Opinions about Bosch PBD 40

Main advantage: 

This model is equipped with a positioning system that ensures the piece precisely, so that the drilling is done correctly by clamping on a parallel stop and a wide work surface.

Main disadvantage: 

Although its performance is optimized, this model, like others of the brand, has a small mismatch in the head, so it can be loose with some bits.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a column drill that stands out among the best on the market for its technical specifications, working power and drilling precision. It includes from LED light for improved vision, to guidance laser.

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Main Features Explained

speeds and power 

Column drills are functional tools that facilitate the drilling activity of various materials to make the process safer and more precise. According to the model, its power varies, but those that incorporate several speeds and efficient power for optimized performance are usually more sought after.

In the case of the Bosch PBD 40 model, it is equipped with favorable functions in relation to the power and speed with which it drills. In fact, according to the opinions of the users, this alternative is semi-professional in style, so different jobs can be achieved with it.

This Bosch tool has a 710-watt motor and works with a power cable that must be connected to a power outlet with a voltage of 230 volts. These features indicate that the model has a good power that, in addition, can be regulated according to the user’s needs. Thus, it offers a mode where it uses a high level of power to achieve a deep drilling effect and a second mode of operation in which it reaches a maximum of 2,500 revolutions per minute, when developing speed.

Handling and precision

The price of a column drill varies according to the brand and model, as well as the type and functions that it offers the user. In the case of this Bosch alternative, it has a simple and versatile handling that can be controlled by using a steering wheel that facilitates the operation of the equipment for a more precise and safe use during the drilling process of the different materials.

As its use is simple, it has an appropriate performance, with adaptation to a permanent height level to work and incorporates a precise drill chuck for which a key is not required, since the drill bit is automatically tensioned according to the cutting force, with a quick clamp to fix the pieces to the surface. 

In addition, this Bosch drill has been equipped with a system for digital reading of both speed and depth, through a small display, which is located on one side of the equipment and with which you can keep track of the work done.

On the other hand, the model has the conditions to make holes in steel with a maximum depth of 1.3 centimeters. This amount increases when the material is changed to wood, which can drill to an estimated depth of 4 cm. 

Design and additional features

Although there are many models that compete to become the best column drill on the market, this Bosch alternative has the specifications to be one of them, because it has an adequate motor performance, with efficient power and a reading system that improves accuracy for larger jobs. Added to all these features is a functional and comfortable design, which also stands out for being safe for the user, since the pieces to be drilled will be held by the use of tweezers. 

The Bosch PBD 40 is available in green. Although its weight exceeds 11 kilos, this is not an inconvenience that limits its use because, being a column drill, it remains fixed on a surface and it is not necessary to manipulate it to achieve the objective.

In addition, within its additional features, this drill has a wide work table and a parallel stop, which allows the pieces to be placed precisely. Another advantage of the PBD 40 is that it is equipped with an LED light that improves visibility. Similarly, it includes a 65 cm laser, which has been incorporated by the manufacturer in this model as a functional element in guided drilling.

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