Opinions about Einhell TC RH 1600

Main advantage:

What stands out most about this drill presented by Einhell is that it has 4 functions with a powerful motor that provide it with versatility, so you can acquire an ideal equipment for construction, remodeling, chiseling and drilling on different types of surfaces.

Main disadvantage:

One of the negative aspects of this product is that it does not include a set of SDS plus bits, so you will have to make an additional investment to be able to use the equipment.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This is an electro-pneumatic hammer that has good levels of power and speed to do different jobs, so it might be of interest to you.

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Main Features Explained


If you are looking for opinions to be able to acquire one of the best hammers on the market, one characteristic that you have to consider is the power of the motor. Since, this is in charge of providing the necessary strength to the equipment to be able to carry out the work on the different types of surfaces that are going to be worked on, so the more power it has, the greater its effectiveness and performance.

This drill presented by Einhell comes with a powerful motor that works at 1600W, which is recommended to be able to carry out different jobs in concrete, blocks, metal and stone with great ease. However, you have to use the corresponding bits so that the equipment is fluid on that surface and the motor does not exert itself excessively.

In addition to this, this drill is capable of making impacts at a power of 4.0 J and its motor can rotate the bit at or allow it to percuss at a maximum speed of up to a maximum of 3,900 rpm, so it has the appropriate force levels. at speed so that the motor is not affected by excesses. Being a high-performance product recommended to carry out the most complicated tasks in the areas of construction and renovation of spaces in the home, buildings and structures.

On the other hand, the brushes that this hammer has are made of carbon, which provide good quality levels and do not cause them to heat up. In addition, they are located on the outside so that there is no friction with the internal parts and thus its useful life time is greater. Likewise, the concrete drilling capacity of this product is 2.6 centimeters and it uses SDS plus bits to carry out tasks that you have in mind. However, you have to consider that, when working iron, the speed and power will be lower than when working on concrete.


If you plan to choose a hammer that, in addition to being powerful, is practical, we invite you to take into account its functions. As for the Einhell TC-RH 1600, this equipment is considered an electro-pneumatic drill or better known as a hammer drill, which has the purpose of hitting different types of structures. Being used mostly in construction areas to demolish surfaces.

This product is one of the most prominent and favorite by users because it has 4 different functions: simple drilling, hammer drilling, chisel with and without chisel lock. Therefore, it is a very versatile and complete piece of equipment compared to other similar models that are present on the market.

In addition to this, the TC-RH 1600 model is one of the favorite products for DIY and construction workers due to its good performance for performing different types of work on various surfaces. Since, it has a hammer mechanism that will hit with enough force to demolish concrete surfaces and even blocks very easily in a matter of seconds.

On the other hand, you will be able to switch between each of the drill’s functions in a very easy way just by pressing the designated button and thus work in an orderly manner. That is, you will have the ability to decide when and on what surface it is best to use each mode according to the experience you have.

Also, the motor brushes are located on the outside so that when they wear out from use you can change them very easily and without having to completely disassemble the entire drill, which could invalidate the warranty certificate.. 

Therefore, this is a versatile and very complete product that is recommended by many users who are DIY and construction enthusiasts.


Before you check the price of the hammer models that have caught your attention, it is important to evaluate their design. Since, this feature encompasses several aspects that are essential in terms of user comfort. In short, the ergonomics that the drill can offer.

The Einhell TC-RH 1600 is an electro-pneumatic hammer that has an elegant design with red and black tones and has a case that will allow you to move it wherever you go, as well as protect it from objects that can hit it. As for the comfort that it is capable of offering, this model has a robust handle with rubber covers that promote comfort when gripping it. In addition, its trigger is located at the top so that you can press it with a finger very easily. It also includes an additional handle at the bottom, which will allow you to hold the equipment with both hands to increase safety levels and thus avoid any type of accident that could put your physical integrity at risk.

Additionally, this Einhell product weighs only 7.6 kilograms and has dimensions of 44 x 36.5 x 13 centimeters, so you can hold it with your hands very comfortably and use it for long periods without your arms You may be affected by fatigue due to the weight of the product.

On the other hand, this hammer has a long enough cable for you to connect it to a power outlet and you can move with ease to work on horizontal or vertical surfaces without any problem.

The equipment has an adjustment system that will allow you to change between one bit and another very easily and has holes that will allow it to expel the heat from the motor and thus prevent overheating.

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