Dewalt Dw745 reviews

Main advantage:

Something remarkable about this table saw is the portability it offers. Despite being a high performance machine, thanks to its compact structure and light weight, you will be able to move it with a minimum of effort.

Main disadvantage:

Its high price could be a limitation when buying it. However, it is a tool that is worth the investment, given its high quality and the support of a prestigious brand.

Verdict: 9.5/10

It is a tool that enjoys an excellent reputation on the web, since it has earned the trust of many users, who value and recommend it.

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Main Features Explained


The Dewalt DW745 is a tool that has a compact, functional and easily portable design. It could be the most suitable solution if you are looking for an efficient, precise, resistant machine, capable of working with materials of different hardness and that also has everything you need to carry out any ambitious DIY project. For this, professionals and amateurs praise it in their opinions, considering it one of the best table saws of the moment.

It is a professional saw that has a body made of high hardness composite resin. Therefore, unlike other stationary models that are heavy and difficult to move, the manufacturing materials of this saw give it a light weight of only 22 kilos. Reason why it is one of the most portable cutting tools in its class, compared to other similar models; so you can move it without much effort from one place to another and without neglecting its durability and rigidity.

Likewise, it is equipped with anti-tip protections made of steel, which efficiently protects the saw against falls and impacts that may occur in the work area. It also has non-slip feet that favor stability and grip at all times.

Power and functionality

It is a table saw equipped with a universal brush motor, equipped with 1700 watts of power and a disc speed of 3800 revolutions per minute, which favors optimal performance in any carpentry project you undertake, especially when it comes to damp or hard woods. Likewise, it has a comfortable and easy adjustment system that does not require the use of additional tools.

Additionally, it has a work surface made of high-quality aluminium, which can be expanded according to your needs and according to the size of the piece you want to cut. To do this, it has telescopic rails that adjust conveniently, providing up to 41 cm of cutting capacity for large pieces. In the same way, it is a table saw that accepts miter cuts from -3 to 48°; This allows you to carry out endless jobs such as making angle or cross cuts and thus be able to create beveled edges or build corners.

In addition to all this, it also has a cutting guide equipped with a rack and pinion system, which is fixed both at the front and at the back of the table, ensuring optimal support, while keeping it parallel to the disc during cutting. sawing of the material.

security and accessories

When using table saws, like this high-performance model, it is recommended that you use protective equipment (regardless of the experience you have in handling these machines), such as glasses, helmet and gloves; since the slightest carelessness could cause an accident with serious injuries.

The security systems that this model of saw has, ensure protection at all times. To do this, it has a cutting blade protector made of transparent materials, which favors better visibility; In addition, the protector admits the connection to a suction mechanism in order to clean the excess of chips or sawdust that is generated by cutting materials.

It also offers a push rod that protects your hands from accidental cuts and additionally, it has an overload protection system, which guarantees optimal performance. In addition, you will receive it with a pack of very useful accessories, such as a serrated blade of great hardness and equipped with 24 teeth, which offers a diameter of 25 cm; also includes a miter gauge, parallel gauge, wheel clamp wrench, chip extraction port and a pusher.

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