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Main advantage:

A feature of this equipment that has pleased buyers is the incorporation of a filtering system, designed to collect the dust generated when sanding. In addition, it incorporates an adapter for the placement of a vacuum cleaner.

Main disadvantage:

A limitation of this product could be the velcro system available to change the sandpaper, which can sometimes have a short useful life due to the wear of its adhesive after frequent use.

Verdict: 9.7/10

With this equipment you have up to six power levels to sand or polish different surfaces effectively. In addition, thanks to the built-in case, you can easily store the polisher.

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Main Features Explained

Dust filter system

When starting to use the sander on a certain surface, it is not surprising that dust is generated, as a result of the wear of the worked area. Ideally, the device we are using would incorporate a filtering system for said dust. In this way, it will not spread on the floor dirtying everything, nor will we inhale it when it is lifted by the circulating air in the work room. In fact, it is a good alternative for us to avoid the appearance of some type of respiratory allergy.

The German power tool manufacturer Einhell decided to incorporate an efficient filter box into its TE-RS 40 E sanders, which maintains a constant suction of dust throughout the entire sanding and polishing process of the wood or metal surface. In addition, a convenient adapter for connecting a vacuum cleaner was attached to the structure. In this way, if you want to enjoy a much deeper cleaning, because when sanding the amount of dust is very intense, you can purchase a vacuum cleaner separately and connect it to said piece.

Also, it is important to mention that both characteristics are quite attractive to buyers, who value this product as one of the best sanders, due to its versatility of use.

Power and sanding plate

If you are looking for a sander at a competitive price, do not hesitate to place this model from the Einhell house among your purchase options. Its design is characterized by providing high-end power and a wide sanding plate, suitable for you to work on different types of surfaces.

TE-RS 40 E from Einhell is a sander that incorporates a motor with an electrical power equivalent to 400 watts, whose power supply is given after connecting its cable to any source of alternating current in our home. Of course, you will need to verify that the amperage and voltage are adequate, since the equipment works with 1.7 amps and 230 volts.

We cannot forget to mention that said power can be adjusted to a maximum of six levels, which allows the sander to make from 12,000 to 24,000 revolutions per minute, so it adapts to each type of task.

Regarding the surface of the device’s sanding plate, it stands out for its 125-millimeter diameter and Velcro system, so you can change the sandpaper according to the metal, wood or plastic you are going to sand or polish. In addition, this piece incorporates a double rotation mechanism, thanks to the fact that it oscillates 2.5 millimeters from its center. Thus, it manages to significantly improve the performance of the product in each task.

Manufacturing and storage

The quality of the raw material used to manufacture our work equipment is of great importance, since this determines its resistance to deterioration. For example, when handling a sander, it may happen that it accidentally hits the floor because it slips from our hands. Likewise, it is important to have a storage bag that allows us to transport and store the sander to prevent deterioration.

TE-RS 40 E is a model patented by the German company Einhell, which, according to user opinions, meets high quality standards, since its casing has been made of stainless steel and incorporates some polymer parts. Both materials are certified, have a soft touch and a robust body.

In addition, you will be interested to know that the sander has been provided with a light gray rigid polymer case. Its closure is by means of a pair of safety clips and it has a comfortable grip handle. Inside, the box has the shape of the tool and a space for the power cable. Thus, when storing the equipment, it is completely attached to the case.

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