Opinions about Cevik CP28 182

Main advantage :

It is a vertical band saw with a 250 W motor, however, it measures 720 x 350 x 275 mm and weighs 15.5 kg, so it is easy to store if you have little space in the kitchen. house and you want to use it eventually.

Main disadvantage:

A user has commented that the instruction manual is not clear enough, for this reason, the assembly may be slower than expected. However, there are explanatory videos on the internet.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It has a height-adjustable guide and the work table can be tilted up to 45°, providing versatility to make different types of cuts.

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Main Features Explained


Among its benefits, the work surface that can be folded up to 45° stands out, which allows cutting at an angle. This table features easy-to-read and understand measurements so you can make your cuts more accurately. It also has a locking system so you don’t lose the angle measurement once you start cutting.

It offers a maximum cutting height of 80 mm horizontally and 40 mm at 45°, while its cutting width is 200 mm, thus allowing you to work with pieces of different dimensions, for demanding projects that require professional results. even if you make creative freehand cuts.

For greater safety, it has a system that prevents it from being turned on if any of the blade protection doors has been left open, this is particularly important when performing maintenance or changing the belt. If you just want to tension the saw then you won’t need any special tools or hire a professional as it has a rotary knob on top.

However, one of the advantages of this model is that it comes with the strap mounted and correctly tensioned, so you can use it immediately after receiving the package. This feature is very useful in the case of beginners, since if we apply too much tension we can break the saw and, on the other hand, if it lacks tension the cuts can be imprecise.

It is a fairly quiet saw compared to other models, so you can use it in the house or apartment without bothering the neighbors too much. In addition, it includes a practical connector for a vacuum cleaner, so that you can keep the workplace in good clean conditions throughout the day, but without making too much effort.

Among the accessories it offers assembly tools, such as a screwdriver, keys and screws. It also has an instruction manual for assembling the work tray.


It offers a 250 W single-phase technology motor, which is made up of two parts; a mobile one called rotor and a fixed one called stator. In this way, it is responsible for converting electrical energy into mechanical power through a rotating machine that allows the belt to move at a maximum speed of 15 m/s. It is worth mentioning that despite its work force, it produces less vibration than other saws with similar characteristics.

This tool is considered one of the best vertical band saws, according to the opinions of some users. It has been specially designed for DIY projects, but it is a very powerful cutting device, thanks to this, it can also carry out complex tasks in small workshops, so it has a greater range than most devices for home use.

One of the greatest benefits of this motor is that it works with a common voltage of 230 V and a frequency of 50 Hz, it is also compact, light and even cheaper than three-phase motors, for this reason the Cevik CP28-182 saw can be convenient for micro-enterprises associated with the carpentry area, since it is not necessary to have a large initial budget. 

Thanks to its power, this tool can be used to cut soft woods such as pine or cedar, but also hard woods such as mahogany, walnut, oak, among others. For this reason, it is recommended for making door and window frames, as well as chairs, tables, countertops, drawers and all kinds of furniture for domestic use with small and medium-sized pieces.

As if that were not enough, this equipment is very easy to use, so it can be convenient if you are just starting out in the use of this type of band saws to cut wood, since it gives you enough practicality. In addition, it has good value for money, making it an attractive product even for the most experienced.


It is a robust device, made of high quality metals, therefore, it offers a stable cutting surface but weighs only 15.5 kg, making it a light work tool compared to other models. It measures 72 cm high, 27.5 cm wide and 35 cm deep, for this reason it is among the most compact models in this category. 

The work tray has a surface of 30 x 30 cm, enough for medium and small pieces of different shapes. On the other hand, the pulley has a diameter of 20.3 cm and the total length of the belt is 140 cm, while it offers a width of 6.5 mm and a thickness of 0.35 mm. However, it is compatible with tapes from 3 to 8 mm, including the Cevik brand CP28-183, CP28-184 and CP28-185.

One of the most useful accessories is the cutting guide, which allows you to set a certain position to make pieces in series, so that they all have exactly the same size and shape, providing a cleaner result. If you want greater safety when carrying out the work, you can use a practical black metal pusher so that your hands are always as far away as possible from the blade. 

From an aesthetic point of view, the machine has an attractive appearance in the colors red, black and grey. It also has a green button to turn the tool on and a red one to turn it off.

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