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Main advantage:

The windows that cover the laser compartment have a strong design, capable of withstanding impacts. In addition, the length of the projections is expandable to achieve angles of 120° and 180°, which provides greater practicality when using on large surfaces.

Main disadvantage:

Lines may be slightly thicker than expected for use in exact detailing and finishing tasks, such as the areas of interior design and construction, which may affect accuracy.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It includes multiple accessories, including an instruction manual and a red guide card, indicated for greater precision, in addition, it does not cost much money.

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Main Features Explained

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It is a laser level indicated for use in the first phases of any construction, since it is a versatile model that can be adjusted to measurement needs, in the same way, it can be used in DIY, design and carpentry tasks. In this sense, it offers 3 types of lines, vertical, horizontal and the possibility of activating them simultaneously to cross them and obtain a cross projection, suitable for leveling and aligning applications on different surfaces.

On the other hand, it has a self-leveling function in just 3 seconds, which increases the productivity and efficiency of the device, in this way, it is suitable for the use of professionals who need practicality, as well as for beginners in leveling, who do not have the necessary expertise to do it manually. Also, self-leveling allows you to work on uneven surfaces, since it works if the device has a degree of inclination between 0 and 4 °.

In terms of visibility, this is one of the laser levels with the best viewing range, since it reaches 15 m, for this reason, it is recommended especially indoors. However, this mainly depends on the ambient light that falls on the work area.

It is good to consider that it is a class 2 laser, with a brightness intensity of 635nm. The accuracy of the laser lines is 3mm at a maximum range of 10m, providing precision for important detail-focused projects. According to the opinions of some users, this could be one of the best laser levels, in addition, its price is not very expensive to adapt it to different budgets.


For added durability, its design incorporates glass windows for the laser compartment, which are highly resistant and protected against damage that could be caused by accidental drops and impacts in work spaces. Similarly, its casing is robust and has a rubber coating, which increases its durability and prevents slipping. In addition, it has an IP54 degree of protection against dust and splashes.

As for its windows, these have an innovative 90° design, which provides a more open projection field than other similar devices, in this way, the light will not be limited to a single surface. In this sense, the length of the lines can be expanded up to 180° for the horizontal line and 120° for the vertical line, which offers a wide laser to adapt it to the most demanding projects.

It also incorporates a lock for the pendulum, so it is able to prevent a malfunction of the device caused during its transport, in addition, this decreases the possibility that the laser level loses precision during use. On the other hand, it incorporates two buttons with light indicators that facilitate its use, one is indicated to turn on the device and the second activates the Pulse function, which is used to improve battery performance in dimly lit spaces. In this sense, it is capable of providing an autonomy of approximately 12 hours of continuous use.


Among its accessories you can find a metal support with a multipurpose design to incorporate into the structure of the laser level. This has a magnetic area so that it is possible to fix the device to any metal surface found in the workplace, such as columns or beams. However, if you want to use it in open spaces, its support allows you to adapt it to tripods or pieces of wood or metal that have a 1/4 “or 5/8” thread.

It also includes an attractive bag with a handle to carry it more comfortably, a paper and digital instruction manual, 3 AA batteries for immediate operation and an eye color guide card, which allows you to obtain more precise lines. As if that were not enough, it is compatible with detectors to increase the intensity and distance of the projection up to 60 m.

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