Opinions about Bosch Easyimpact 550

Main advantage: 

The highlight of this hammer drill is that it has a power of 550W and works with a speed that goes from 50 to 3000 rpm, allowing it to work fluently to drill different types of structures, whether concrete, wood or metal.

Main disadvantage: 

One of the negative characteristics of this product presented by Bosch is that it does not include bits, so you will have to make an additional expense and purchase them separately so that you can get the most out of the drill.

Verdict: 9.9/10

If among your plans you plan to acquire a hammer drill that is easy to use, practical, has good power and you can adapt accessories to it, perhaps this model may be of interest to you.

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Main Features Explained

power and speed

When users come to review our comparisons, buying guides, opinions and analysis, they meticulously verify each of the characteristics that we recommend so that they can acquire a hammer drill that is capable of fulfilling all or most of their drilling needs. strike and drill objects and surfaces made of wood, metal, concrete, etc. in a fluid way, but without affecting the computer’s engine.

This characteristic is important in hammer drills because they need to have good power to be able to penetrate the different surfaces on which they are going to work. In other words, to be able to drill a structure that is rigid, the power and speed must be sufficient to be able to do it without the rig’s motor exerting much effort. 

In addition, one aspect that stands out the most in the Bosch Easyimpact 550 is that it has 550 watts, which will allow you to use it to work on different surfaces without much problem.

In addition to this, it has a vacuum speed that ranges from 50 to 3000 revolutions per minute (rpm), which will provide you with enough dexterity to avoid getting stuck in the drilling process, while making holes accurately and without unevenness. That is to say, at the point where you place the bit and activate the drill, it will begin to drill without breaking nearby areas, since it has a speed regulation system that will allow you to adjust it to your preference so that you can drill different types of surfaces..

Additionally, this Bosch brand hammer drill has a high-performance system, which will provide concentrated power at a single point so that it is capable of drilling fluently in: concrete, different types of wood, metals, among others. For this reason, many users consider that it may possibly be the best hammer drill.

Features and accessories

Before you buy a hammer drill, there are some important factors that you should look at, such as its functions, since depending on them, it will be the fluidity that it has to work on different surfaces. In addition, we also invite you to consider the price of the equipment so that you can choose a model that suits your budget.

One of the outstanding functions that the Bosch Easyimpact 550 has is that it is reversible. That is, its axis can go to both sides depending on the work you are doing, so it is ideal for you to drill, screw or remove screws. Also, with the electronic control you can adjust the minimum and maximum speed, change between drilling modes, which will allow it to adapt to almost any type of material you are working on, be it concrete, metal or wood.

On the other hand, this hammer drill is highly compatible with the Bosch auxiliary drill, an accessory that will allow you to have greater precision when drilling. It will also avoid leaving traces of dust, which will be of great help for you to work in a clean work environment and thus reduce conditions and allergies that are mainly caused by excess dust.

Additionally, it works with 230 volts, so it is compatible with the energy voltage of most European countries, being a practical and efficient product that does not need to consume a lot of energy to start it up.

It should be noted that you can also additionally purchase bits of a variety of sizes and thicknesses and make use of the quick-change system so that you can drill deeper or thicker holes in a variety of materials, whether you are working on concrete, wood or metals., which makes it a sufficiently practical and versatile hammer drill, since it is capable of performing any type of drilling.

Design and ergonomics

When reviewing a comparison of hammer drills, an important characteristic that we recommend you evaluate is the design of the hammer drill, since the comfort of use and other important factors that the design encompasses, such as size, weight, etc., will depend on this. 

The Bosch Easyimpact 550 is made of a high-quality plastic housing that, in addition to providing durability and a light weight of only 1.5 kilograms, also gives it ergonomics. That is, it is not an annoying product that requires you to make excessive efforts to load and use it.

In addition to this, this hammer drill also has a double handle so that it is easy for you to manipulate it and carry out the most difficult tasks without any problem. One of its handles has non-slip materials, which will prevent it from falling from your hands due to vibrations when the equipment is in operation, even on surfaces that are difficult to pierce, thus reducing the danger and risks. possible occupational accidents with this electronic equipment. 

Likewise, its smooth adherence will allow you to hold it with both hands very easily and comfortably. It also has a 2.5 meter long cable so that you can move freely while you are drilling without having to change the plug at all times.

On the other hand, its main handle has an anti-vibration system, which will prevent you from being affected by fatigue due to exposure to vibrations.

Additionally, this Bosch model includes a quick-release chuck, which will allow you to quickly exchange between them very easily and will reduce the time it takes to replace them. On the other hand, in its lower part it has a hole so that you can store the drill on a hook and save space.

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