Reviews of Bosch Professional GSH 11 E

Main advantage:

This is a demolition hammer that comes with a powerful 1500 watt motor and an impact force of 16.8 J, making it ideal for horizontal and vertical work on both concrete of different thicknesses and stone. 

Disadvantage  perform main:

One of the disadvantages of this product is that its accessories have a high price, so in order to be able to acquire several types of drill bits, you will have to make a slightly higher investment.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It can be used to strike structures for several hours without its motor being affected by overheating, making it a good option for intense work. 

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Main Features Explained

power and speed

Percussion hammers or better known as demolition hammers are electrical equipment that have a shape similar to that of a drill, but with the difference that these are a little larger and the motor does not turn the drill, but rather percussion to be able to demolish. structures, mostly made of concrete, so we recommend that you choose a model that has good levels of power and speed so that you do not experience any inconvenience during your working day.

The GSH 11 E is the most outstanding professional percussion hammer model of the Bosch company, which has a powerful 1500 watt motor, which allows the equipment to easily work even on concrete surfaces and objects. 

In addition, it should also be noted that this model is of high performance, since it will allow the removal of concrete that has up to a medium hardness at a speed-force ratio of 490 kilograms per hour, making it a sufficiently powerful piece of equipment to be able to carry out different both small and medium jobs on construction sites and even at home.

Another outstanding aspect of this hammer is its speed adjustment mechanism, which will allow it to be adjusted according to the hardness of the material to be worked on in order to finish in the shortest possible time or obtain different types of finishes, if desired. work delicately.

In terms of impact energy, this hammer has 16.8 J of force ranging from 900 to 1890 ipm So, in the category of essential construction tools, this might be the best hammer in terms of the ratio speed strength to handle small, medium and mixed jobs without the need to worry about internal components overheating.

Design and materials

If you are looking for opinions to be able to acquire a good hammer, whether you want to use it at home or for your work at work, the first thing it should have is a light weight and robustness so that you do not have problems handling it and it is capable of withstanding blows and the impacts produced by the percussion caused by the engine, so the characteristics that we invite you to evaluate are its design and manufacturing materials. 

This Bosch Professional hammer model comes in a robust frame presentation so that it can withstand the impacts produced by the vibrations of the motor and the bit with the materials. In addition, it has a long ergonomic handle so you can lift and grab the equipment very easily, as well as an additional handle so you can use the equipment horizontally with much more comfort and be able to use both hands for greater safety. and reduce the risk of suffering any accident. Additionally, these have padding to prevent you from hurting them when you use the equipment for hours at a time and, because they are made of rubber, there is less chance that they can slip out of your hands when you have the equipment in operation.

It has a long cable so you have greater mobility when plugging it into a socket and changing places. In addition, the equipment has dimensions of 27 centimeters high x 57 centimeters long and weighs 10.1 kilograms, so you can hold it with your hands and work comfortably.

On the other hand, on the front part near the bits it has several ventilation slots that help keep the temperature levels of the equipment low to avoid overheating due to the use of the equipment for several hours in a row and uninterrupted.

System and Maintenance

With so many models of hammers on the market, the price of these can vary, but so that you can select one that is practical and durable, we invite you to look at the electrical system it has and how often it has to be done. maintenance, since this way you can get a model that adapts to your daily needs.

As for the GSH 11 E model, this demolition hammer has an anti-vibration system that will not be felt excessively compared to other models on the market, which has the benefit of reducing the levels of stress that are generated when the equipment impacts on the concrete surfaces when in operation. Helping to avoid both muscle contractions and body aches that can cause migraines and sleep loss.

In addition to this, this device is compatible with various shapes and sizes of bits so that different finishes can be obtained to strike surfaces with different levels of hardness in the concrete.

In another order of ideas, it is designed to work horizontally on stones and concrete, but due to its power and light weight, it can also work in vertical positions without any problem.

On the other hand, regarding its maintenance, this model has an LED light that turns on when the system detects that there is dirt or small fragments inside so that the respective maintenance is done to avoid damage, since these can accumulate and stick to engine components, which could cause overheating and malfunction of the hammer. Therefore, it is both a useful and essential feature to be able to clean the equipment and prolong its useful life.

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