Opinions about Bosch PKS 40

Main advantage:

One of the aspects that stands out the most in this circular saw is its speed, and it is that it has 5300 rpm, which will prevent the motor from being affected by excessive use and will allow it to easily cut any type of wood.

Main disadvantage: 

It is a piece of equipment that is designed to make shallow cuts, since its power is 850W. Therefore, it is advisable to take into account the aforementioned to prolong its useful life.

Verdict: 9.7/10

If you are interested in acquiring a circular saw that is made with good materials, has ergonomics and is affordable, this model presented by Bosch could interest you.

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Main Features Explained

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One aspect that we invite you to verify in the model that you intend to acquire is the power, and this detail is important so that the equipment can make the cuts in the wood without its motor being forced.

In the category of Bosch circular saws, the PKS 40 has a motor that has a power of 850W, although it is a bit limited, it is enough for it to be able to make different types of cuts, both fine and precise, in wood without no problem. 

In addition to the above, the speed of the circular saw is also a transcendental factor that you must evaluate, since it will indicate how many times the motor allows the saw blade to rotate per minute. In other words, at a higher turning speed, the equipment will be able to work smoothly and without getting stuck at the time of cutting. In this case, the PKS 40 motor has a no-load speed of 4,500 rpm, which is relatively high and adequate values ​​so that the saw can cut different types of wood very smoothly, whether they are thin or delicate. such as melamine, chipboard and pine, or those that are somewhat thicker and more robust such as maple or oak.

In addition to this, this Bosch product has striking features in terms of power and speed, which will allow you to carry out your carpentry or DIY work and activities in a short time and without much effort. Therefore, if among your plans you plan to acquire a circular saw that has good references in terms of value for money, we invite you to consider the PKS 40 model presented by Bosch.

Settings and features

When users are looking for opinions on which saw model to buy, one of the features we invite you to consider before evaluating the price is the equipment adjustments. Depending on these, the saw will be able to offer you adjustment of height, depth and even for cross cuts. Being some useful aspects if you want to obtain good finishes in your work.

This model of circular saw presented by Bosch has adjustment guides that will allow you to have them to make various cuts with the most exact measurements possible, being very useful to avoid looking for and exchanging different types of tools at all times that could cause you to lose time, lose concentration or even make mistakes in the process. In addition to this, with the Bosch PKS 40 you can also control the depth and height of cut in the different types of wood that you are going to work. In other words, even if you work with pine, oak and other types of wood, you will have the necessary measuring tools to carry out your carpentry or DIY tasks with great efficiency and practicality.

On the other hand, this equipment has a connection system for dust extraction so that you can use a vacuum cleaner or a woven bag, which will help you carry out your cutting tasks without excess dust, scraps or chips. on the surface where you work. In other words, this is an ideal product for use by users who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, as well as allowing you to work in a much cleaner environment; especially if the wood you are going to work on has varnish and other types of additives that can be easily spread in the air when making the cuts in the piece of wood.

Design and materials

If among your plans you plan to acquire one of the best circular saws, two important characteristics that we invite you to evaluate and that are related are the design and the manufacturing materials that the equipment has. Since, if you take this into account, you will be able to select a model that has the right weight and dimensions for you to work very comfortably.

This Bosch circular saw comes in a compact design so you can handle it very easily. In other words, it is portable, and it has dimensions of only 31.3 x 22.7 x 21.8 centimeters and weighs 2.6 kilograms, so you can carry out your movements without the weight and the size affects your activities or causes you to exert excess force that could exhaust your arms. Additionally, its protective frame is made of a type of robust plastic that, in addition to preventing the equipment from weighing too much, provides it with a good degree of resistance. Therefore, the PKS 40 has good quality and attractive construction materials that make it a favorite among many users.

On the other hand, the design of this option is also for left-handed people, since it has a lock button at both ends, being an extremely important security feature that will prevent the device from being turned on inadvertently and could cause an accident that endangers your physical integrity. 

Likewise, this product includes an additional handle so that you can manipulate the circular saw with both hands, firmly and comfortably enough when carrying out your activities.

The blade of the saw is made of rigid metal and Speedline type, which provides enough resistance to drill and will help you obtain clean and precise cuts in the different types of wood that you are going to work. 

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