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Mascaras – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Mascara is one of the cosmetics that cannot be missing from the bag, as it is capable of transforming the look in a matter of seconds. Hence, if you are looking for the right one, we recommend you take a look at the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Reloaded model, a mascara that provides instant volume to the lashes and has a hold of up to 24 hours. Of interest is also Impala Cosmetics IMC mascara. This transparent product serves as a base to color or set your lashes, as you prefer. In addition, it nourishes the hair and does not weigh down the eyelashes during its application.

Opinions on the best mascaras

To show off a look of infarction, nothing better than betting on a good mascara. These products accentuate the lashes and make the final result of the makeup much more impressive. Pay attention to some of the best mascaras of 2022 that we offer you below.

london mascara

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Reloaded

In a deep black shade, this London mascara is exactly what you need if you want instant volume on your lashes. Another of the main qualities of this model is that it has an enormous duration, specifically, it remains intact for up to 24 hours. This means that you can enjoy any event without worrying about it.

Considered the best value for money mascara, this product is also very easy to remove make-up. It is enough to rub with warm water and you will see how it is removed from the eyelashes.

Its cone-shaped brush has been specially designed to cover all the lashes and obtain a great density. In a cute orange container, it includes 26 grams of product for maximum duration. In relation to its formula, it contains more collagen and keratin than other similar mascaras.

As important of a mascara is the result offered as it is easy to remove from the lashes. With this product you will not have any problem.


Formula: Containing three times more collagen and keratin, this mascara gives lashes instant volume and a thicker feel.

Duration: Remains intact on the lashes for up to 24 hours.

Brush: Its cone-shaped brush is ideal for covering all the lashes, maximizing the effect.

Cleaning: For cleaning, it is enough to rub a little cotton soaked in warm water.


Residues: According to a user, you have to be careful with the application, as residues could remain on the lashes.

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clear mascara

Impala Cosmetics IMC

Sometimes we need a colorless mascara, with which to nourish our eyelashes, fix them correctly or give them a more lively touch, while maintaining their original tone. These are just some of the things you can do with this transparent mascara from Impala Cosmetics.

This product has a quality composition that, in addition to everything we have mentioned, is also suitable to serve as a base for other colored products. A complete and suitable approach for all kinds of uses, both for makeup and for the mere care of the eyelashes.

As for its application, this is as simple as passing the brush well impregnated on the lashes in an upward direction. The brush is responsible for properly distributing the product and giving your lashes an impeccable touch that, thanks to the quality of the mascara, will last for a long time.

Giving your lashes a different look is easy thanks to this complete proposal from Impala Cosmetics.


Versatile: It is a suitable solution for all types of eyelashes, helping them always look their best.

Quality base: This mascara is a very practical base to apply other products on the eyelashes.

Nourishing: Its nourishing power improves the tone of the eyelashes and gives them a better appearance.

Fixative: In addition to serving as a mascara, it is also useful as a fixative, thanks to the approach of its formula.


Texture: The texture is not the usual one of a mascara, but it has a somewhat particular gel finish.

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Maybelline Mascara

Maybelline New York The Colossal Big Shot

The first thing that strikes you about this Maybelline mascara is its packaging. Golden in color and elegant in appearance, it definitely looks like a product meant for celebrities. Its mission is to offer greater volume in the eyelashes without lumps.

In a 9.5 ml container, it incorporates a Big Shot type brush that allows much more mascara to adhere, so that one pass is enough to obtain the desired result. The ergonomic shape of the brush also adapts perfectly to the shape of the eye. In this way, it manages to reach 100% of the tabs.

The application is not complicated at all. It is enough to apply the mascara from the root in a zigzag pattern and then turn the brush diagonally in order to lengthen the ends of the lashes. It is ophthalmologically tested, making it suitable for people with sensitive eyes.

This Maybelline model is perhaps the best mascara of the moment, thanks to its easy application, luxurious packaging and magnificent results.


Brush: This mascara consists of a Big Shot brush that allows you to drag a greater amount of product. Its ergonomic shape adapts to the eye.

Application: The application is very simple. For best results, it is sufficient to apply in a zigzag pattern.

Tested: It is an ophthalmologically tested product, which means that it is suitable even for sensitive eyes.


Dry: Some users noticed that the mascara was a bit dry when they received it, although these could be specific cases.

