Drill Screwdriver Without Battery Do not Discard him Reuse with this method

One of the problems that frequently arises in electrical devices is the life of the battery, either because it is damaged or because you have had the equipment for a long time, in the end you end up discarding it because the replacement is usually more expensive than the equipment itself, but there are several ways to reuse these products. 

Do not throw away any electronic device, reuse it!

After you have acquired the best screwdriver (if you click here, you will find several products to choose from) of the moment or any other model, but a few months or years go by and the battery is damaged, by then the product may not be under warranty, so you have to look for the part in various stores or on e-commerce pages and you notice that the part, specifically the battery, has a much higher value than buying the new product. So you think you should buy a different brand and throw away the old one, but this doesn’t have to be the case as there is a way to reuse it without having to make a new investment.

Many users have had problems with the battery of the screwdriver that they have used constantly, which is running out of useful life, either because years have passed after the purchase, due to overheating or exhaustive use. Since, the product was bought for small DIY tasks, but it was used even in its work very frequently, which ended up shortening the useful time of the battery, (in extreme cases it also affects the motor components). 

Check equipment damage

If you have not yet thrown away your cordless electric screwdriver that suddenly stopped working, we invite you to evaluate the problem. That is to say, if when using the equipment it stops working there could be many factors, but if you leave the battery charging for 2 hours and when you put it back in the screwdriver it does not turn on, it means that the problem is the battery. 

Now we are going to provide you with two options so that you can use your screwdriver again, one of them is using a charger with the same voltage as the battery and the other using the equipment with a cable system, but you have to follow the steps that we will indicate when verbatim to avoid accidents.

Revive the battery using a charger 

For this option you will need to have a digital multimeter at hand, with it you must identify the positive and negative of the battery. Using the alligator clips or toothpicks, first locate the black one on one of the battery contacts and the red one on the other end. If negative numbers are shown on the digital multimeter, the contacts are backwards, so you must perform the same procedure, but inverted. That is, in the contact that you placed the red color will go black and vice versa. Now, mark with a marker a positive (+) and negative (-) sign next to the battery contact so that you avoid doing the same procedure.

Once you have completed the previous step, you will need to verify the charging voltage of the battery. Look at the energy efficiency label on the back of the battery and find a car battery charger that can provide exactly the same power. Then, using crocodile clips or chopsticks you will have to give a few touches to the battery; remember that red is positive and black is negative.

Place the clamps and hold them for 10 seconds and remove them immediately to check the battery heating. In addition, it should be noted that you must do this process 3 times, but always checking on the back with your hands that the battery does not overheat at more than room temperature. 

Reuse the screwdriver with a wired system

If the previous step has not worked for you, we have this other alternative to prevent you from throwing away your screwdriver. Now, you will have to use the digital multimeter to identify the positive and negative contact of the screwdriver as we had mentioned earlier in the process of reviving the battery. Remember that negative values ​​will indicate that they are inverted; also mark them with a black marker.

Then use the car charger with the same battery voltage so that you can test run. Place the red clamp on the positive contact and the black one on the negative, press the trigger of the drill and check its functionality. 

Now, you have to look for a power supply so that you can connect it to the screwdriver permanently, for greater ease you can buy a cheap one in a store or e-commerce page, but bearing in mind that the voltage should not be different from that of the drill, be it 4, 8, 12, 14, 16 volts, etc. In addition to this, the red and black cables that you will use for permanent mounting must be 1.5 mm to 2 mm thick, as well as these must not exceed 2 meters to avoid overheating or voltage drops.

Now, install the red one on the positive contact and the black one on the negative, use black insulating tape to place them permanently on the contacts and apply pressure with some useless plastic object, you can use the same battery case, but empty, without contacts that could affect the operation of the equipment. That is, you will only need something that exerts pressure to prevent cable movements. With the same insulating tape, make small folds in both cables to form one and avoid getting entangled.

Now we turn to the power supply, connect the black cable to the negative (-) and the red cable to the positive (+). Now, before you start the screwdriver, use the multimeter to verify that the correct power is being transmitted according to the voltage of the screwdriver, since an excess could damage the device.

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