Opinions about Makita 5008mg

Main advantage:

This is a circular saw that has a motor that works at 1800w of power, which will allow you to cut almost any type of material very easily. In addition, thanks to its ergonomic and non-slip handle you can avoid accidents.

Main disadvantage: 

One of the disadvantages of this product is that the connection cable is a bit short, so you could have difficulty maneuvering the equipment.

Verdict: 9.9/10

If among your plans you plan to acquire a circular saw that has comfortable dimensions and an affordable price, we invite you to consider this Makita option.

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Main Features Explained

power and speed

When looking for opinions on which circular saw to buy, an important feature that we advise you to review is the power. This detail is important in circular saws, since it is the one that will provide enough force so that the equipment can make cuts in the materials in a fluid and efficient way without the motor being forced.

The 5008MG has a motor that is capable of working at a power of up to 1800 W, being a high enough force measurement unit so that it can cut almost any type of wood very easily, including thicker ones without any problem.. However, it must be taken into account that, depending on the angles at which you are going to work, the allowed depth may vary; being for 45, 50 and 90 degrees about 5.7, 5.15 and 7.55 centimeters of cutting penetration as the maximum range that the equipment can make in the wood. Therefore, so that you can take advantage of the cutting angle functions of this Makita saw, we invite you not to exceed the parameters that we have just mentioned.

On the other hand, the other characteristic that is completely relevant and is related to the power exerted by the motor is speed. In other words, a motor needs to have a speed that equals and regulates the power of the motor turns to avoid stress and overheating in it.

This option enjoys having a maximum speed that reaches up to 5200 Rpm and, complemented by the power of the equipment, you will be able to make various cuts without the motor being forced too much.

In another order of ideas, this is a circular saw that has good levels of speed and, supported by power, will allow you to cut even the hardest types of wood.


If among the options you have in mind you want to acquire what could be one of the best circular saws, we invite you to take into consideration the design presented by the equipment before you make a choice. This feature should not be overlooked, as it is one of the most important that can be crucial in determining if the product is the right one for you. That is, you have to look at the weight, dimensions and any other design detail that can benefit you, whether in comfort or practicality.

This Makita circular saw is presented in a handheld design, with cable and where it measures 2.5 meters. The equipment in general has dimensions of 33.2 x 24.3 x 27.7 centimeters and weighs 5.1 kilograms, so you can handle it very comfortably without having to exert much physical force.

On the other hand, another outstanding aspect of this circular saw is that its handle is ergonomic, which will provide you with good levels of comfort so that you can hold it with your hands and not get tired or bothered even if you spend several hours doing your carpentry activities. In addition, the handle also has anti-slip properties, allowing you to grip the saw in a much safer way without having to worry about it slipping and harming your physical integrity, as well as avoiding fatigue caused by being exposed to vibrations and continuous use of the equipment.

In addition to this, this equipment has a sound pressure and power of 89 and 100 dB, being relatively normal levels to be a product of semi-heavy cutting machinery, so the noise it will emit will not affect you; Otherwise, if you suffer from hearing sensitivity, where we invite you to put on some earmuffs to protect your ears.


Before you verify the price of a circular saw, a characteristic that is vital to evaluate in continuous use cutting equipment is the manufacturing materials of the product. This factor can help you determine the resistance and useful life of the equipment, since you should look at what it is made of and its other components to know its capacity, type of protection, and durability.

Among the models of circular saws that Makita has, the 5008MG stands out due to its manufacturing materials, and that is that it has a magnesium casing that, in addition to providing protection against shocks, also provides a light weight. Being only 5.1 kilograms so that you can lift it and carry out movements and cutting tasks very easily. In addition, the equipment has a plastic finish that will protect both the engine and the other internal components from damage. Being a useful aspect that can prolong its useful life.

On the other hand, the disc of this circular saw has dimensions of 21 centimeters in diameter, 3 centimeters inside, has 24 teeth, is 2.0 thick and is made of good quality metal, so you can perform the cutting process without it being easily damaged. In addition to this, you can easily replace it when its useful life is over or to cut other types of materials using an Allen key. However, you will need to consider the numbers, thickness, and pitches of the blades you intend to select so you don’t damage the wood, as there are specific circular saws that provide different finishes.

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