Opinions about Bosch Professional GSR 12V 15

Main advantage: 

The recognized quality of the Bosch brand guarantees optimum performance and reliability. In addition, the light weight and compact size of the drill make it easier and more comfortable to operate and control all functions. 

Main disadvantage: 

Despite its great power, its use could be limited, since its usefulness is best used on wood, plaster and some metal surfaces, so it is not convenient to use it to drill tiles or bricks.

Verdict: 9.8/10 

It is a small but complete and practical kit, easy to use, which includes all the necessary tools to exchange as necessary and drill on less hard surfaces. Its price is reasonable, considering its many advantages.

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Main Features Explained

Weight and size

The Bosch Professional GSR 12V-15 equipment has multiple functions that facilitate work, but it is also designed in a small and light body that favors holding it with one hand to carry out different types of repairs and work on surfaces, according to its capacity and power.

Its weight and size, according to the opinions of some users with experience in the use of this equipment, are some of the most attractive and convincing features, since it is a tool that can be easily controlled and can be used even for long periods of time. time, without its use causing discomfort and fatigue.

Other drill drivers can be very useful. However, they can also be exhausting, since their large and heavy structure makes it difficult to hold them in a certain position throughout the work, especially when it comes to doing jobs that require keeping the tool at a certain height or above the head, which is not possible. it happens with the Bosch Professional GSR 12V-15. The weight of this model is just under 1 kilo, which would be half the weight of other conventional drills that are sometimes tedious to handle.

In addition, its extra short design is suitable for more freedom to handle and use it between narrower areas where other drill drivers do not reach, since it measures less than 20 cm. 


The Bosch Professional GSR 12V-15 is recommended among the most appropriate alternatives for those looking for the best drill driver of the moment, not only because of its price, but also because it has multiple tools that complement its function.

This drill driver comes in a complete set inside a small canvas case that includes 39 accessories to exchange and drill different types of wood and steel surfaces.

Accessories include 25 screwdriver bits, including a magnetic bit holder, 7 bits for drilling on metal surfaces, and 7 more for wood surfaces, each with a different length. In addition, each accessory kit comes with its own carrying case to keep all units organized, protected and ready to go.

Another of the most innovative functions of this practical drill driver is that it has an integrated LED light, which allows a better view of the work area and keeps the area illuminated even at night. 

The Professional GSR 12V-15 equipment works by means of electrical power. However, it does not have a cable, which gives it autonomy to move it to any area where it is required, without the need to have a power outlet nearby, because, for this, this innovative drill driver includes two 12 V rechargeable batteries and a charger. 12V – 20A

capacity and performance

This drill driver has the ability to drill and drive up to 7mm diameter effectively into wood, with an approximate diameter of 19mm. In the same way, it is suitable for drilling that requires passing through surfaces of plaster, steel and some metals, with greater mechanical force.

In addition, its operating mechanism has two speeds, one reversible from 0 to 400 and another for idle rotation that goes from 0 to 1300 rpm. It also has an electronic brake system.

On the other hand, this drill has lithium ion batteries that provide greater performance and durability, as they are designed with the new Coolpack technology, a system that offers a long useful life, much higher than that of other drill drivers.

These batteries are also shock resistant and have a system known as Electronic Cell Protection, to protect them against discharges, overheating and overloads. In addition, another advantage of owning this functional drill driver is that its batteries are compatible with other Bosch 10.8 V and 12 V tools, so other equipment can also work with them.

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