Opinions about Panter Diamante Plus

Main advantage:

Comfort and features for work safety go hand in hand in this shoe. It adapts perfectly to the foot thanks to a wide and comfortable last. In addition, it takes care of functional details for protection in its external and internal design.

Main disadvantage:

If you want the natural leather of the outer covering of the shoes to remain soft to the touch and without scratches, care and cleaning with a special spray and brush is necessary.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a safety shoe made with technology for high protection, resistance and durability with one of the best prices on the market.

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Main Features Explained


The variety of designs of modern safety shoes could not have been thought of a few years ago. These days, they tend to be confused with sneakers due to their lightweight, low-rise design. For example, just looking at these shoes, their natural leather lining and thick sole catch the eye with a nice black model and light blue details on its stitching, laces, sides and internal lining.

Without forgetting how important the fit is given its impact on the stability of the feet, the tongue and strong laces will give them the right protection and ergonomic accommodation. Therefore, if you fit 43, then this is the size for you, since its wide last and inner lining will give your feet a dry and sweat-free fit.

The robust construction of these shoes extends the protection of your feet against the fall of any heavy object on them. However, knowing the sensitivity of the toes and how prone they are to pain in a long and strenuous work routine, the internal design is prepared to give them rest on an antibacterial latex foam insole that, in addition to its padding, Allows full aeration.

Optimal Sole Technology

In addition to these basic qualities such as design and price, the selection of these shoes from the Plus line guarantees a sole made with the highest quality materials. She is in charge of providing you with the best protection on irregular, greasy surfaces or those that represent latent risks. 

Optimal Sole technology is responsible for taking safety to another level, allowing you to take accurate steps on any ground on which you must move. It’s not just the cushioning, but a set of features that manage to shield any vulnerability of the feet during heavy work. 

An example is its plastic toe cap that will be like having steel fingers before the weight that falls on them. Withstands impacts of up to 200 joules, maintaining its shape after the blow. Just as the upper part is protected, the entire sole of the foot is also protected with an anti-perforation textile cover and the dual-density polyurethane and TPU sole. 

Both elements are highly tenacious to prevent puncture wounds, twisting ankle sprains or slip falls. They allow the foot to mold naturally, feeling stable thanks to its high anti-slip level and, at the same time, protected from high impact, abrasion and hydrocarbons. 

Valuable extras

This footwear demonstrates with all its description that it has taken into account the multiple opinions of workers, operators and day laborers who expect more from work shoes than just being able to stand for many hours. The peace of mind that your feet and your walk are safe during the working day is highly valued. 

This model is among the best safety shoes because it goes beyond the basics and adds extra points to the design to increase confidence in it. For example, in addition to the water-repellent yet breathable property of its lining, the certified retro-reflection of 3M reflectors on the sides and rear is a valuable feature. 

All these additions are the result of the company’s R+D+I, which refers to the Research, Technological Development and Innovation that its staff achieves in each of its shoes. The Plus line brings together this technological superiority and offers it to the most demanding professionals who seek the guarantee of functionality and safety in footwear. 

Definitely, this footwear is the perfect complement for working hours in places where a helmet and gloves cannot protect you from everything. The selection and use of these shoes is not trivial, but the way to guarantee the greatest possible safety.

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