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Keeping your home protected from cold and heat not only helps you save energy and money, but also generates better comfort in your home. The best thing is that window insulation is a cheap and easy solution to execute, without this task taking a lot of time or effort.

If you feel cold at home during the winter, you may need to seal windows and reduce heat leaks, as well as prevent the access of the cold outside to the rooms of your home. This is one of the main problems that affects construction in our country, and can lead to an energy loss of around 10% of the energy consumption of an average home.

Fortunately, there are several tricks to insulate windows, shutter boxes and other elements, which make it easy to eliminate the problem. Best of all, this process does not entail a high cost, so with a little time and effort you can gain comfort and save money on energy. If you want to know how to insulate aluminum, metal, wooden or any other material windows, we will discover how to do it in our article.

How to insulate sliding windows

When it comes to insulating sliding windows, the tool to use is the specific weather stripping for this type of window. These profiles are placed in the areas where the window moves, such as the side closures, but also where the window fits into the frame.

The thermal insulation of sliding windows comes in different forms. One is that of the P profiles, presented in triple strips and with very wide measurements, ideal for when large spaces or gaps need to be insulated. Type D weather stripping generates double insulation, leaving the sliding area of ​​the window in the center of the piece. However, for this task you also have the E-profiles, which serve both for the base and to isolate the sides of the frame. 

In any case, it will not be difficult for you to insulate the frame of an aluminum window using any of these models, available in different materials and with a wide range of sizes. In addition, all these weatherstrips are installed comfortably thanks to their high-quality adhesive base. So all you have to do is remove the protective strip and clean the different surfaces where you are going to place the window insulation to improve adhesion.

How to insulate crystals from the cold

Every window has two components: frame and glass. To complete the insulation work, we give you some tips on how to reduce the cold that is transmitted through the windows to the interior of your home. Something fundamental when it comes to windows of a certain size, which can emit large amounts of cold or heat into the room.

In this case, we are going to use a thermal insulator for windows, made up of plastic sheets with thermal protection capacity. In practice, these sheets are similar to a bookcase, with a certain thickness and that generate an insulating layer between the air in your home and the cold that the window transmits to the interior. The advantage is that this system can be used on any glass, regardless of the size of the frame. So these sheets are suitable for insulating old wooden windows, aluminum or plastic windows, as long as their glass is accessible, as usual.

How to isolate the shutter box

We continue to analyze elements that you can isolate, to increase the comfort of your home. And now it is the turn of the boxes of the blinds. This is one of the elements that, due to its characteristics, has worse insulation. Since the shutter requires maintenance and cleaning, it is not possible to completely close it with silicone or other fixed products. For this reason, it is essential to close as many spaces as possible in this drawer, while maintaining accessibility to the interior.

For this job, we have two different options. One of them is to resort to rolls of flexible type reflective layers. This material is formed with different materials, including exterior aluminum and different protective fillers. Best of all, its installation is as simple as placing the material on the front of the box, obviously on the inside, leaving it covered with the box access cover. The included adhesive makes it easy to apply and keeps the protector in place.

As an alternative, we have semi-rigid insulation panels . This system has two different parts, which fit together. One of them is the base, which is located at the bottom of the roller shutter and on the box, while the other is located on the top. This second panel has a curved design, thus generating maximum insulation. In case you resort to this solution, it is key that you take measures, to find the product that isolated that interior space to the maximum.

Other solutions

Until now we have dealt with the different ways of insulating windows, improving their structural tightness. But there are other solutions with which to easily reduce the energy consumption of your home. One of these solutions is insulating blinds. These are mounted inside and can be conveniently rolled up. The best are the panel or blind type, which better isolate the cold and heat from the windows.

Another interesting solution is the use of cold-insulating curtains. Compared to conventional curtains, these have a fabric capable of absorbing cold , heat, noise and can even block out light, which is why they are highly recommended in bedrooms. 

Best of all, the wide variety of current proposals combines the efficiency of this insulator with an elegant design that fits into any environment. Do not forget to use the tape measure to measure the dimensions you need, being better than missing material.

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