Opinions about Einhell TC TS 2025U

Main advantage:

Among the most outstanding qualities of this table saw we have its great cutting capacity and stability, for which it has a powerful saw blade and a practical high-quality frame that favors carpentry tasks.

Main disadvantage:

At the time of turning it on, the engine start-up is not completely progressive, since it seems to do so with great force. However, this disadvantage does not interfere with its operation.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is one of the best-selling table saws on the web, since it has a good value for money, which is why many consider it a recommended purchase.

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Main Features Explained

powerful and light

The Einhell TC-TS 2025 U table saw is a model designed for domestic cutting work, so it could be the most suitable tool for DIY enthusiasts looking for a practical and powerful saw. In this sense, although it is not a model for large-scale jobs or industrial projects, Einhell has equipped it with a powerful 2,000-watt motor and a cutting height of 8.5 cm. So you can work with thick and hard pieces.

Thanks to its power, the machine can rotate its disk at a speed of 5000 rpm, which guarantees its efficiency and speed in cutting work. Likewise, in order to optimize its performance, the saw has a very hard blade, provided with 24 carbide-coated teeth and with a diameter of 25 cm.

In addition, one of the problems that most table saws present is that they are robust models that have a high weight, which makes it difficult to move them from one place to another. In this sense, this tool has a weight of only 18.8 kilos, which makes it one of the lightest in its class.

Functional and economic

This could be the best table saw if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a high-end tool, as this is a good, inexpensive saw that stands out from the many models on the market. In addition, it not only offers a competitive cost, but it is also a powerful machine that has the backing of a prestigious brand.

It is a practical, functional and very useful saw, which you can buy at a low cost. For this reason, it is a saw that enjoys excellent value for money, since it has great features and is one of the cheapest electric cutting tools in its category.

Thanks to its functionality, it could become the key tool for carrying out many remodeling projects; since the pieces, once cut, return to the saw again, either to shape them, square them, miter them, groove them or join them. To do this, it is a saw that allows straight cuts in the direction of the grain of the wood, cross cuts and cuts at an angle or miter; for which you will only have to adjust its disc both in height and in inclination and its transversal stop offers you an angular scale of +/- 60°.


It is a model that has an anodized surface, endowed with outstanding sliding qualities, in order to favor the advance of the pieces for precise and fluid sawing. It also has powder-coated extensions, which enlarge the surface and facilitate the work in the case of working with larger pieces.

Likewise, to provide greater safety, this model is provided with a blade protector and in order to avoid any accident due to overload, it also has a switch. On the other hand, in order to keep your workplace organized and clean, the saw supports connection to a vacuum cleaner, which extracts chips and sawdust from wood and other materials.

This compact saw comes equipped with a practical frame that serves as a support for the structure, providing stability and a secure hold. It also includes the saw blade and a plastic accessory for pushing the pieces and if you want to complete your tool kit, you can choose a pack that includes a modern and useful milling machine.

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