Opinions about FLIR C2

Main advantage:

This thermal imaging camera provides a wide 45° field of view, making it capable of framing a larger scene, just like professional instruments. In addition, it has a highly sensitive detector that picks up thermal patterns and subtle changes in temperature to find leaks.

Main disadvantage:

It is a basic camera compared to other big high-end cameras, therefore it does not have WiFi for wireless connection, but you have to use the USB cable included in the package.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It’s a good option to use at home to get correct results, as each image stores 4,800 individual thermal measurements, so you can analyze them using the FLIR Tools computer program.

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Main Features Explained


The Flir C2 stands out from other thermal imaging cameras thanks to its Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) technology, which does not combine a thermal image with a visible light image, as occurs in the fusion system, but is capable of adding visible light details to thermal images in real time, to increase sharpness by adding borders and contours over the readings, without diluting the image or reducing thermal transparency.

This is possible because the device includes two cameras, a common digital one and a thermographic one, so that when taking a photo, the integrated program takes care of extracting some elements from the visible images to add them to the thermal image, creating a more defined image., so it’s easy to read and understand what you’re looking at on the screen. For this reason, it is considered one of the best thermal imaging cameras today.

Usually on a field job you need to capture additional images with a normal camera, but this technology eliminates this need, making it easy to show customers where the problem is and what it is. Likewise, it is possible to activate or deactivate it at the time of measurement and even during editing in the software, since you will have a digital image and a thermal one.


According to the opinions of some users, the price of this camera is adjusted to the functionality it offers. First of all, its 45° field of view stands out, which allows obtaining more complete information, since it makes it possible to frame the scenes as professionals in the area do. However, it is easy to use, so it does not require much experience, and it is particularly useful at home.

Another of its benefits is that it incorporates a highly sensitive detector, to help you capture the most subtle differences in temperature and thermal patterns, therefore, you can visualize the space in detail, which means that it allows you to find deficiencies in the image faster. construction or leaks that can be dangerous. In this sense, it has a thermal sensitivity of <0.10 °C.

It is necessary to mention the radiometric flexibility as one of its advantages of use, since it allows to obtain useful reports, thanks to the images in JPEG format that can store up to 4800 thermal measurements for later analysis and editing using the FLIR Tools desktop program. It is good to note that digital images have a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels. In this way, it is a camera that you can use in different fields.

As for the technical specifications, the focal length is 1.54 mm so that you can capture images inside the house or construction. In addition, it offers an accuracy of ±2 °C, so it generates enough confidence when taking measurements at home. On the other hand, it can measure an object temperature range between -10 and +150 °C.


This camera is a great way to take the benefits of thermal imaging everywhere as it measures 125 × 80 × 24mm, so it’s not much bigger than a mobile phone and fits perfectly in your pocket. Despite its compact size, it has the basic design features for use in mechanical, electrical, and construction applications.

It is a modern equipment, since it has a 3-inch color screen, with a resolution of 320 × 240 pixels, which allows you to clearly see energy waste, hidden hot spots, plumbing obstructions, structural defects, among other problems. so that you can solve them in time. Also, this monitor is easy to read and use, so it can be suitable for beginners.

On the other hand, although it is light and thin, it has been made with high quality materials, so that it is robust and offers great resistance. However, it is advisable to avoid impacts to increase its useful life.

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