Dewalt Dcd996p2 – Traveler Reviews

Main advantage: 

This hammer drill has a clutch with 11 different positions that will allow you to adjust the bits and obtain different finishes, as well as making use of the 3 speeds so you can easily work on wood, metal and concrete.

Main disadvantage: 

A disadvantage of this product is that its 2.1 kilograms is added to the weight of the battery, which could make it difficult for some users to keep it in a firm position.

Verdict: 9.7/10

If among your plans you plan to acquire a hammer drill that has several speeds, a brushless motor and batteries, this model may be ideal for you.

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Main Features Explained

power and speed

A very important detail that you should not overlook before checking the price of a hammer drill is the power, since this is in charge of providing the equipment with enough strength to be able to drill the different surfaces on which you intend to work. 

In DeWALT’s line of hammer drill products, the DCD996P2 is one of the most outstanding and this is due to its powerful motor that reaches up to 38,250 impacts per minute (ipm), which will allow you to penetrate very easily. different types of structures, making it a versatile drill with enough strength so that you can use it in masonry, masonry, carpentry and also for DIY.

In addition to this, with this drill you can drill up to 5.5 centimeters for woodwork, 1.5 centimeters in metal and 1.6 centimeters for masonry. Likewise, to carry out concrete work you have to know that this drill is capable of exerting powerful vibrations and drilling up to 15 m/s, so you will finish these tasks in a short time, but you could present symptoms of fatigue due to excess power. in striker mode.

On the other hand, we must not forget that speed is another outstanding feature of this product, since its brushless motor allows it to be adjusted in up to 3 different positions so that when you use the drill in its hammer mode or to drill, it does so in one fluid form. In addition, the speeds that it has are: 450, 1300 and up to 2000 revolutions per minute (rpm); thus allowing you to drill surfaces and solid elements efficiently and without worrying that the drill will get stuck in the process.

Therefore, these features make this drill a versatile and useful tool for you to have at home or at work and perform different types of tasks.

Functions and ergonomics

When users look for opinions regarding hammer drills and what would be the best option to take home, it is recommended that they take into account the most useful and important features that can provide them with practicality, such as functions and ergonomics. In other words, a hammer drill with multiple functions can allow you to carry out DIY, carpentry and masonry work and obtain different finishes, since each of the functions has a purpose and a specific power for each structure. 

This hammer drill presented to us by DeWALT has an adjustable electronic clutch with 11 different positions, which will help you to have multiple finishes and thus the equipment will not exert too much effort and you will be able to enjoy a long useful life. In addition, this has a smooth mechanical torque adjustment system that will allow you to quickly and easily tighten the bits, as well as exchange them and obtain much more precise results when screwdriving, drilling or percussing.

Additionally, another detail that stands out in this percussive hammer is the trigger. This is due to the fact that it has an intelligent electronic system that provides precision so that you can obtain control over the different functions that the drill has. That is, you will not have any second of delay when pressing or releasing it when you are going to screw, percuss or drill.

On the other hand, its ergonomic handle should not be overlooked either, since it has rubber, helping you to grip it firmly and will prevent it from slipping from your hands, thus reducing the rates of accidents with electronic devices of semi-automatic machinery. heavy. However, the additional handle that this product includes is also made of rubber and has a grooved design that will improve the precision of the grip, which will also provide good levels of comfort and safety when using it.

Autonomy and accessories

So that you can choose one of the best hammer drills, we invite you to take into account if the model you want to acquire uses batteries or is connected directly to the current, since batteries are the ideal complement to be able to use them for a long time. time and without annoying cables that interfere with your movements and you can take them anywhere to carry out your tasks very easily. Therefore, if you need a hammer drill to carry out work inside and outside the home and that provides you with a lot of comfort, evaluate that the model you are going to choose has a powerful battery so that you enjoy sufficient autonomy.

This hammer drill comes with two long-lasting 18v XL Li-Ion batteries that provide less fuel consumption compared to standard batteries, so you have more time to get the job done.

Additionally, you can supply the batteries with the XL multi-voltage charger that this product incorporates, since this way you can get the most out of it and use one battery while the other is charging. 

On the other hand, it should be noted that the batteries have a safe rail design that will help you insert them into the equipment in a safe and very easy way, which will prevent them from slipping out or wasting time managing their change.. 

In addition to this, this DeWALT model comes with an additional handle so that you can carry out work in various positions in a much safer and more comfortable way, since you will be able to hold the hammer drill firmly with both hands and thus reduce the movements caused by vibrations. and the rate of accidents caused by heavy-duty electronic equipment.

Also, it should be noted that this model includes a high-resistance plastic TSTAK case that will allow you to protect the drill and protect it from any blow, as well as to organize your accessories when you have to work outside the home.

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