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Makeup Brushes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

The truth that many girls do not know is that it does not matter to have the best makeup products if you do not have the appropriate tools for a correct application, in this case it is the makeup brushes and the brushes designed for shadows, compacts and blushes. Thus, reviewing the market, we find products that stand out among others for their characteristics and benefits, such as the Anjou AJ-MTA002 model, a 16-piece set with synthetic bristles, made entirely by hand and protected in a PU leather bag. On the other hand, the Beakey FM-0288 set stands out for providing professional tools that adapt to different types of makeup.

Opinions on the best makeup brushes

In order to help you make a good purchase, we have compiled information on the most relevant and popular products in the makeup brush category, using user reviews as a reference to show you only the best below.

makeup brush set

Anjou AJ-MTA002

For the thousands of buyers who have trusted this brand, the AJ-MTA002 are the best makeup brushes designed for all types of use, from amateur makeup to the most sophisticated and professional. This is due to the 16 pieces that make up this set, made by hand with very soft synthetic fibers, which allow each product to be correctly applied to the corresponding areas of the face.

In this set of makeup brushes you will find 9 precision brushes and 7 larger brushes, all these tools are designed for universal styling techniques: foundation application, powder, contour, blush, primer, shadows, lipstick application, among others.

Each of these can be considered the best makeup brush, according to the opinion of the users, since the soft texture of the bristles and the design of the handle allow an ergonomic movement and grip, respectively.

This product uses synthetic materials, fulfilling its commitment to respect living beings, which also contributes to its being considered the best makeup brush of the moment by many of its users. Here we specify other of its characteristics.


Absorption: Synthetic bristles absorb dry and liquid pigments very well to better fixate on the skin.

Grip: The handle of each brush is sized to hold properly and comfortably.

Storage: A travel bag is included to store all the brushes and keep them in good condition.


Smell: The case has a very pronounced smell that is transferred to the brushes, so it is recommended to wash them well before the first use.

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Bestope Rose Gold Kit

Among the best makeup brushes of 2022 we have this Bestope set, with a professional design made up of 16 pieces and velvety synthetic bristles, which provide a very soft texture to the skin.

Of the 16 pieces in this makeup brush set, 11 are precision brushes and the rest are larger brushes for evenly distributing powder, contour, and highlighter across the face. All these pieces are designed to maximize the absorption of cosmetics, avoiding their waste to achieve professional makeup.

As for the design of the brushes, the handle has been made of wood, so they are non-toxic and are combined with the rose gold details between the junction of the handle and the bristles.

Due to their quality and softness, these can be one of the best makeup brushes, as they are among the best sellers for being a very complete set and with good performance, so they can also position themselves among the best value for money makeup brushes.

Before deciding which makeup brush to buy, it is convenient to know more details about the product you like. Therefore, we show you the pros and cons of this particular set.


Design: The handle of the brushes are made of wood and have a suitable size to favor their grip.

Softness: The synthetic and abundant bristles of the brushes offer a soft texture to blur the pigments.

Washing: The brushes can be washed following the manufacturer’s recommendations for prolonged use.


Bag: No bag or case to store the brushes is included, each brush comes in individual plastics.

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professional makeup brushes

Beakey FM-0288

Achieving perfect makeup does not only depend on the talent of the makeup artist or the elements used, because if you do not have the right tools, it is unlikely that the makeup will be impeccable. For this reason, Beakey has brought this set to the market, which includes different brushes, a brush and a sponge, so that you always have the ideal utensil for each moment.

These are professional makeup brushes, so you can be sure that the final quality of the work will be very good. The brushes can be adapted to liquids, creams and powders, giving greater freedom of use. On the other hand, the sponge stands out for having a compact size and being able to adapt to areas that are difficult to access. As for the brush, it has been manufactured to clean brushes.

Likewise, the use of each brush will be comfortable, due to its soft bristles and its resistant and ergonomic handle. That way, it will be easier to get a better result.

Your makeup can be perfect, because with this Beakey offer you will have with you everything you need to achieve it.


Set: With this purchase you can have several brushes, a brush and a sponge so you don’t miss anything to put on makeup.

Quality: The quality of these utensils is evident from their resistant handles, to the density and softness of the bristles.

Versatility: The brushes are versatile, as they can be adapted to liquid and dry products alike.

Manual: If you do not have experience with these materials, then you can read the instructions included in the purchase.


Size: These brushes are somewhat small, compared to other models. For that reason, it might be necessary to get used to them.

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Kiko makeup brushes

Kiko Milano Facial 07

If you are wondering which is the best makeup brush, you should know that this model stands out in the category of facial brushes. This particular model has a specific shape in the bristles with an oblique cut used to give volume to the face, a very professional technique that will help you define the shapes if you use the right products.