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L’Oreal Mascara

L’Oreal Paris Make-up Designer A6018501

This mascara provides ultra volume that lasts up to 24 hours. It dyes the eyelashes an intense black color, providing a plus of sensuality to the look. This is due to its special formula based on Hydra Collagen, which fills and adds density to the lashes.

It includes a much thicker brush than the classic ones with the aim that the volume is remarkable. The result is full lash coverage that will stand up to any event. Being suitable for water, it is an excellent option even to show off your lashes at the beach or in the pool.

To obtain an optimal effect, the manufacturer recommends making small movements from left to right with the brush during the application of this L’Oréal mascara.

By betting on the best brand of mascara you will have the guarantee that your beauty routine is in good hands. A good example is this product.


Volume: One of the main qualities of this mascara is that it provides more intense volume and density with just one pass.

Duration: After application, you will be able to show off a more enhanced look for at least 24 hours.

Waterproof : This is a 100% waterproof mask, which means that you can use it in the pool and on the beach.


Seal: Some users have commented that this mascara came without a security seal, which could be due to a shipping error.

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waterproof mascara

Bourjois Push Up

Bourjois Push Up mascara is one of our most interesting proposals if what you need is a waterproof mascara that is capable of lasting all day without deteriorating. This product has a high quality and resistance formula, which keeps your lashes looking their best, without stains or worries.

Best of all, thanks to the shape of the applicator brush, the mascara covers the entire lash in depth and combs it during application, increasing the volume of the lashes naturally. It also provides that curly tone that we like so much, but without stiffening the hair during the process.

As if all this were not enough, this mascara is free of parabens and has a formulation suitable for both those with sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses. Therefore, not only is this a quality mascara, but it is also highly safe for anyone.

Betting on a quality brand for your mascara is always a good idea, as you can see with this Bourjois proposal.


Formula: Its waterproof formula gives lashes greater volume, without weighing them down or hardening them.

Brush: The lifting brush extends your lashes from the first pass and better distributes the mascara over them.

Safety: The product does not contain parabens and is ideal for people with sensitivity problems or those who wear contact lenses.


Drying: Mascara can dry in a short time, so leaving the bottle tightly closed after each use is key.

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Benefit Mascara

Benefit 2R01

This Benefit mascara is a model whose main quality is the effect of longer eyelashes it offers. To do this, it has a brush with staggered-type bristles that adhere almost to the root to increase volume. The end result is black, curly lashes.

This bottle contains 8.5 grams of product. Thanks to its compact format, it is ideal to always carry in your bag, wherever you go. The tip of the brush consists of precision bristles, taking care of enhancing and defining even the shortest lashes. All this contributes to the look being intensified.

In case you are wondering which is the best mascara to energize your face, this model could be an excellent option. In addition, you will love its vintage-type packaging, which encloses a really flattering cosmetic product.

Getting lashes as perfect as movie stars is not a dream and it is a possibility within everyone’s reach with this mascara.


Packaging: The packaging of this model is vintage type. It is an additional attraction to the effectiveness that it promises.

Brush: The mascara brush consists of precision bristles that help lengthen and enhance lashes, even reaching the shortest.

Effect: The effect is noticeable in just one pass. The eyelashes look longer and curlier, so much so that it is not necessary to use a separate eyelash curler.


Smell: A user has commented that, upon receiving his mascara, he perceived a strange aroma. In his opinion, it does not correspond to the usual smell of this product.

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Lancome Mascara

Lancome Grandiose

Behind such a prestigious brand in the world of cosmetics as Lancome can only be found products of the highest quality. A good example is this deep black 10ml mascara.

It has been made from rose cells. Its special formula, then, allows you to show off a more voluminous and attractive look is not an impossible mission. Its swan-neck brush is striking, a design responsible for making the lashes more voluptuous and curved.

The peculiar applicator of this Lancome mascara manages to access each of the lashes in a single pass, although, yes, without unsightly lumps. It is a high-precision brush suitable for all kinds of eyes indicated to lift the eyelashes to the highest. The finish, therefore, is brighter and more intense in color.

The best mascara will allow you to obtain voluptuous, curly and more homogeneous eyelashes, without lumps and in just one pass. This model is an excellent example.


Applicator: The applicator of this mascara is shaped like a swan neck, which makes it possible to access all the lashes with just one stroke.

