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We live in a society that cares about projecting a good appearance. In this sense, the teeth could be one of those that cause the most concern, since over time and due to the periodic consumption of certain foods they tend to change their natural color. And although proper dental hygiene, reinforced by regular visits to the dentist, can keep our teeth healthy, it is not a guarantee of keeping them white.

For this reason, we tend to resort to the use of whitening toothpastes that are easy to buy in pharmacies and at a cheap price, if we compare them with professional whitening that, in addition to the economic investment, forces us to visit dental offices repeatedly, increasing its cost.

However, thanks to dental science, a product has emerged that allows us to have a bright smile from home. It is the renowned Whitify teeth whitening kit, which, thanks to its gel made up of natural active ingredients and an LED lamp, offers effective results in a short time. As expressed by its users in the comments left in online forums.

The best prices – How to buy Whitify


One of the advantages of acquiring products in pharmacies and recognized online stores such as Mercadona and Amazon is the authenticity of the formulation. Even more so when it comes to treatments for aesthetics and dental hygiene. Likewise, it is convenient to orient yourself through the opinions left by users and the forums held by specialists in the field, since through these we can get an idea of ​​the benefits that the product can offer us based on its qualities..

However, in the specific case of Whitify, since it is a new formula that makes its way into such a competitive market, such as that of tooth whiteners, it can only be purchased online on its official website. A fact that not only allows you to enjoy the originality of the gel but also the quality of each element that makes up the kit. To do this, you just have to access the page and follow the legal procedures established by the manufacturer and in a few days you will be able to enjoy its benefits. In the same way, when you need to repeat the treatment, the complementary kit is offered, so that you do not have to make the total investment again.

package Contents Price

basic kit

whitening gel

flexible splint

LED lamp

Tooth Shade Sampler

application instructions




Complementary kit


3 Whitify syringes



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What are the benefits of Whitify for your body

Whitify is a kit made up of a natural formulation and a practical LED lamp, developed so that you can improve the shade of your teeth from home. Likewise, using this product not only brings aesthetic benefits, but some emotional ones could also be added, since the opinions of users who claim to feel more confident with their appearance are significant; without counting the fear generated by the implements used in traditional dental whitening.

Now that you know what Whitify is for and the remarkable benefits it brings to our body, it’s time to decide between a chemical treatment with an investment of time and extra money or this practical natural whitening system at a cheap price, to apply in comfort. of home.


How to take Whitify correctly

To enhance the results of the treatment in each session, it is advisable to clean the teeth beforehand. Then proceed to connect the splint to the lamp and apply a quarter of the contents of the syringe on each side of it, to later put it in contact with the teeth, taking care that the gel does not touch the gums. Once the lamp is turned on, all that remains is to wait for the established time to elapse to finally turn it off, remove the device and thoroughly wash both the teeth and the splint.

As you can see, the Whitify application is very simple. It is only enough to follow step by step the recommendations left by the manufacturer in the brochure that contains the kit for six consecutive days, to show a significant change between before and after said time has elapsed.

How Whitify works

The effectiveness of Whitify is based on the joint application of the whitening gel and the LED lamp. Said device, once turned on, is the one in charge of activating and promoting the effects of the cleaning components contained in the product,

just as it happens with the treatments offered in dental offices. With the difference that this lamp offers a safe and practical design to be used personally at our convenience.

In other words, once the light comes into contact with the active ingredients of the gel and these, in turn, with the outer layer of tooth enamel, they exert their action, progressively reducing the discolorations present in it. Therefore, the importance of being constant and applying the product during the time and number of sessions established. 

On the other hand, to enjoy the results for longer, you could well make use of the other products offered by the brand, or alternatively, change certain habits in favor of maintaining white teeth.

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Whitify Ingredients

Within the Whitify whitening gel, the agent in charge of eliminating both stains and deep discoloration is sodium bicarbonate, which is not only safe for health but also for the environment. It is a natural, ecological and biodegradable compound, widely used and with good results in maintaining white teeth.

On the other hand, menthol is also appreciated within the formulation, which is an alcohol from the oils of some species of mint. This is responsible for leaving the refreshing sensation that characterizes the product. However, Whitify, unlike other products in this category, which can be purchased online, contains natural extracts of pomegranate seed and aloe vera that protect both the teeth and the oral and nasal tissue from the adverse effects of bacteria, irritations and inflammations.

Finally, we can mention other ingredients such as propylene glycol, glycerin, water, xanthan gum, carbopol (carbomer), citric acid, chamomile flower oil, sodium chlorite and rosemary extract. Which fulfill different functions for health and improve the tone of the teeth.


Whitify Side Effects

Although Whitify has been developed from natural extracts, without the addition of hydrogen peroxide, an ingredient commonly used in this type of product and which negatively affects tooth enamel, the possibility that some people may perceive a slight sign of tooth sensitivity. It should be noted that this discomfort is caused by several factors, among which is the natural loss of the enamel coating, leaving the dentin exposed over time.

On the other hand, it is important to point out that the manufacturer makes it clear in its reviews that it does not recommend following this treatment if you have orthopedic devices (braces or brackets) and implants (dental crowns). Likewise, since it does not contain fluoride in its composition, its subsequent application is necessary to reinforce and stimulate the mineralization of the enamel.


Based on the innumerable opinions and photographic evidence left, both on the official Whitify page and in various online forums, by its users and professionals in the area of ​​dental health, we can safely say that they are remarkable to the naked eye. changes between before and after periodic use.

In this sense, this teeth whitening kit can be an effective alternative to improve the aesthetics of our teeth from home at a cheap price. On the other hand, as it contains natural ingredients, said treatment can be repeated in a reasonable time without causing unfavorable damage that could threaten the sensitivity of the teeth. However, it is important not to neglect oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly, as these aspects, together with a low-sugar diet, guarantee oral health.


Frequent questions


Do teeth become more sensitive after using Whitify?

Whitify is a whitening product that has been developed so as not to be abrasive with tooth enamel, since it basically contains ingredients that we can find in a herbalist. However, some people may experience a slight sensitivity, either as a result of their previous hygiene routines, eating habits or the natural action of time.

What stains can Whitify remove?

Continuous treatment with Whitify has been shown to have an effective action in removing stains generated on the teeth by the consumption of products such as coffee, red wine, tea, cigarettes and can even help reduce mild and medium discoloration caused by some bacteriostatic antibiotics such as tetracyclines.


How often do I have to use Whitify?

The frequency of application will depend on personal whitening preferences. Although, some users comment that repeating its application within the next three or six months can maintain the desired tone on the teeth.

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