Of the Kiko makeup brushes, this one stands out for its elegant matte black handle design, while its ergonomic format makes it easy to grip and apply the product with a natural movement.

Regarding the synthetic bristles, we can affirm that they are of high quality, with a soft and smooth texture, in addition to absorbing the necessary amount of cosmetic for a professional application.

To use this brush, it is recommended to blend from the top of the cheekbone, continue over the temples and define the angle of the jaw to finish blending in the t-zone: forehead, nose and chin.

We invite you to learn about the pros and cons that define this product so that you can make the right decision.


Shape: The brush has an oblique cut, to define the shapes of the face and distribute the pigments evenly.

Ergonomics: The handle has a rounded design that facilitates gripping and holding.

Absorption: Synthetic bristles allow to absorb the right amount of cosmetic without waste.


Price: Its cost is high for a single brush, but it is a professional product.

Presentation: The manufacturer does not specify what type of protection or wrapping the brush has.

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Fluid makeup brush

Lamora Kabuki Foundation

When we use liquid makeup products it is necessary that the brush does not absorb it, so that it can be distributed evenly on the face, for this reason the fluid makeup brush has been designed, a brush with short and thick synthetic fibers.

In this sense, Lamora designed this model that allows you to apply liquid and powder products with great dexterity, to leave a regular texture on the skin, favored by the regular cut of the fibers.

In addition, the glossy wooden body is ergonomically designed to support a good grip and make it much more comfortable to use. On the other hand, the copper ferrule offers greater durability and resistance in the union of the bristles and the handle, so this product can be considered as the best value for money makeup brush, as well as one of the cheapest despite be a professional brush.

In order not to make a hasty purchase, we leave you the list of pros and cons of this model, so you can get to know it before purchasing it.


Cut: The bristles are completely regular and abundant for better performance.

Grip: The wooden handle offers a firm and comfortable hold for makeup application.

Origin: The non-porous bristles are 100% vegan, offering a soft and silky texture.


Odour: A strong plastic odor is perceived in the product packaging, but it fades after a few days.

Drying: A user affirms that when washing the brush, it has taken more than 36 hours to dry.

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Foundation brush

Nire Beauty Kabuki 140

The main secret of a perfect and professional make-up is a correctly applied base, with a uniform texture that allows the rest of the products to set well. For this reason it is essential to have a good quality base makeup brush like this Niré model.

The Beauty Kabuki is a flat brush, with vegan bristles with a suitable length and good density, as well as a very soft touch that is recognized by users.

As a complement, the brush comes with a miniature sponge that should be used moistened to correct foundation imperfections, conceal dark circles and reddened areas on the face.

When it comes to quality, Niré is recognized as a brand for professionals, so expect nothing less from this particular brush, whose full-size handle has good strength, combined with the well-bonded ferrule.

From this brush we can summarize some features separated into positive and negative aspects that will help you make a decision based on this information.


Identification: Designed for beginners, this brush has the number printed on it for quick recognition.

Resistance: The brush has undergone several resistance tests to guarantee the adherence of the bristles.

Sensitivity: The softness of the brush makes it suitable for people with delicate and sensitive skin.


Size: According to the opinion of a user, for her the bristles are a bit small. However, she meets the goal.

Price: It has a high cost for those who are starting out in makeup.

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How to choose the best makeup brush

If you are starting out in the world of makeup for both personal and professional use, it is necessary to know what really matters when choosing your tools, that is why we have prepared this guide to buy the best makeup brush and with it you can have data to make a good investment.

Shopping guide

brush types

The most obvious aspect when making a comparison of makeup brushes is that there is a wide variety designed for specific functions and also classified by hair type, length and shape. In this sense, depending on the haircut, the brushes can be flat, round, beveled or pointed. Due to their length, they can be short and dense or long, while due to their size they can be distinguished depending on the area for which they have been manufactured, so we have large brushes for applying foundation and powder, medium ones for applying blush, contour and concealer.

The small ones, on the other hand, are for the eyes, the contour of the mouth and the nose. Therefore, we recommend doing more research, reading and watching video tutorials to learn how to use each brush before buying any product, so you can get the most out of its benefits.


It is possible to get brushes and makeup brushes with natural or synthetic hair. Generally, natural hair ones are recommended for powder products, while synthetic hair ones work better for absorbing cream or liquid cosmetics. However, environmental responsibility for the use of animals to make natural hair brushes has expanded the market for vegan brushes, that is, synthetic or vegetable fibers derived from cacti and other plants. Many companies have been concerned that these synthetic hair brushes are increasingly versatile, offering good results with powder or cream products, as well as being more hygienic and easy to wash. This aspect also influences how much the brush costs, since the natural hair brush is more expensive than the synthetic one.

single or set

Depending on your budget and makeup needs, you can buy brushes individually. But, it is also beneficial to get a set for beginners that contains different brushes, which will help you to make a complete makeup. It’s not hard to find a good inexpensive brush or a cheap multi-piece set. The important thing in any case is to learn to use the brush correctly to get the most out of it. However, many users think that buying individual brushes may be more expensive in the long run, but it is always necessary to buy a couple more besides the set to meet some special demands.

