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Main advantage:

It has a 2-pole electric motor, powered by a 14.4 V Lithium-ion battery, thus offering the necessary power to carry out both domestic DIY projects and professional carpentry, decoration and construction work.

Main disadvantage:

This screwdriver does not have any type of charging status indicator system, which could cause inconveniences during use, however, it does include two batteries.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is one of the most innovative and functional screwdrivers, because it has 16 torque settings and two mechanical speeds so you can adjust it to the needs of the job.

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Main Features Explained


This high-power drill driver has a motor with 2 mechanical speeds, fast and slow, that complement its metal gear, which facilitates an adequate transmission of force, to use the speed that is appropriate for the type of work you do. It is important to remember that before starting any work with this equipment you must check that the speed change switch is in the correct position to avoid problems.

To select the speed, you just have to turn off the engine and then slide the speed change switch. The side identified with the number 2 identifies the high speed, where it is capable of developing between 0 and 1400 rpm and the number 1 identifies the low speed that offers between 0 and 400 rpm, so this model is a great option according to the opinions of experts in this type of tools.

On the other hand, this screwdriver is powered by a Lithium ion battery, with a voltage of 14.4 V and an amperage of 1.5 Ah, which takes only 60 minutes to reach full charge, with which it can offer sufficient force. to work for an extended period of time. In this sense, as a maintenance tip, it is important to charge the battery when there is little charge left and not wait for it to be completely discharged, in this way, it is possible to extend its useful life.

Vibration and sound power are points in favor of this model, since it emits a vibration of just 2.50 m/s², with an uncertainty of 1.50 m/s² and has a sound power of 80 dB(A), with an uncertainty of 3.00 dB(A), therefore, although the use of hearing protection is recommended, it is a safe tool for the user’s health when used properly.


As for the functions of this drill driver, one of the most outstanding is the reversal of the direction of rotation. This function can be activated by using a switch that allows changing the direction of the head movement, to rotate clockwise by pressing side A or counterclockwise by pressing side B. However, when the reversing switch is in the neutral position, the trigger is blocked, so you will not be able to activate it until you select a direction of rotation.

It also offers 16 torque settings plus 1 direct setting, making it one of the most versatile screwdrivers. In this sense, the turning force or tension point used to tighten the screw, nut and any other fastening implement is 30 Nm for a hard joint and 15 Nm for a soft joint, which is why it is considered one of the best screwdrivers. available on the market.

It is important to mention that the greater the Nm, the greater the applied force, however, this measurement could vary depending on the materials with which we are working. In the case of this drill driver, the minimum tightening torque is located at number 1 and must be aligned with the pointer to be able to select it. Likewise, you must remember that before starting a job it is advisable to do a test on a similar piece, to check that you are using the appropriate level of tightening.

The chuck has a variable that goes from 1 to 10 mm, however, its maximum capacity for working with wood is 25 mm and 10 mm for working with metal, which favors its versatility in different materials. On the other hand, as functions that favor safety, its chuck has a self-locking system to change the bit quickly and easily with one hand.


To talk about the design, we must say that this screwdriver has a handle made with an ergonomic shape to provide greater comfort to the hand during use, especially on those occasions when the work is prolonged for many hours, thanks to this, the level of fatigue produced is low. Likewise, it is covered with non-slip material to offer the necessary control of the equipment and avoid possible inconveniences.

It is the right tool to work in narrow or difficult to access places, because it has dimensions of just 198 x 83 x 235 mm and its weight reaches 1.4 kg, which gives it great maneuverability and does not cause fatigue. In this sense, the battery also contributes to the compact and lightweight design, as manufacturers have significantly reduced the size, to achieve the right balance.

It includes a convenient storage and transport case that allows you to take this screwdriver anywhere you need, because it has a handle, 2 safety pins on each side, a padlock hole in the center and a base to rest it on the ground safely, avoiding falls and impacts. In addition, it is made of material that is highly resistant to hard work, covered in blue paint and with the name of the renowned brand in prominent white letters.

On the other hand, in addition to having a competitive price, its design also has buttons and switches that are easy to access with one hand for ease of use, as well as a lever for gear change, an adjustment ring to select the tightening torque, a lever for the reversing switch, automatic chuck, electric brake and red indicator that lets you know that the battery is properly installed.

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