Dewalt Dw088k reviews

Main advantage:

Its design is compact, light and very resistant, since it incorporates a robust case covered with rubber and hard glass, which increases protection against bumps and falls, in addition, it also protects against humidity, dust and prevents accidental slips.

Main disadvantage:

This model does not have plumb points, so you cannot perform central leveling on the axis of the device itself. However, it projects a vertical line that can be used for this task.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a leveling device that does not cost much money and can be used by beginners and professionals, in addition, it includes everything necessary for its operation in a practical suitcase.

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Main Features Explained

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It is a class 2 laser, capable of providing an accuracy of ±0.3 mm/m, which is a good margin of error to be used by engineers, laborers and people with experience in construction, carpentry and DIY areas. In this sense, it is a simple piece of equipment that offers 3 types of projections, a vertical line, a horizontal line and the possibility of using both to obtain a cross.

The intensity of the laser light makes it possible to visualize it mainly in internal places and, it should be noted, its range of up to 15 meters due to its intense red laser, which is why, according to the opinions of some users, it is one of the best laser levels. In addition, it has an affordable price.

On the other hand, it is a self-leveling type model, that is, you must place the level in a range of 0 to ±4° so that it levels itself, so it is indicated for use by professionals who need to perform accurate projections quickly, as well as by beginners with little leveling experience.


It is made up of a robust and thick casing, capable of providing greater resistance to shocks, falls, transfer and constant use, whether you want to use it in a workshop, for domestic work or to take it on a trip. Plus, it weighs just 454g and comes in distinctive DeWalt brand yellow and black colors.

Similarly, its structure is almost entirely rubberized, so it prevents slipping, offers greater support and protects against moisture and dust. Also, it incorporates an equally resistant and very thick glass, which among other things helps to maintain the correct calibration, even under demanding conditions of use, making it one of the most durable laser levels compared to other similar models.

On the other hand, it has an easy-to-use design, since it only has two buttons for its operation, one indicated to activate the horizontal line and the other to activate the vertical line. Also, near the buttons it incorporates a low battery indicator, which is practical to complete the next tasks before charging the device again. It is important to know that its dimensions are compact, so that it is comfortable to carry everywhere and go unnoticed in the workplace.


It incorporates a rotating base with two powerful magnets on the back, which allow you to adhere the level to metal surfaces and objects, such as bolts and beams, suitable in construction areas with few surfaces to place tools and objects. Similarly, this base allows you to change the projection angle for greater versatility.

All the accessories are stored and organized in a practical hard plastic suitcase, indicated to protect the equipment when it is not in use and avoid contact with external agents, in addition, a correct storage helps to extend its useful life. On the other hand, it includes the 3 AA batteries indicated for its correct operation, which are capable of producing up to 4.5 V, in this way, you can use it immediately after your purchase. In this case, to insert the batteries you just have to slide the lower compartment into the equipment casing.

On the other hand, to add practicality, it has a 1/4” connection, which allows you to adapt it to a tripod to increase its efficiency and the possibility of placing it in any space. Also, it is possible for the laser to reach up to 50 meters away and increase its visualization outdoors, however, for this it is necessary to use the DE0892 detector, which implies an additional investment. This option is recommended above all for professionals who carry out work with high demands.

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