Ergonomics and resistance

The design of the handles are what determine the ergonomics of the makeup brushes, as these come in different thicknesses and lengths, which allow a good grip to perform the natural movements of the hand and apply the product in the correct way. As for the materials, the handles can be made of plastic or wood, the latter being the most popular today.

For its part, for the union of the handle and the bristles, metal ferrules are used, the most common are those of aluminum and copper. This part of the brush is of the utmost importance because it is the one that will affect the durability of the complete piece, since it is normal to get poor quality brushes whose ferrule comes off, leaving the brush practically useless, so emphasis must be placed on this aspect.


A good purchase of makeup brushes can include the storage bag or case to carry each brush in its place. This is more common when purchasing a multi-piece set.

Faux fur is often used to make a blanket with compartments inside for brush storage. It is normal that in these cases the smell of plastic is very pronounced. However, many users state that this smell disappears after several uses and if it is very strong, it is recommended to wash the brushes before the first use.

brand and price

There is no doubt that the brand influences the purchase of makeup brushes, as there are many manufacturers that have specialized in developing high-quality brushes, recognized and recommended by professional stylists.

Although there are generic products at a lower price, not all of them are of poor quality, since it is possible to get cheap sets with good performance and durability. But, if you want to secure your investment, you should be prepared to pay a higher price, since a single brand-name brush can cost the same as a 16-piece set from a lesser-known manufacturer.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean a makeup brush?

To wash your brushes you will need baby shampoo or antibacterial soap without scent or color. You must place the bristles of the brush under warm water, always pointing downwards, in this way you avoid getting the handle wet and the bristles coming off.

When it is very wet, put soap or shampoo in your hand and make circular movements of the brush over the liquid, turning the tips. Rinse the brush by holding the handle. Keep washing and rinsing until there is no foam left. Then use your hand to shape the bristles.

It is recommended to let the brushes dry naturally, but you can help them by using absorbent paper towels, keeping the brushes inclined so that the handle does not get wet.

Q2: Which is better to apply makeup: brush or sponge?

Each tool has its advantages, pros and cons, and choosing one over another will depend on your taste and the effect you want to achieve with makeup. In the case of the brush, it allows you to achieve greater coverage, as it absorbs less product and spreads it completely to create a thicker layer.

The sponge, for its part, must be used moistened, therefore it absorbs more pigment and when applied, the texture it leaves behind is more natural until it feels like a second skin. Many professionals use both tools in a complementary way, so the issue is what techniques you are going to apply and the effect you want to achieve in your makeup to use one or the other.

Q3: What is a fan makeup brush for?

This brush has the function of removing the rest of the makeup that remains after applying the eye shadow and is used by sweeping from the lower lashes downwards.

But it is also very useful for applying loose powder and blending colors very well, since the open and soft bristles design of this brush allows us to correct mistakes in our makeup to achieve a more professional finish. Although it is not a basic brush, if your makeup skills are intermediate, it will be very useful to have this brush in your bag.

Q4: What brush to use for liquid makeup?

The cat’s tongue brush is appropriate for liquid or cream foundations, as it provides uniformity of the product on the skin. However, its finish is less natural, so the sponge can be used to blur the furrows marked by the bristles. Although you can buy an individual brush, we also recommend the cat’s tongue brushes that are included in the Anjou 16-piece set, as well as in others that are just as popular.

Q5: How to make a makeup brush?

Using school brushes that you can find in bookstores can be a cheap way to learn makeup before investing in a more expensive set of brushes. For this you will need scissors, brushes of various sizes and nail polish.

The first thing you should do is choose what sizes of hairs you want on the brushes and with what cut, now with the scissors you can start giving the bristles the shape you want.

Then, to decorate it, you can paint with nail polish, apply glitter or other applications to add your personal style to your new makeup tools.

Q6: What is a rotating makeup brush for?

The rotating brush is used to imitate the precise movements made by professional makeup artists, with these the base and the products are blurred in order to leave a uniform coverage with great precision. For its operation it uses batteries and has interchangeable heads that adapt to the application of powder, liquid or creamy cosmetics. In addition, for correct use, the movements of the hand must be from side to side or from top to bottom, since the head will do the circular movements electrically.

Q7: What brush to use for powder makeup?

Larger, fatter brushes are ideal for applying powders, some with the Kabuki design are suitable for powders, blushes and contours. Also, some small brushes are used to apply bronzing powders and other products. A highly recommended model is the Lamora Kabuki Foundation brush, which has an excellent performance when applying powders evenly.

