Opinions about Femi 780XL

Main advantage:

One of the benefits offered by this saw is its 850 W power motor, which allows two electronic commutation speeds, between 60 and 80 m/min, for this reason, it is capable of cutting metals without major inconveniences, being suitable for different DIY projects.

Main disadvantage:

Due to its basic characteristics, such as size, weight and capacity, this model is only recommended for use in the home, since professional use in the workshop could considerably reduce its useful life.

Verdict: 9.7/10 

Includes a 1330mm belt to provide a maximum cutting capacity of 105mm. In this sense, it allows working with small and medium-sized pieces.

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Main Features Explained


This machine is among the best band saws for cutting metal, according to the opinions of many users. Despite being a device for domestic use, it is a powerful cutting device that exceeds the possibilities of other DIY tools, allowing more professional results in different projects.

It has an 850 W single-phase motor, with the ability to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy through a rotating machine. This element is made up of two parts; a fixed one called a stator and a mobile one called a rotor. in this sense, the tool can cause some vibration, so it is necessary to carry out some tests to make precise cuts. 

One of the advantages of this system is that it works with 230 V – 50 Hz. In addition, it has the particularity of being a lighter, more compact motor that is easier to repair, which is why it is recommended for small, non-industrial companies. As if that were not enough, this makes its price lower compared to three-phase motor saws.

It offers two electronically commutated speeds, one at 60 mt/min and one at 80 mt/min, making it among the most versatile portable band saws. Therefore, it is useful in the manufacture of aluminum window frames, railings and iron grills, as well as plastic and stainless steel tubes, aluminum profiles and other light alloys, also, it allows cutting cylindrical pieces of solid steel.

Thanks to its adjustable power, this saw allows you to cut different types of metal for multiple purposes, since you can use the maximum capacity only when necessary, in this sense, the use is more personalized, so that you can carry out creative projects in house with original results. In addition, it has a simple operation, being suitable for beginners and advanced users. 


It has a maximum cutting capacity of 105 mm in diameter at 0° and 72 mm at 45° in cylindrical tubes, while in rectangular pieces it offers a cut of 105 x 93 mm at 0° and 70 x 60 mm at 45°. For square tubes it allows cutting 102 x 102 mm and 68 x 68 mm at 0° and 45° respectively. Once you’ve selected the correct angle, you can lock it in place via a simple locking mechanism to maintain accuracy.

It has a rotary button that serves to tension the blade in a simple way, without special tools or professional help. For this reason, it allows you to make the necessary adjustments during the working day without stopping the activity, in this way you will always have precise, clean and effective cuts.

For greater safety, it has an anti-start system that prevents accidental activation of the device. However, it is advisable to verify that the machine is locked even before connecting it to the electrical current, remove the lock to work with it and replace it when storing it.

It offers a practical self-lubrication system, so the blade does not need constant maintenance, thus speeding up work. In this case, dry cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals is possible. It also has a sliding and adjustable saw guide, which allows a more precise cut and has a practical locking mechanism so that it does not move.

As if that were not enough, it is compatible with the FM7075065 table, which offers the possibility of making vertical sheet metal cuts, making it a versatile machine that allows a variety of uses. This accessory has an affordable cost and is available in different tool stores.


It has a solid frame, with a pressed steel base and cast alloy head, for a robust yet lightweight cutting surface. Its dimensions are 730 mm wide, 390 mm high and 500 mm deep, therefore, it is one of the most compact models when compared to other similar products. It also weighs only 17 kg, making it a portable tool.

It has a colorful finish in the colors red, black and gray. In addition, in its structure you can find clear indications on the cutting parameters, very appropriate if you are starting out in projects with metallic materials, since the machine makes it easy for you to make clean cuts easily. 

Bring a standard cobalt bimetallic tape, with a number of teeth of 8/12, which will also work if you have the 782 and 783 models of the same brand. As if that were not enough, it includes a filter for cleaning the blade, as well as an additional spare one that you will find next to the user manual.

As we have seen, both the size and the weight of this tool make it very easy to move from one place to another, but it also has a special system to lock the saw arm, in this way, it is possible to load it with one hand.. However, as with most electronic tools, you can keep it in good condition longer by leaving it in a fixed place.

You will find two buttons, a red one to turn off and the green one to turn on, in addition, it has an additional button for speeds I and II. It also includes a rod that works as an adjustable stop, which has been designed to make more exact cuts, especially if you need to make several pieces of the same size and shape.

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