Opinions about Makita LB1200F

Main advantage:

One of the benefits offered by this model is its 900 W power and two different cutting speeds, making it useful both at home for DIY projects and in the workshop for more professional work.

Main disadvantage:

According to the opinion of some users, the tapes included in the package are not for professional use, for this reason, for intensive work it will be necessary to purchase accessories separately, which would be an additional expense.

Verdict: 9.9/10 

This tool allows you to make curved and miter cuts in different types of wood, for this reason, it is recommended for activities related to carpentry.

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Main Features Explained


Among the band saws that are currently available on the market, the Makita LB1200F stands out when it comes to cutting wood, whether straight, curved or mitered. This is possible thanks to a power of 900 W, which you can control at two mechanical speeds, a low speed of 400 m/min and a high speed of 800 m/min, so that you can carry out different jobs with different types of wood.

It has a total cutting capacity of 305 mm, so you can work with large pieces. Likewise, for cuts in wood at 90° it can reach 165 mm. As if that were not enough, the work surface tilts from left to right, reaching inclinations between -2 and 45º, so that it is possible to use it for precise miter cuts. In this case, it allows you to cut wood to build furniture, such as chests of drawers, tables, chairs, cabinets, among others.

Regarding the noise that this machine emits, it is good to know that it is within the normal range for this type of robust tools, with a sound power of 94 dB(A), which means that you should use earplugs, especially in the case of prolonged work, either in the workshop or at home. However, according to the opinions of some expert carpentry users, it can be considered a silent machine compared to other models with similar characteristics.

With all these benefits, we can say that it is a recommended tool for professionals, since it has the necessary technical characteristics to offer correct performance in force and precision work. However, it is also suitable for amateurs or beginners, since it is one of the easiest to use. For this reason, it is considered by many to be among the best band saws available today.


Although this machine is capable of cutting hardwoods and withstanding long work sessions, it also has certain design features that make it a practical tool. In this sense, the first thing we should point out is that it is a saw with a work table included, which has a robust metal structure to support the weight of the large pieces that we are going to modify. 

It measures 61.5 cm long, 77.5 cm wide and 160 cm high, so you won’t have to lean too far to make the cuts, avoiding lower back discomfort. For its part, the blade has a length of 2.24 m, so you must take this measurement into account when you want to replace this piece. Also, the band can be from 6mm to 16mm.

It has a weight of 81.2 kg, so it is considered a heavy tool, however, it is possible to move it easily, thanks to the fact that the support has two swivel wheels and a lifting handle, in this way, you can store it when you do not need it if you have little space in the house. In addition, it offers a practical 2.5 m long cable, which allows greater freedom of movement.

The design of this tool includes 6 LED technology lights to illuminate the work area, allowing a more precise cut in dark or low light places. However, they are not constantly on, but must be activated by pressing a button on the central axis of the saw frame.

You will also find a large red button that prevents accidental start-ups, even if the machine is connected to the mains and the switch is on, thus complying with the safety regulations of many countries. This is very important if you have children at home, although as a general rule these types of devices should be placed far from their reach.


If we take into account the benefits of the Makita LB1200F saw, we can say that it has a fair price according to the benefits it offers. But that’s not all, it also includes a series of accessories that add utility, so you can carry out different projects without having to spend more money.    

It has a suction socket, so you can connect it to a vacuum cleaner, in this way you will have a clean workspace while you make different creations with wood. It also has a dust collection box, which allows you to collect excess sawdust to prevent chips from being scattered all over the place. These features give you a great advantage, since you will not have to make much effort when performing maintenance at the workshop.

It has a parallel guide JM21080230, which together with the miter guide JM21080260 facilitate precision cuts at different angles. These parts are robust and durable, however, for peace of mind, they are also available separately in case of wear and tear over the years, and replacements are not too expensive.

Includes three basic blades for wood; the model B-16673 for universal cutting, the blade B-16667 for transversal cutting and a B-16689 for curved cutting. As if that were not enough, it also offers a B-16695 blade, which is used to cut non-ferrous metals. It is worth mentioning here that these saws are indicated for use in light work, so if you need to carry out large-scale projects, it is advisable to acquire professional ones. However, they are strong enough for home DIY.

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