good idea to mix this foundation with your daily moisturizer to prep your skin.

Before deciding which makeup base to buy, you should review the descriptions that we have about all the products, so be sure to read the positive and negative aspects that we highlight about this Mac base. 


Coverage: With this product a medium or full coverage of the skin is achieved, depending on the type of makeup you want or the occasion.

Long-lasting: The duration of the base is 24 hours, during which time your skin will look healthier and without imperfections. 

Tones: There are 60 shades of this base, identified with the Mac numbering and the codes according to the tone and subtone of the skin, so you can get yours and use the correct base. 


Price: The value of this Mac base is high, compared to similar products and of the same presentation. 

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foundation for oily skin

Revlon Colorstay 24H

Revlon never ceases to surprise its customers with its range of low-cost products, which do not compromise the brand’s trajectory and quality. We can demonstrate this with the Colorstay 24H makeup base for oily skin.

As its name indicates, it is a long-lasting formula, which has been commented on by users who have worn makeup for up to 14 hours and without the need to touch up the base that remains intact, with a very natural matte and smooth effect on the skin.

This product also has sun protection and a liquid texture that facilitates its application. For all these characteristics, we could qualify this as the best quality-price makeup base, since it has an affordable cost and is totally proportional to the benefits it offers.

It is important to mention that this base does not have fragrances and is totally free of oils, it is also available in 22 shades so it will be very easy for you to get the one that adapts to your natural tone. 

Below we summarize the main characteristics of this base separated into positive and negative aspects. 


Finish: The matte effect of this base is highly commented on by users, since the difference is noticeable and it lasts for many hours without the need to touch up the makeup.

Dispenser: The container comes with a dispenser that avoids product waste, as it releases the necessary amount for a light coverage.

Acne: Users with acne affirm that they have used this product and it has worked very well for them, because it covers imperfections and does not influence the appearance of more pimples.


Sensation: One user commented that she feels a dry sensation on her skin with the use of this foundation, however there are no other opinions to support this.

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loreal foundation

L’Oréal Infallible Matte 24H

This Loreal makeup base is part of the Infallible line, designed for full face makeup. The application of this product is recommended after the primer or primer and its main function is to unify the tone of the skin, at the same time that it tones it to neutralize all the shine and oiliness of the face. 

The technology in the formula of this base is determined by the high absorption of water and oil thanks to the perlite microsponges, polymers were also incorporated that act as color protectors, preventing the pigments from being affected by the aforementioned elements. In this way, the skin is kept without shine and completely uniform in terms of color. 

It should be noted that this base comes in a 35 ml presentation and the format for the application is appropriate to use a small amount. 

We invite you to learn a little more about this L’Oréal product by reading the list of pros and cons that we summarize below.


Technology: The formula includes a mineral that absorbs water and oil, while a polymer offers color protection to maintain uniformity for longer.

Texture: The fluid and velvety texture of the base allows a light application with the fingers, brush or sponge. 

Price: It is an affordable and good quality product, so you will not need to invest much to have a good makeup base.


Layers: If your imperfections are very pronounced, you have to use a double layer of foundation for full coverage.

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Foundation for dry skin

Maybelline New York Dream Satin Liquid

If your skin has a tendency to dry out or you don’t hydrate it properly, you may want to use a foundation for dry skin like Dream Satin Liquid. This product incorporates a moisturizing serum, to achieve a very natural satin effect without leaving an oily feeling on the skin.

The liquid consistency of this base spreads very well on the face and it is best to do it with your fingers or a sponge. We cannot fail to mention that all the comments about this product are very positive, since it is one of the cheapest bases and the support of the brand is a reflection of the quality of the product for many customers.

As for the fragrance, several users comment that it has a very soft and pleasant smell, not at all invasive, so it does not affect your perfume or the application of other cosmetics.

Maybelline has shown that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a quality cosmetic, so we summarize the positive and negative aspects of one of the cheapest makeup bases in this study. 


