Dremel 4300 reviews

Main advantage:

The motor of this milling machine provides a power of 175 W, in addition, it has a speed that goes from 5,000 rpm to 35,000 rpm, so you can use it on hard surfaces and in demanding tasks that require precision and resistance.

Main disadvantage:

A user has expressed disagreement regarding the manufacturing materials of the briefcase, since it is made of hard plastic, while others of the brand have a metal casing.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Includes multiple accessories to immediately start DIY and carpentry work. In addition, it has a versatile system to adapt parts from other brand tools.

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Main Features Explained


This router is one of the first rotary motion tools of the Dremel brand, with a higher level of force, thanks to its constant electronics system, which allows you to process hard materials. In this sense, it has a powerful motor, with electronic feedback technology and variable speed, to adjust it according to the type of material you want to work with and the time you have to do it.

This equipment gives you optimal performance in the most demanding projects. It offers 175 W of power, to carry out any type of work in the DIY area with precision and speed. In addition, it is capable of reaching between 5,000 and 35,000 rpm, that is, a speed sufficient to drill, cut, polish, sand, grind and design many pieces of wood. The necessary voltage for its operation is 120 V and the amperage is 1.8, however, it is a model that consumes little energy when compared to similar ones. 

It offers a pivot light, which can be activated and deactivated through an easily accessible switch on the side of the device, in addition, this light provides you with optimal lighting to clearly see the work surface. Depending on the manufacturer, it can rotate to adapt it to your needs.

It is considered by many as one of the most practical and functional routers, since it allows you to reach the finest edges, it is also easy to control and gives you the possibility of changing its accessories quickly, without the need to use any type of tools., since it has the exclusive EZ SpeedClic system of the Dremel brand, appropriate to save work time.


The motor has replaceable brushes that are indicated to extend the useful life of the tool. On the other hand, it incorporates an on/off switch and an adjustable speed selector, so you can control the milling machine at all times. The cable has a length of 1.8 m, which makes it possible for you to move freely in the workspace. 

Likewise, it has a redesigned system with the incorporation of ball bearings, indicated to let the air flow correctly, in this way, the tool can work cold, silently and without any type of interruptions or inconveniences in what refers to its operation. functioning. For this reason, you will have no problem completing projects in the stipulated time, since you can work for a continuous time depending on the type of project you do.

It is a portable milling machine, which is an advantage compared to other products that usually have heavy and robust structures. This machine has an ergonomic body and a slim design, measuring 43mm high by 41mm wide and 240mm deep, making it compact enough to hold with one hand and weighing only 660 g, so you do not have to make a great physical effort.

Similarly, it has 360° support, so it is comfortable to use for a long time, regardless of your position and work habits. In addition, it will not cause too much exhaustion, since it is able to reduce vibrations in the hands and arms considerably.


It is important to take into account that it includes 3 tools and 45 accessories, with multiple functions to adapt them to the type of work you do. In this sense, it incorporates a three-jaw chuck, indicated to exert pressure when holding the accessory for milling, in addition, it is the part that makes a practical and quick change possible, without the use of keys.

It is also compatible with Dremel shanks in all sizes, as well as all brand rotary tool attachments, regardless of part diameter, providing versatility for greater profit and productivity.

Additionally, it includes a practical storage case to place all the tools in an organized way. In this case, the case is made of hard plastic and has a sober black color with the brand name in large letters. In addition, it incorporates a handle for easy transport and has two blue snap locks, thus reducing the risk of accidental opening.

According to the opinions of some users, it is one of the best milling machines compared to other models, since it has an affordable price and provides a large number of parts. Among which we can find a stem, which allows you to shape curves, smooth surfaces, sand, among others.

Also, it has a cutting kit that includes a mini circular saw to carry out precise, fine or straight work, whether it is laying tiles in the bathroom, cutting wood, repairing pipes and even cutting screws and nails. In addition, it provides different spare parts, for greater durability and versatility.

On the other hand, it has a flexible shaft, specifically indicated to reach hard-to-reach places. As if that were not enough, it includes accessories to sharpen and clean the edges of different tools, such as scissors, chainsaw blades, shovels, lawn mowers, among others.

For easy carving, it also features a strong, sharp tip, which is suitable for use in DIY or creative projects such as carving pumpkins and carving names on various wooden surfaces.

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