Opinions about Einhell TH CD 12 2 Li

Main advantage:

This electric screwdriver has an attractive, ergonomic design and a motor powerful enough to also be used as a drill, making it a practical and useful tool for DIY tasks.

Main disadvantage:

It may not have enough power to pierce concrete, so it is recommended for use on less dense materials such as drywall or melamine.

Verdict: 9.7/10

If you are looking for an occasional piece of equipment with which to carry out small repairs or assemble furniture, this option from Einhell may be right for you.

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Main Features Explained

Capacity and autonomy

According to the opinions of some users, carefully reviewing the capacity and autonomy of the electric screwdriver you want to buy is essential to be able to acquire a model capable of satisfying your needs. Especially if you plan to use it without having it connected directly to the current.

TH-CD 12-2 LI is one of the models that could be among the best electric screwdrivers today, since it is quite practical due to its design and the components integrated into it.

Focusing on the autonomy section, you should know that this model has a 12V lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1.3 Ah,3 that can reach a full charge level for five hours, but, the most striking thing about This is that you could buy an additional battery that you can keep in the same handle of the screwdriver. In it you will find a special compartment for the extra battery, so that you can have a spare one, in case you run out of power in the middle of a project, avoiding that you have to stop all the work.

As for its capacity, the Einhell electric screwdriver has an internal gear mechanism with two rotation speeds so that you can choose the appropriate power depending on the type of screw or material you are working on. However, the equipment offers a powerful and agile performance when screwing or drilling, so you can use it without problems for home DIY tasks.

For its part, the team’s engine offers a performance of 24 Nm as maximum torque for hard applications, 350 revolutions per minute in the first power level and 1,300 revolutions per minute in the second. Thanks to this, the utility of the screwdriver will be increased and you will be able to use it in more tasks than you imagine.

Electric Screwdriver Design

The design is another of the important characteristics that must be evaluated when choosing between electric screwdrivers. This aspect, in addition to its power, may be the one that most affects its price, which is why you will have to consider it in order to choose the most suitable model to satisfy your requirements in terms of construction, modulation or assembly.

It is for the aforementioned that we consider that the design offered by the Einhell brand electric screwdriver is one of its strengths. Visually, the tool is attractive and has good manufacturing finishes, offering a robust and firm grip in the hand, so you can handle it comfortably when performing all kinds of tasks.

Likewise, like most of the Einhell brand equipment, this screwdriver also carries the conventional colors of its company: red and black, maintaining a modern and striking style. But the visual appeal is not the only thing taken care of in this screwdriver, since it also has an ergonomically designed structure that will make it easier for the operator to hold the equipment. The handle is non-slip to prevent the tool from falling out of your hands due to sweat, and its trigger is curved, an aspect that allows your finger to rest comfortably and it is easy to exert enough pressure to activate it.

As for its size, the Einhell TH-CD 12-2 LI electric screwdriver has dimensions of 28 x 22 x 7.9 centimeters and its weight is just 454 grams. It is a lightweight model, since it is suitable for domestic work. In addition, its size and grip facilitate the general handling of the equipment, allowing you to screw or drill different materials without problems. They also make it a practical tool to carry in the car to solve any problem faster and with less effort.

Handling and accessories

The last aspect that we essentially advise you to study when you are going to choose which electric screwdriver you are going to buy, to complement your tools, is the management system and the accessories that are going to be included with the purchase of the equipment.

Regarding the aforementioned, the Einhell TH-CD 12-2 LI electric screwdriver includes a case in which you can comfortably store the equipment to keep it free of dust, protect it from bumps and scratches or also to facilitate its transport.

The case is made of rigid plastic and has a handle so you can carry it more comfortably, while its base has two legs that will allow you to keep the case upright so that it takes up less space if you want to store the screwdriver in your garage., for example. It has two locks to keep it closed and the 3D brand logo on the front face, making it easy to identify among your other tools.

It is also noteworthy to mention that a drill chuck with a quick clamping system and a unique casing is included, which will speed up the accessory change process, so that you can use this tool more agilely, whether to screw, unscrew or drill a surface. Likewise, the drill chuck has an automatic spindle lock, which will guarantee safety and improve the handling of the equipment in general.

As for its finishes, the casing is made of plastic, but it is resistant and robust, offering a pleasant touch that, together with the non-slip areas of the screwdriver, will allow you to use it with relative ease in all kinds of tasks and projects, as well as switch between the different modes of use. Also, thanks to the design of its handle, you can keep the equipment in a firm position to carry out precise work without inconvenience.

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