Dispenser: The container comes with a dispenser that allows you to extract the right amount and increase the yield of the product.

Hydration: The moisturizing serum provides a satin effect, suitable for dry skin.

Price: It is a cheap and good quality product, ideal for daily use.


Sun protection:  The SPF 13 in this product is low, as some dermatologists advise that the minimum level of protection is 15. 

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Estee Lauder foundation

Estée Lauder Double Wear

In many beauty and cosmetic forums, it is common to find opinions that recommend this Estée Lauder makeup base for being long-lasting, offering up to 15 hours of coverage and being suitable for all skin types.

The fluid texture, but not so liquid, does not spill or slide, so it can be spread easily without wasting the product. Plus, many reviews agree that nothing transfers from the foundation to your clothing, so you can change or remove your jersey without worrying.

Undoubtedly, one of the most outstanding aspects of this product is that it leaves a well-pronounced matte effect on the face, thus eliminating the oily appearance, as its formula is oil-free. 

It is worth mentioning that this base incorporates sun protection, although it is low, it works efficiently for daily use and moderate or low exposure to the sun. In addition, it is resistant to humidity and does not favor the proliferation of acne.

This makeup base is very popular due to the history of the brand and there are users who are loyal to it. For this reason, we summarize some of its characteristics in the form of pros and cons in the following section.


Formula: This base incorporates antioxidants, so it also protects against premature skin aging.

Smell: Does not contain fragrances or perfumes, which favors the most sensitive skin. 

Non-transferable: The base does not stain or transfer to clothing, thus avoiding these uncomfortable accidents that usually occur. 


Dispenser: A dispenser is missing in the packaging design, however with time of use and the development of experience, the right amount can be obtained. 

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Clinique foundation

Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions

As part of a care line for skin with acne, this Clinique makeup base stands out, as it is formulated to treat the lesions of bothersome pimples while evenly covering combination, oily and very oily skin.

This product is completely fragrance-free and its formula is liquid, it does not contain parabens or phthalates, so there is no risk of irritation or allergies. 

The presentation, like other makeup bases, is 30 ml, but does not include a dispenser. However, the narrow opening of the bottle does not let excess product out, so it will be easier for you to place a small amount on the back of your hand by slightly squeezing the container. 

According to some opinions, the average duration of this base is about 6 hours with a matte coverage, after that time it is necessary to touch up the makeup to avoid shine on the skin. 

Clinique is a brand recognized for the quality of its cosmetics and cleansing lines, now with this makeup base it is emerging as one of the most efficient in the treatment of acne. Here we summarize its characteristics. 


Treatment: The formula is designed for oily and acne-prone skin, preventing the appearance of more acne lesions with regular use.

Finish: The product adheres very well to the skin and leaves a uniform and natural finish, without shine. 

Formula: This base does not contain fragrance, phthalates or parabens so it does not cause irritation, being suitable for very sensitive skin. 


Application: A user comments that it is better to apply it with a brush, because with the fingers it does not blend well due to its texture.

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Lancome foundation

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear

To achieve long-lasting coverage and a velvety texture, many makeup artists recommend this Lancôme foundation, a cosmetic whose formula has been around for more than 20 years, and has been renewed offering 45 shades so you can get the most suitable for your skin..

Many users highlight how comfortable this base is, because although it is long-lasting, it does not feel heavy or stiff on the skin. This property is provided by a polymer called Eternal Soft that prevents dryness.

On the other hand, silica minerals and perlite are what allow moisture and oil to be absorbed, to achieve that luminous and matte effect that is so widely used today, without compromising skin hydration. 

Regarding the texture, we can mention that it is a light base that is easy to integrate, as long as you get the right tone for your skin, and it does not need a seal for other powder products to adhere. 

This Lancôme makeup base has been a success in the cosmetic market for a couple of decades and its formula has been perfected to expand its properties and benefits, but it also has some cons that we mention below.


Duration: Lancôme promises a duration of 24 hours, and some users have been able to corroborate for more than 12 hours that the matte finish is preserved.

