Opinions about Bosch GBH 2 28 F

Main advantage:

It is a tool suitable for both professionals and beginners, since it has multiple safety systems for greater protection and practicality, such as the innovative reversible twist function, which allows you to remove stuck bits safely and without additional tools.

Main disadvantage:

It is recommended to wear protective gloves on your hands to avoid discomfort, as this hammer drill may generate a higher temperature than expected if you use it for a long time.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This tool offers an affordable price, in addition, it incorporates a safety clutch that prevents jams and accidents while the equipment is in operation.

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Main Features Explained


According to the opinions of many people, this is one of the best hammer drills today, since it has the KickBack system, capable of preventing any type of unexpected rotation during the jamming of the bit. This is possible thanks to a triaxial acceleration sensor, indicated to turn off the motor immediately when the trigger is released, which helps prevent accidents and increases the safety of the equipment.

For greater protection, the chuck has the SDS Plus system, created by Bosch in 1975, to drill on different types of materials efficiently. In this sense, it has a 3-groove mechanism that provides better holding of the bits and allows changes to be made safely, in addition, it is not necessary to use an additional tool for this task.

On the other hand, it has a trigger lock button, which can not only prevent accidental activation of the tool, but also allows you to lock the trigger to keep it pressed for a long time, thus avoiding discomfort in the hands and fingers.


This is one of the most efficient percussive hammers of the moment, since it has a powerful absorbed power motor that offers a maximum of 880 W, capable of generating an impact energy of up to 3.2 J, which indicates a high level of force to carry out professional or DIY work. Thanks to this capacity, it can produce between 0 and 4000 ipm and is capable of performing from 0 to 900 rpm, which provides a wide range of speeds to adapt the tool to your needs.

Depending on the bit, this hammer drill is capable of drilling from 4 to 28 mm in concrete, 13 mm in metal and a maximum of 30 mm in wood, which favors its versatility. Also, if you use a core drill, it allows you to reach approximately 68 mm deep in masonry, which translates into greater efficiency.

For better performance, it offers an active vibration control system and a compensation oscillator, which continuously moves in the opposite direction to reduce the vibrations produced by the hammer during operation, which provides a more comfortable use. On the other hand, it is important to mention that it works with a voltage of 230 V, which is the nominal electrical system used in Europe.


This Bosch hammer drill has 2 handles; the rear where the trigger is located and the auxiliary front, which can guarantee a more comfortable hold. The latter has been covered with non-slip material to increase safety when using the tool. In addition, the structure incorporates a depth stop that has a length of 21 cm. In this way, you can obtain more precise and professional finishes, which allows you to use this hammer in different types of projects.

For greater functionality, this tool includes a series of accessories that facilitate its use and efficiency, such as a resistant plastic case, which not only allows you to store the tool when it is not in use, but is also suitable for carrying it everywhere, from In this way, you can do work at home. Also, the package has a cloth to clean the dirt from the machine after each use, which helps to increase its durability.

It is important to mention that this device has a length of 40.2 cm and a height of 21.6 cm, making it a compact tool. In addition, it weighs only 3.1 kg, so it does not cause much fatigue when using it for long working days. On the other hand, the power cord is 4m long, so it’s long enough for freedom of movement.

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