Opinions about Einhell BT BD 501

Main advantage:

It is a column drill with a 500W power motor that allows you to perform various types of drilling with the greatest precision. The force of its revolutions can be adjusted to 9 different positions that make it possible to adapt the speed to the required requirement.

Main disadvantage:

Its use is not designed for professional demands that require a large workload. Its use for DIY activities is not recommended for more than 15 continuous minutes. 

Verdict: 9.9/10

This drill is one of the most precise stationary machines for drilling various diameters in various types of material. 

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Main Features Explained

column drilling machine 

This brand brings this great stationary machine from its catalog for all those who are dedicated to DIY or repair in workshops. Einhell puts in this model more than 50 years of experience in a very simple and functional column drill. It is only enough to observe the robustness of its column and base to realize that it is a tool that promises resistance and durability. 

Like other drill presses, this one is distinguished from a manual tool by the precision that is achieved in drilling due to the great stability provided by its structure or frame and, of course, by the quality of the ball bearing spindle and a drill chuck. toothed crown. 

With this black and blue model it is simply impossible for the perforation to come out crooked thanks to its operating system. Everything is easier without having to try to hold a completely steady hand to ensure a perfect piercing. For this, a rotating scale ring performs its function very well, being able to drill repeatedly with the same accuracy as a result.

Another quality that is also very remarkable is that the drill has a strong table with tilting properties that allow it to tilt and rotate. In addition, it is completely possible to adjust its height, which makes it even more practical and comfortable.


Although this model is not designed one hundred percent for professional use and short work periods are recommended, it does not mean that the performance of its function is not optimal. The 500W power of its motor facilitates the action ideally on hard materials such as wood or steel. However, the possibility of graduation also allows perfect work to be done on aluminum and other materials that are very common in home and workshop DIY.

So this column drill gathers very good opinions to be considered a perfect tool for both power work and other more general ones. Additionally, if the challenge is a succession of several holes, it will only be enough to adjust to the appropriate speed to obtain perforations of the same dimensions quickly.

Thanks to the work of a stepped pulley in this drill, it is possible to adjust it to 9 different positions that increase from 280, 450, 590, 620, 800, 1000, 1550, 1950 to a maximum of 2500 rpm. So that you have no doubts, be guided by the table on the front of the drill with the recommendation of revolutions per minute according to the thickness diameter of the material to be drilled.


Knowing its entire operating system will make you use a fairly safe work machine. Being able to carry and position the work pieces on your table guarantees you, apart from a good support, the precision of measurements that you are looking for in each one of them. In addition to the security of a level result with the same distances and depths, this tool provides details in its characteristics to anticipate risk situations.

Let’s start with the rubber bands on each crank handle to allow for a firm and comfortable grip while working. Likewise, another of the aspects that is foreseen is the splinters of wood or metal that fly and can cause unfortunate accidents. For this, the design has a protector around the chuck and the drilling area that works as a safety shield to retain any particles that come off. 

On the other hand, to protect this drill from power failure, its on/off switch has a zero voltage trigger that will not allow it to start again without your decision to turn it on. In conclusion, the combination of a good price with quality and safety puts in your hands the possibility of acquiring the best column drill for precise work without affecting your budget.

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