Opinions about Acorn Trail S3

Main advantage:

They are shoes that have excellent features to work safely in the professional field. Its unisex design and sporty style allow men or women to use them interchangeably. They provide strength and resistance but, at the same time, great flexibility.

Main disadvantage:

They are shoes whose last could feel somewhat narrow in people with wide feet, noticing that they do not give the right size. In this case, it is advisable to order a larger number.

Verdict: 9.9/10

They are one of the best options for safety shoes that, in addition to their low waist, their padded interior makes them very comfortable for hot seasons.

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Main Features Explained


With this model of safety shoes it is immediately noticeable how the designers have managed to leave behind the large and uncomfortable designs and, instead, the comfort and lightness of the sport-type style have taken their place. In this case, Bellota has been inspired by the mountain to give the characteristics of robustness and resistance to this shoe. 

Its unisex design allows both men and women to look great combining these shoes with their work attire, whether in the area of ​​construction, industry, security or agriculture. For this reason, you can find this same model in gray with a black toe cap in sizes that progressively go from number 38 to 46. 

Their low rise makes them really suitable for use during the summer or in industrial environments where temperatures in the work area make you feel hot. The ankle area is reinforced with surrounding padding and a gusseted tongue so that the entire foot feels comfortable and protected. 

In addition, this model guarantees the stability of your step thanks to its fastening with ropes and an insert made of TPU to minimize any possibility of torsion of the foot. Its design really takes care that you can have firmness when taking each step. 


Part of the reason for the opinions that place them as the best safety shoes   is to be able to feel a fresh foot even after a long day of work. Both the water-repellent fabric that covers them all over the outside and their sole will ensure that the comfort of your feet means that they are always dry. So technology is present to ensure pleasant and confident work, especially in external areas. 

Its strong rubber sole does not allow any water seepage and also protects you from slipping on any wet surface. This will give peace of mind and solidity to your footprint on wet floors, but also on those where there are spilled oily substances on which you could slip. In fact, the tests to which its sole has been subjected have earned it the SRC mark that certifies the anti-slip property on soapy ceramic floors and steel floors with glycerin spread. All this shows that you are definitely safe from falls with this model from Bellota.

Apart from the previous characteristics, the fact that this sole has double density with rubber plus EVA gives comfort to your feet to cushion and absorb impacts when walking and also the necessary insulation from the intense heat caused by high temperatures.  


Bellota has shown for more than a century to have the objective of protecting the worker while he performs his duties in the labor field. It is a brand present in the market with a variety of tools, gloves, knee pads and footwear that make protection the most important premise.

In addition to all the positive points mentioned in the design and sole of these shoes, the price and safety ratio places them among the most valued by their users. For example, the EN ISO 20345 standard recognizes them as category II safety footwear thanks to the anti-perforation toe cap and insole that provide maximum protection against impacts. 

Rubber and water-repellent fabric as part of its manufacturing materials contribute to key safety aspects that not all footwear is capable of providing. Anti-slip, waterproofing and thermal resistance are highly significant aspects that add to the minimization of risks of accidents that could cause unfortunate falls.

In conclusion, this is not just any type of footwear, since cutting-edge technology has been used to create shoes for professional use. They stand out for the important characteristics they bring together, being non-slip, water resistant, with comfortable insoles and a modern design.

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