Composition: The improved formula of the foundation absorbs oil and moisture, while keeping it hydrated. 

Coverage: Imperfections on the skin are very well concealed, as the base covers all irregularities to leave a matte and uniform tone. 


Oxidation: The correct tone must be chosen carefully, as the base tends to oxidize, that is, it changes tone to an orange color. 

Price: It is an expensive foundation, but the recognition of the formula for more than 20 years suggests a quality product.

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waterproof foundation

Impala Foundation 24/7 

For women who carry out an activity with exposure to humidity, excess sweat, rain and even submersion, it is best to use a waterproof makeup base such as the one offered by Impala Foundation.

The protection of this base is ideal for summer days, beaches and lots of sun, where exposure to water is unavoidable. In addition, it does not leave a mask effect, since its coverage allows for a very natural appearance, since the product’s formula integrates with the skin tone to achieve a uniform complexion.

On the other hand, Impala offers 10 shades so you can choose the appropriate one for your skin. As for the design of the bottle, it is 30 ml and comes with a functional and easy-to-press dispenser.

In another order of ideas, it is worth mentioning that this base does not transfer or stain fabrics, since it dries quickly for a complete makeup in a short time. We now summarize its features in the following list of pros and cons.


Sun protection: The formula incorporates SPF 15 to complement its resistance to water. 

Packaging: It has a compact and manageable design, favored by the dispenser to obtain the necessary amount, without wasting the product.

Integration: This base blends with the tone of your skin, to avoid the effect of a mask. 


Smell: A user comments that the smell of the foundation is not pleasant for her.

Shades: The range of this foundation only includes 10 shades, which is a disadvantage for some users who do not find one compatible with their skin. 

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Accessories for makeup base

Foundation brushes

Lamora Beauty Professional Kabuki

If you really want excellent makeup, then you should include good foundation brushes in your cosmetic purchases, as the quality of these tools will also determine the final appearance of your face. These Lamora brushes stand out for being vegan and also for providing versatility, adapting to cosmetics with different types of textures.

Being handmade brushes, these have been manufactured taking care of every detail to guarantee quality results. The pieces have an ergonomic structure to be comfortable to handle and the bristles absorb the necessary amount of makeup, avoiding leaving excess residue on your face.

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How to choose the best makeup base

The world of cosmetics is so vast and there are so many new products launched on the market that are designed to improve the appearance of our makeup, that it can be difficult to stay ahead. For this reason, and recognizing the interest of users in a guide to buying the best makeup base, we have compiled useful information on the aspects to consider when buying this important product for perfect makeup. 

Shopping guide

Choice of shades

When you go to buy a makeup base, the main reference is to compare it with the color of the inner part of the forearm, but many professional makeup artists indicate that the comparison must be made in the jaw area, specifically between the ear and the neck, since this is the part with the most neutral tone of the face. 

However, if you are going to make the purchase online you will wonder how to do the test. In this sense, you need to investigate more about the tones and undertones that suit your skin, but if you do not want to complicate yourself so much, you can go to any makeup stand and check what your ideal tone is, and then buy the product online. of your preference. 

base texture

When making a comparison of foundations, you will realize that the vast majority currently have a fairly fluid liquid texture, with the intention of allowing rapid spread on the skin, as well as efficient absorption while concealing irregularities. This category of products is designed for all skin types, and some brands have specific items formulated for oily, dry, normal, or combination skin.

But, on the market you will also find cream foundations with a more pasty texture and recommended for people with dry skin. Moreover, they are also available in pressed and loose powders. 

However, currently, the most used are fluid foundations due to the wide coverage they offer and the finish you get according to the amount of product you apply. 


I think that at this point we are already familiar with the coverage term referring to foundations and, consequently, various types of effects are distinguished such as matte, satin and dewy. For this reason, most cosmetic brands have designed products and lines dedicated to different coverages. In this way, there is a makeup base for all tastes, skins

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