Reviews of Bosch PTK 14 EDT

Main advantage: 

This stapler model is equipped with various features that reduce working time and improve usability. Among them, the stapler is equipped with a double shot, a useful option for upholstering hardwood furniture, chairs, armchairs and more.

Main disadvantage:

Despite being a portable and frequently used tool, the manufacturer Bosch has not included a strong case that allows it to be stored safely and protected during transfers.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Its working power, force intensity regulation, ergonomic design and efficiency make this Bosch electric stapler one of the favorites of users, because it also has an attractive price.

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Main Features Explained

Power and modalities

Electric staplers are available in different designs and modalities. In this way, you can find options with or without cable. However, the higher wattage alternatives are those that use direct wired electricity to the outlet, because they provide higher performance operation.

This is the case of the Bosch PTK 14 EDT stapler, a proposal with a power cable, which must be connected to the power outlet so that the electricity activates the motor force and the working power is generated. In addition, its manufacturer has equipped it with various power and speed levels, which must be adjusted according to the hardness of the wood to obtain a better result. 

In this way, an electronic adjustment of the impact force can be made, so that the result obtained will be optimized according to the length of the staples and the type of material being worked on.

On the other hand, this Bosch alternative is convenient because it is capable of generating up to 30 impacts per minute. Although its performance is agile and its power high, its use does not produce vibrations.


Before making a hasty purchase, it is best to carry out an analysis of the design that the manufacturer has given to the tool, since those considered the best electric staplers on the market are usually those with practical, lightweight and functional designs. that facilitate the work and prevent fatigue during prolonged use, through compact and ergonomic structures.

So, if you are looking for a stapler with these features, then the PTK 14 EDT model may be the right choice because it is easy to handle and has a good grip. In this way, working time is reduced and excessive force does not need to be applied to properly drive the staple into the material.

This stapler is recognized for its good performance as well as its easy and safe operation. This is because it has a lightweight design at just over a kilo. This lightness feature allows it to be loaded and carried from one place to another as needed, without causing inconvenience or inconvenience.

On the other hand, it is made with quality materials and has a green structure in which the buttons to activate, select the speed, power and percussion mode stand out. In addition, it has an ergonomic and non-slip grip system that ensures grip.

Staples and features

Although the price of the Bosch PTK 14 EDT electric stapler is higher than that of other models, this alternative has an operation with optimized performance, with speed and efficiency in each of the percussions, on materials such as leather, fabric, wood, sheets, among others.

Regardless of the job, this approach allows for added security and reinforcement, with the addition of a feature known as DuoTac, which provides the ability to select double stapling for increased strength. In addition, the impact force can be adjusted. Also, according to needs, the user can choose between using staples or nails, making it a versatile tool. 

Similarly, this Bosch stapler is equipped with a Push + Release system, for controlled activation of each shot, and has a magazine level indicator. This way, the user will be aware if the staples need to be replenished or if it is possible to continue with the remaining quantity. In case you need more nails or staples, you just have to turn the stapler and then open the magazine and complete the units. On the other hand, the model includes a package of one thousand type 53 staples, so it can be used immediately. 

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