Effect: After the application of mascara, the lashes are more curved, with an effect that makes it seem that they rise to infinity.

Texture: The texture of this product allows the lashes to look homogeneous and without any lumps or residue.


Dry: A couple of users claim to have found dry mascara, something that could be considered a manufacturing defect.

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Essence Mascara

Essence ES773908

In the market it is possible to identify cheap mascaras from the best brands, as is the case with Essence. Not in vain, it is considered number 1 in Europe. The manufacturer’s proposal is a mascara with a youthful aesthetic, judging by its colorful packaging, but with an efficiency that is up to the most demanding users.

The volumizing effect of this mascara does not go unnoticed. This is a water-based Essence mascara that gives lashes full coverage in deep black for longer.

The inscription on its packaging, ‘Crazy volume’, makes this clear from the start. Its brush equipped with dozens of extra fine filaments makes the application much easier and, above all, offers the best finish. In this way, the look will look more full of life thanks to a product that will dazzle the youngest users.

The cheapest mascaras are closer to you than you think. Take a look at the characteristics of this model and finish convincing yourself.


Volume: Volume is the finish that this mascara promises. One pass is enough to notice the transformation.

Application: The application of this mascara is very simple thanks to the brush equipped with fine filaments that reach to the last eyelash.

Youth: In a manageable format with a modern design, this model is the favorite of the youngest users.


Brush: In the opinion of a user, the brush of this mascara is made of rubber, a feature that must be taken into account.

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hypoallergenic mascara

Gaya Cosmetics Vegan

For those with sensitive eyes, nothing better than a hypoallergenic mascara like this one from the Gaya Cosmetics brand. Because the fibers do not contain parabens, the lashes are not irritated. It is a vegan mascara that helps make lashes look thicker, longer and more beautiful, while pampering them. The effect is false eyelashes.

It includes a special premium quality brush, responsible for homogeneously distributing the black pigment, without weighing down the lashes and separating them. Another advantage of this product is that it does not leave lumps or stains under the eyes, so the rest of the makeup will not be affected.

It is, therefore, an ideal ecological cosmetic to always carry in your bag and touch up when necessary. This mascara is also available in a pretty blue pigment for the more daring girls.

Users with sensitive faces have no other option but to choose cosmetic products that are respectful of their skin, especially those that are ecological.


Effect: This mascara incorporates an intense black pigment that adheres to the lashes and offers the sensation that they are false.

Vegan: It is an ecological and vegan product, without parabens. This means that all its ingredients are completely harmless to the skin.

Brush: The brush of this mask is responsible for distributing evenly over the lashes, defining each hair individually.


Stains: In the opinion of a user, care should be taken with the application because it could stain the face.

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clinique mascara

Clinic 22495

This 6ml mascara is endorsed by one of the most famous brands in the field of skin care and makeup, such as Clinique. Black in color, although also available in brown, it is a mascara that manages to raise the prominence of the eyelashes to the top.

It is a thermo-sensitive mascara that stands out for being long-lasting. This means that it stays in place for at least 24 hours. Longer, more defined lashes are possible with this Clinique mascara.

The manufacturer advises to apply starting from the root of the lashes for optimal effect. For greater intensity, it is possible to apply a second layer. In case the lashes are short, the brush should be held in a vertical position. It is also a product that is easy to remove with hot water. Simply rub with a damp make-up remover disc until complete removal.

Dare to choose a mascara that puts your eyelashes in the place they deserve. This model is an extraordinary option.


Duration: This mascara lasts longer than other models on the market. In this case, it is kept up to 24 hours.

Application: Its brush greatly facilitates the application. Start from the root of the lashes until you get the desired result.

Cleaning: It is enough to rub the eyelashes with a makeup remover disc and a little hot water for effortless removal.


Particles: There are users who comment that, when removing the mascara, it breaks down into small and uncomfortable particles.

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How to choose the best mascara

Mascara is one of those essential tools in every woman’s makeup set. It is useless to apply a beautiful eye shadow, if these are not enhanced with mascara. As the variety on the market is quite extensive, we encourage you to take a look at this guide to buying the best mascara.

Shopping guide

mascara color

One of the first aspects to consider when selecting a mascara is related to color. The black mascara is the most common, although it is not the only one. The advantage of this tone is that it fits perfectly with any skin tone, makeup and, ultimately, occasion. Hence, black mascaras are not lacking in any toiletry bag.