Q8: Why does the makeup brush lose hair?

The reasons why a makeup brush loses hair is mainly due to overuse. It can also happen due to incorrect cleaning or simply because it is a poor quality product. But, it is not necessary to waste it, because it can be fixed very easily.

To fix the bristles well, it is necessary to use a pliers or clamp to tighten the ferrule that joins the hairs of the brush with the handle. Applying the necessary force, the brush will stop losing the hairs.

How to use a makeup brush

Even if you are a makeup enthusiast who is just learning some techniques, it is necessary to get a set of brushes. For this you need to know its functions according to the type of brush or product to use, but here we will talk about some basic ways on how to use a makeup brush.

the first use

When buying your brush it is important to wash it before the first use, because in this way you help it to recover its natural shape and the odors of the packaging are eliminated. In this way it can move well on the skin.

load the brush

In order not to damage the hair of the brush or the makeup product, it is necessary to slide the lateral part of the brush over the product, turning the brush so that both sides absorb the pigment. So remember to never stick the tip of the brush.

When impregnating the brush with the product, the excess must be removed, but the big mistake that beginners make is blowing the bristles, this should not be done because it is unhygienic, in addition to creating a certain humidity, preventing the product from being blended correctly. With a few strokes on the handle it will be possible to remove the excess product.


To place the product on the skin, we use the flat part, blending with upward lateral movements and circular movements, depending on the area to be covered. In this sense, it is important to know how to differentiate between brushes and paintbrushes, since the former are recommended for larger areas, while brushes are for precisely making up smaller areas such as the eyes, nose contour, etc., achieving more coverage. detailed.


Once you know your makeup tools and have learned to use the right one for each type of makeup, it is very important to learn how to take care of your brushes, for that cleaning is essential.

You can use specialized products to wash brushes that contain bactericides, to keep the bristles very clean. However, you can also wash them with lukewarm water and baby shampoo, removing the remains of the product, then rinse very well and then let dry naturally. You must be very careful not to wet the splint or the handle of the brush, as this can damage it.


In addition to washing your brushes once or twice a month, depending on how often you use them, it is also beneficial to moisturize the bristles from time to time, using a mask that nourishes the hair, eliminates bad odors and helps maintain the softness of the brushes..


To avoid damaging the bristles, it is necessary to store the brushes carefully without deforming the tip, in a dry and closed place so that they do not acquire any type of dirt. For this reason, many sets come in their own storage bags, which allow you to keep all the brushes organized in their place to transport them safely on your travels.

» Review information from previous years

Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Abody Set profesional 32 piezas

Si te dedicas al estilismo y tu pasión es maquillar, no hay duda de que necesitas tener brochas de maquillaje profesional, lo que puede significar una inversión mayor. Sin embargo, Abody ofrece un producto de buena calidad a un precio inmejorable para tratarse de un set profesional.

Este grupo de 32 brochas de diferentes tamaños está diseñado para todo tipo de maquillaje, ayudando a crear numerosos estilos para estar a la vanguardia de las tendencias de belleza, por lo que puede ser tu respuesta si estás pensando  dedicarte formalmente al maquillaje profesional.

Cabe destacar que los materiales de estos pinceles son de excelente calidad, los pelos no se sueltan, el mango de cada pincel es de madera, hecho a mano y con un buen acabado, además de ser baratos.

Por su parte, la unión de las partes la hace una férula de aluminio, que sujeta bien las cerdas del mango para resistir un uso continuo y prolongado para tus actividades profesionales.

Tener un set de brochas profesionales que está entre las más baratas de nuestra selección es un gran acierto, por eso te traemos más características sobre este producto.


Utilidad: Estos pinceles son apropiados para aplicar diferentes cosméticos y tipos de maquillaje.

Calidad: Las brochas están elaboradas con materiales de calidad: cerdas resistentes, mango de madera y unión de aluminio para mejorar su durabilidad.

Estuche: Este modelo incluye una bolsa portátil compacta y fácil de almacenar.


Faltas: Se echa de menos la brocha para difuminar la base y las sombras, según comentarios de una usuaria.

Olores: Para las usuarias el olor a sintético perdura por varias semanas, pero después de varios uso se tolera hasta que desaparece por completo.

Brochas de maquillaje Mac

MAC Shiny Pretty Things Brush Party

Mac sorprende a sus clientes con este set de pinceles en tamaño miniatura, ideal para llevar en las bolsas de fiesta y hacer un retoque de maquillaje cuando sea necesario.

Las brochas de maquillaje Mac para rostro que componen este kit son el pincel para polvo 471SES, la brocha para mejillas 465SES, pincel para corrector 481SES y la brocha para bases 493SES, con un delicado diseño metálico que aumenta su atracti

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