Reviews about Einhell TC CD 12 Li

Main advantage:

It is a team with a powerful motor, made up of two gears that can produce from 0 to 300 rpm and also from 0 to 1500 rpm. In addition, it has a torque of 20 Nm, which offers enough force to effectively screw into different materials.

Main disadvantage:

When you turn it on, it is likely to emit some kind of beep caused by the speed of rotation, which can be annoying. However, it produces a harmless sound power level of 65.3 dB.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It can work as a screwdriver and as a drill and it is not a very expensive piece of equipment. In addition, it has a front LED light and a storage case.

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Main Features Explained


The power of a cordless tool must be measured by the voltage of its battery, for this reason, this is one of the best screwdrivers according to the opinions of some users, thanks to the fact that its power supply to the motor is 12 V, considered as a level appropriate for performing tasks on home projects.

Its battery is Li-Ion and the charging current is 1500 mA, which provides great durability, in addition, it does not show loss of autonomy at the time of use, thus providing strength and protection at the same time. Also, it is important to know that it is possible to charge your battery in just 1 hour, thanks to its charger included in the package. Also, it must be taken into account that the electrical voltage indicated to connect the charger must be 240 V and 50 Hz.

On the other hand, its motor offers a gear with two speed levels, which can be activated through the switch located on the upper part of the screwdriver, indicated with the letters LO for the low level and HI for the high level. The first level goes from 0 to 300 rpm, while the second offers from 0 to 1500 rpm, in this way, you will be able to finish the jobs in the shortest possible time. In turn, it provides 20 Nm of maximum torque, which translates into enough force to carry out tasks in carpentry or DIY areas.


It is one of the most outstanding screwdrivers, it has an affordable price and, as if that were not enough, it offers an innovative 18-level precision electronic unit. This function is especially indicated to adjust the number of revolutions that the screwdriver can make and the force necessary for the tightening torque, that is, it allows you to modify the force with which you can screw or drill according to the needs of the moment. Therefore, it is possible to adapt it to the hardness of the material and the type of screws you use.

Regarding the security system, it is necessary to mention that it incorporates an automatic locking spindle, which provides greater firmness and security, in addition, this makes it possible to change the tips faster, thus avoiding the use of additional tools for this task. Similarly, it has a quick stop system, indicated to immediately stop the operation of the screwdriver when you stop pressing the power button.

On the other hand, it offers a precise and improved vision of the piece and the workspace, thanks to the fact that it integrates an LED light on the actuation trigger. For this reason, you can use it in small spaces that have little light or do not have any type of lighting, such as under cars, hidden corners of the house, among others. Likewise, this light is designed to turn on automatically when pressing the screwdriver activation trigger, which provides greater practicality of use.

Also, you should take into account that it includes a practical transport case to store the equipment safely, since inside it has compartments molded in the shape of the implements to prevent slipping during transportation. It is good to take into account that it has a handle to hold firmly and two pressure locks, in this way the suitcase will not open accidentally.


This is not an ordinary screwdriver, since it works in two ways, for drilling and screwing. In addition, it can be appropriate for the use of beginners or professionals who seek practicality, since it has a magnetic housing for the tips, designed to make it easier to change them.

Despite its versatility and effectiveness, it is a compact design device, which is only 283 mm long, 85 mm wide and 243 mm high. Similarly, the weight of the screwdriver is 1.1 kg, which makes it comfortable to use in any type of work and avoid exhaustion during use. In this sense, its structure has a slender and ergonomic shape, which makes a more comfortable hold possible.

Its practicality is due to its non-slip handle, covered with black rubber on the front and back, which is appropriate to provide greater control over the movements you must make with the device. In addition, it is good to know that it has a red and black finish, with silver details and incorporates the name of the brand on one of the sides of the team, so it provides an attractive design to show in front of customers in case it is used for work at home or in a workshop.

On the other hand, it has a 10mm chuck, which allows you to fasten and change bits quickly and efficiently, since it has a unique housing design, so you just have to twist and remove, that is, so easy. like opening a bottle In addition, if you decide to disassemble the chuck for greater practicality, you will be reducing the size of the screwdriver and reducing its weight, making it easier to move from one place to another.

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