Opinions about Stanley 6 TRE550

Main advantage:

This model from the manufacturer Stanley has a classic and conventional design, with a simple grip and use, in order to speed up the work process, by incorporating a long and soft handle with non-slip properties.

Main disadvantage:

Although strong and easy to use, this stapler may not have the power to drill into thick, hard woods.

Verdict: 9.4/10

It is an electric stapler that is equipped with a non-slip handle, a synthetic material body and is compatible with staples from 6 to 14 mm. It works with a power of 2300 watts and is considered one of the best in its range. 

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Main Features Explained


Electric staplers are functional equipment that speed up work in the workshop and can replace the hammer. Among the variety of models and brands available, with multiple functions, user opinions tend to point towards design as one of the most important features. In this aspect, the 6-TRE550 model from the manufacturer Stanley is one of the most sought after, since its use is simple.

This alternative has a design that could be described as simple, useful and functional, because it offers the user the possibility of having a greater range of action during use and because its shape is convenient for accessing complex corners.

This model has a body made of yellow synthetic material and has been equipped with a soft handle with non-slip properties, so that it can be held safely and ergonomically, without causing discomfort in the hands, regardless of whether the time of work is extended.

Additionally, the Stanley 6-TRE550 Electric Stapler includes an extra-long cord, which provides greater freedom of movement, as opposed to other options where you must be close to the wall power source. Therefore, with this model it will not be necessary to use extensions, since its cable is 2.4 meters long.


The price of an electric stapler can vary according to factors such as the brand, the model and, above all, the power with which it has been enabled by its manufacturer to efficiently penetrate wood. In the case of the Stanley 6-TRE550 model, it has an efficient motor that works with a nominal power of 2300 watts and an appropriate pressure.

In order for this stapler to achieve this strength, it needs to be plugged into a wall outlet. In this way, the motor will begin to work powerfully, so the effort that the person will have to make during use will be reduced and time will be saved by speeding up the work. 

The results will have an improved finish thanks to the fact that, within its specifications, the equipment offers extended and continuous operation, with a long useful life, without reducing its ability to staple and install on the pine frieze.

In fact, each of the inlays, whether in nails or staples, will be suitable on medium and low hardness wood. The general recommendation to get the most out of its power is to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer through the user manual, where the basic and advanced considerations of its use are presented, as well as how to solve problems in the event of jams.

Portability and compatibility

The Stanley 6-TRE550 alternative is frequently recommended as the best electric stapler on the market, because it has a simple and simple design, but with properties of strength and power. 

This model is portable, so it is not only suitable for use in a workshop, but can also be carried from one place to another because its weight is light, less than a kilo. In addition, its dimensions are compact and manageable, so it is not necessary to have a work table and limit its use to this space.

It can be used almost wirelessly (the long cable gives you freedom of movement) and its compact shape, with a pistol grip, gives you the ability to hold it with control and agility to reach corners.

On the other hand, this Stanley stapler is compatible with “G” type staples and there are those who have tested its use with “J” type nails efficiently. In relation to the staples, you can use from the low thickness of 0.6 cm, through those of 0.8, those of 0.10 and those of 0.12, up to those of 0.14 cm. The required pressure can be selected by a rotary dial.  

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