Another option is to opt for a brown or brown mascara. This shade is ideal for those users who want to enhance their eyelashes, but without being too noticeable. For this reason, it is a great cosmetic for everyday use. For those who have blonde eyelashes, it is an alternative that cannot be ignored, as they will achieve a very interesting natural effect.

Transparent mascaras are very useful. In this case, the natural effect obtained is even greater than in the previous one. One of its great advantages is that they do not stain and allow you to show off longer and more beautiful eyelashes without noticing that you have applied mascara.

Finally, in this comparison of mascaras, it is necessary to talk about those in other more fantasy colors, such as blue, violet or green. The most daring will surely find the perfect moment to wear any of these masks.

mascara effect

It is very important to stop and think about the effect to be achieved when using the mascara. At this point, we might consider what our eyelashes are like. For example, if you have short eyelashes, you may be interested in betting on a model whose objective is to lengthen and define them. This is perhaps the most successful effect, since if you opt for a mascara that adds too much volume, the result with short lashes may not be the most convenient.

If your lashes are long and thin, then the ideal is to identify a mascara that adds volume, so that they appear thicker. In this case, it will be enough to apply a thin layer so that it is not too artificial.

For normal lashes, just adding volume will suffice. It’s best to find a mascara whose brush is capable of adding curl to your lashes. So you will not need to use the eyelash curler.

mascara container

In addition to selecting a cheap mascara, it will be vital that you choose a model whose content is appropriate for your needs. Remember that one of the worst enemies of this product is the passage of time, since this could be responsible for it drying out. This means that you will have to assess how often you plan to use your mascara.

The most common format is the one with 9 or 10 ml of content, although you can also find mascaras in smaller containers. For example, 6 or 7 ml.

In this sense, assess what type of brush incorporates the mascara. Depending on what the brush looks like, its function will be one or the other. Thus, curved brushes have been designed to shape the straightest eyelashes, while those mascaras that have a pointed brush are indicated to provide extra volume. Is the brush a ball type? So it is most likely aimed at bringing less dense lashes to life.

Additional mascara features

Lastly, consider taking a look at mascara extras. One of the most sought after is that this is Waterproof, that is, that it is resistant to water. These models are not only perfect for going to the beach or the pool, but also for those events where we don’t want sweat to ruin our makeup.

Waterproof mascaras are ultra-resistant, which means that you will have to take care to remove them with make-up remover.

A very interesting option is to bet on those mascaras whose cleaning requires only water. More and more brands are offering these features in their products, so that make-up removal is made easier. In these cases, it is enough to moisten a bit of paper or a make-up remover disc and rub the eyelashes gently.

Wondering how much a mascara costs is logical, as is making sure that it meets all the requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to lengthen eyelashes with mascara?

One of the most widespread tricks to lengthen the eyelashes with mascara is applying it in a zigzag pattern. To do this, spread the mascara from the root of the lashes to the tips with this movement. Of course, you can not forget the lower lashes, so that your eyes look much more spectacular. Let it dry and if you want them even longer, don’t be afraid to apply a second coat of mascara.

Q2. How to make homemade mascara?

There are different ways to make homemade mascara. One of the simplest formulas is mixing two tablespoons of aloe vera and a little eye shadow. This should be the color you want for your mascara. Mix these two elements until you see that the result resembles the intensity you want. When the paste is completely homogeneous, then the homemade mascara is ready. Now you just have to use a brush to apply it to your eyelashes. The end result is a natural mascara that is completely harmless to your skin.

Q3. What is clear mascara used for?

Transparent mascara is an ideal cosmetic for those users who prefer to exhibit a more natural makeup and with less artifice. It is the best option to show off your eyelashes and enhance your look and, at the same time, without losing the effect of a washed face. There are those who use transparent mascara alone or as a complement to mascara of other colors in order to enhance the look. Even this mascara is a fantastic ally of the eyebrows. It is enough to apply it on them so that they stay in place and look more compact.

Q4. Is lash curling mascara safe?

Absolutely all mascaras are safe, as long as the manufacturer’s directions are followed. Of course, it is necessary to look at what its ingredients are and ensure that the brand is trustworthy. The most advisable thing is to bet on cosmetics with little pr

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