What is Russian manicure?

Hand care is very important. For this reason, from time to time we hear about new manicure trends, and one that is currently positioning itself in the preference of women is the Russian, a technique focused on the use of the lathe to remove the cuticle and increase the durability of the manicure.

If you are tired of doing your manicure at home, because your tools only include a nail clipper and a file, you can inquire about the different types of manicures in specialized centers to obtain the best care for your hands and nails.

One of the techniques that is currently in trend is the Russian manicure, a procedure that focuses on removing the cuticle completely dry, using a manicure drill. 

A little history

The first to use drills for cosmetic purposes were the Germans with the invention of the pedicure drill in 1968. However, the widespread use of this instrument in Eastern countries, especially Russia, for hand care has given it the Russian nationality to this trend that is gaining more and more strength in Spain. 

It is precisely the spread of perfect and well-groomed nails, which millions of Russian users have done on social networks, that has shown us how in this region of the world it is of great importance to maintain an impeccable manicure. 

For this reason, more and more beauty centers have specialized in offering this complex deep nail cleaning procedure.

What is the Russian manicure 

As we already mentioned, the key instrument of this technique is the nail drill with which the cuticle is completely removed. For this, it is necessary to have burs for Russian manicure, preferably ceramic, which are purchased on e-commerce platforms or stores specializing in aesthetic products. 

So with the right bur, and the manicurist’s precision, the skin in this area is gently filed away leaving a very clean finish. This allows the manicure to last longer, regardless of whether regular nail polish, sculpting or permanent nail polish is done.

In this regard, it is very important to note that, generally, the burs included in the manicure or pedicure drills are not of the best quality to perform this technique, since they can hurt the skin in the attempt to remove the cuticle.

How to do Russian manicure?

The purpose of this technique is to obtain a minimum separation between the nail and the skin of the fingers. That is why this procedure cannot be performed at home, without prior technical knowledge.

The most advisable thing is to go to a specialized aesthetic center and ask if they have certified professionals in this technique, because if the Russian manicure is not done correctly, the nails can weaken.

In addition, you should avoid removing the polish after the Russian manicure at home because layers of the nail can be removed, putting the health of this part of the body at risk. Next, we explain how this manicure is done by a professional in the area, for informational purposes and not as a tutorial to do it at home.

Cuticle treatment: The first step is to prepare the base of the nail with the cuticle pusher to lift the excess skin. From there, you should review the types of manicure burs and choose one with a ball point or fine cone, to begin gently filing excess edges at a low speed. 

Skin cleaning: Next, the bur should be changed to clean the skin at the edge of the nail and remove dead cells. This bur must also be suitable for passing over the nail.

Polishing of the nail: In this stage, the preparation of the nail for the following technique begins, whether it is permanent enamel, poly gel or acrylic gel. To do this, begin to file the surface of the nail to remove the shiny layer, being very careful not to exceed the pressure or the speed of the lathe.

Enamel the nail: After the previous steps it is time to apply the permanent enamel, sculpt the nails or just apply a normal enamel. If this is your case, you should apply a base and then apply two coats of nail polish to seal the color with the top coat of your choice.

Russian nail hydration

To finish the Russian manicure, it is necessary to moisturize the cuticle, since with this technique the skin in the area tends to dry out. For this reason, the manicurist must apply a cuticle oil, to provide vitamins and minerals to the skin, in addition to balancing the pH and improving the texture of the nail.

In addition, this process should not be limited only to when you do a manicure, because at home you can take care of your nails by regularly applying rosemary, jojoba or avocado oil after washing and drying your hands well. The procedure is simple: place one or two drops on each nail and gently massage it and the cuticle. Afterwards, wait at least an hour before wetting your hands, as during this time the oil should be absorbed into the skin.

manicure at home

Currently there are so many tutorials with which you can learn to do your own manicure at home and even learn to do permanent nails step by step by acquiring your tools and UV lamp.

But, in the case of the Russian manicure, it is more difficult to try to do it at home, since you must start by making a comparison of manicure lathes, and if you do not have experience in this regard, you can even get confused when choosing which is the most suitable. 

What you should know for sure is that a cheap metal mini lathe is not the one used to perform aesthetic procedures, since this rotation tool has nothing to do with cosmetic care.

Now that you know about the new Russian manicure technique, and how it is done correctly, don’t hesitate to look for it at the nearest beauty center to start taking care of your hands and get an impeccable manicure. 

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