Opinions about Einhell TC SB 200 1

Main advantage:

This saw allows you to adjust the height of the cut to adapt it to the piece you are working on. In this sense, it offers a maximum height of 45 mm at 45°, while at 90° it offers 80 mm, which means that you can carry out projects with wood of different sizes.

Main disadvantage:

Some users have commented that this model is not suitable for use in industrial workshops, since it is designed for domestic and craft use. It is important to take this into account before making the purchase.

Verdict: 9.6/10 

It has a power of 250 W and reaches a speed of 1,400 min-1, enough force to cut hard and soft woods, so it can be a good gift for a DIY lover.

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Main Features Explained


If you are comparing band saws, you may be interested in the adaptability of this model, since it is capable of making curved, straight, miter and cross cuts, thanks to a series of adjustments that allow you greater control of the operation of the machine., so you can carry out all kinds of projects at home. 

It offers the possibility of adjusting the height of the cut, so it offers a more precise finish, likewise, this allows you to adapt the machine not only to the size of the piece, but also to your height, so that you can work more comfortably, avoiding back discomfort. You can make this adjustment by means of two practical turning buttons placed on the upper part of the blade, one is used to carry out the movement and is on the front, while the other is on the side and is to fix the mechanism once you have selected the correct height.

Features a blade stabilizer, an adjustable feature that helps reduce saw vibration, for smooth crosscutting and more reliable use in all types of woodworking. On the other hand, it has a rotary button to adjust the tension of the blade, in this way, you can vary the inclination of the internal pulley that holds the saw.

Two additional rotary knobs allow you to open the top and bottom covers to access the saw blade, so you can easily change them without using special tools. This is particularly important when you need a different saw in the middle of the day and have little time to make the switch.

Thanks to these benefits, the opinions of many users on the internet are highly positive, ensuring that it is among the best band saws today. 


Before reviewing the price of this product, it is good to consider some technical details that allow you to understand its operation and the uses that you can give it. Among these fundamental characteristics are power and speed, but also the different cutting possibilities, which make it a versatile and practical piece of equipment.

It has a 250 W motor, which allows domestic use to cut pieces of wood of different hardness, but also plastic and fine metals if you use the appropriate blade for each material, since it reaches 1400 rpm. In addition, it is recommended for small carpentry workshops with a low volume of work.

It has a working table that can be tilted between -2° and -45°, so you can make miter cuts during the making of wooden window and door frames, as well as different household furniture and decoration projects. Thanks to the various angles, it is possible to achieve more professional, creative and original results.

This saw offers a maximum cutting height of 45 mm at 45° and 80 mm at 90°, which means that you can use pieces of different sizes, but with the possibility of adjusting the height of the cut to avoid slippage of the material and therefore therefore avoid errors, thus saving time and material.

If you want to make parallel cuts, you also have the possibility of using the cutting guide, which you can easily slide to find the correct measurement and has a locking system to keep it fixed once you have made the necessary adjustments, in this way, you can make cutting more accurately.

On the other hand, the roller guide serves as a stop for the blade, reducing the movement of the saw to the sides, for this reason, the cuts are cleaner and the finishes more defined.


The first thing that stands out about this machine is its size, since it is a small tool that does not take up too much space in the house. It measures 42 cm long, 28.5 cm wide and 72 cm high. Being a countertop saw, you can customize the height depending on the furniture you use, giving you a more personalized use.

However, the worktable is square and has dimensions of 305mm x 305mm, so you can use it with small to medium-sized parts. For its part, the band that comes with the saw measures 1,400 mm x 7 mm and the teeth are 6 / 25.4 mm, but you can use other bands whenever you need them.

It weighs only 17.3 kg, making it one of the lightest when compared to other models with similar characteristics. For this reason, you can easily move it from one place to another and even store it to save space in case you don’t use it regularly.

It has an attractive exterior design in the colors red, gray and black, in addition, it has two square buttons, one green to turn on and the other red to turn off the equipment. Its structure is made of metal, which gives it a robust appearance. Additionally, it includes a pusher, which is hung on the back of the machine through a screw so that you always have it at hand, offering greater safety when cutting.

As if that were not enough, it also includes a suction adapter with a diameter of 36 mm, so you can install a vacuum cleaner that allows you to extract dust and thus always keep your workplace clean, saving time and effort.

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