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Adhesive Paper – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Adhesive papers are a great option to renovate a room, a piece of furniture or the child’s notebooks before class, for example. They can be purchased in various presentations and designs, as well as lengths and widths, so that you can easily find the most suitable one for your home. First of all, we can recommend the Venilia 53158. This adhesive paper has a design that imitates wood, giving surfaces a natural and rustic look. Secondly, you might be interested in Soontrans Mural, as it has a brick pattern that you can assemble in the way you prefer and, depending on its availability, in different colors.

The 9 Best Adhesive Papers – Opinions 2022


Covering walls, furniture or notebooks with adhesive paper is an effective solution to bring them back to life or give them a completely new style. It can be done without spending a lot of money and the variety of designs helps to satisfy the requirements of every taste. Therefore, now we present to you which are considered the best adhesive papers.

adhesive paper for furniture


1. Venilia Adhesive Sheet Decorative Wood Board

The Venilia 53158 model is considered by some users to be the best price-quality adhesive paper, positioning it among the first purchase options.

This roll of adhesive furniture paper is 45 x 3 centimeters and shows a wood effect design, to bring a natural and rustic style to the room. It is gray in color, but it could be purchased in other versions, depending on the manufacturer’s requirements, such as brown or with a maple wood effect, for example.

On the other hand, its installation is simple and intuitive and does not require special tools, other than a spatula to easily paste the parts of each piece of paper. In addition, its finishes make it resistant to water and heat, so you don’t have to worry too much about its maintenance and you can keep it clean at all times. 

Venilia offers you what is probably the best adhesive paper of the moment and now we invite you to review its pros and cons:


Design: This option gives you an adhesive paper for furniture and walls with a natural wood effect.

Styles: Depending on their availability, you can choose between several types of finishes.

Durability: It is made of materials resistant to water and heat, to be easily cleaned.

Adherence: One of its most praised aspects is that the glue is resistant and effective in securing each piece of adhesive paper.



Sharpness: It is said that the resolution of the image should be increased, since some pixels can be seen on the wood print.

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2. Venilia KF Basic Monica adhesive decorative furniture wallpaper 

Renovating a piece of furniture or a room can be simple if you use adhesive paper and, on this occasion, we advise you to take into account the Venilia 54767 model; a roll of printed and colored adhesive paper for furniture.

This product comes in a roll 45 centimeters wide and 1.5 meters long, so you can cut the pieces you need for the lining. It is made of PVC and is waterproof, so you can keep it looking new for a long time.

In addition to the aforementioned, its neutral design allows you to use it in different spaces, furniture or surfaces and it could be available in other colors and finishes, so you can choose the one you like the most. In addition, the print gives you the possibility of joining it with other rolls and thus lining large spaces. 

One of the cheapest options you can find is this one from the Venilia brand, which you can learn more about below:


Appearance: This is a pattern design adhesive paper that is elegant and beautiful to look at.

Colors: You could find it in other shades such as blue and fuchsia depending on the availability of the manufacturer.

Maintenance: It can be easily cleaned taking advantage of its resistance to water.

Safe: It stands out that among the manufacturing materials there are no harmful or dangerous elements.



Placement: It can be a bit tricky to keep the image pattern on the sticky paper, so measure carefully.

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adhesive wall paper


3. Soontrans 3D Brick Wall Wallpaper 

Among the best adhesive papers of 2022, we find the Soontrans Mural; a set of several pieces with which you can recreate a wall on your wall thanks to its design.

It is made up of a total of 10 pieces of adhesive paper where each one measures 77 x 70 centimeters, while its thickness is 0.5 centimeters, due to the textured finish of the product. It has a 3D brick design and is also waterproof.

On the other hand, it is highlighted that this adhesive wall paper does not have dangerous or harmful elements in its composition, nor does it emanate unpleasant odors. In the same way, it is fixed with a good quality glue that will be able to adhere easily to various surfaces, including the gotelé, and it is removable. 

Venilia is probably considered the best brand of adhesive paper and here you will find several reasons why:


Set: With your purchase you will get 10 pieces of adhesive wall paper that you can install to make a wall.

Texture: The adhesive paper has a textured finish that adds realism to your design.

Glue: Offers a good adhesion quality for surfaces, even if they are irregular.

Water: It has resistance to water, allowing its maintenance to be simple and quick to do.


Installation: For mounting on the wall it is instructed to be cut into smaller pieces, which causes a considerable loss of material.

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4. HomeIn Vinyls for Furniture Wood Stripe Wallpaper 

In case you are specifically looking for an adhesive wall paper, we advise you to evaluate the characteristics of the HomeIn HZT0844518JJ-EU model.

This option in adhesive paper has a beautiful, delicate and elegant design with which you can renovate furniture or spaces with great style. The product shows a wood effect print in light colors, highlighting the sky blue, which gives it a special and different touch.

The roll is 44.5 x 200 centimeters and has treatments that make it resistant to dust and wear, to remain as new for much longer than others. In addition, you can mount it in areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, closet or directly on the wall if you wish. 

If you don’t know which adhesive paper to buy, the advantages of this model will probably help you make a decision:


Design: This model has a wood effect finish in various shades that makes it beautiful to look at.

Materials: It is made of PVC paper, which guarantees robustness and durability.

Maintenance: The materials and the very finish of the product give it resistance to dust so that it does not wear out easily.

Compatibility: Thanks to the versatility of the installation, it will be possible to take advantage of the adhesive paper in different spaces and household objects.



Adhesive: The adhesive that has been used on this paper should be of better quality, as it can give at the edges and corners.

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decorative adhesive paper


5. Don Letter Vinyl Adhesive Paper for Furniture and Wall 

Don Letra VNL-008 could be the answer if you are still wondering which is the best adhesive paper on the market, since it offers advantages and very striking qualities.

Here we are faced with a decorative adhesive paper that presents a delicate, elegant and tasteful style. The print features several ornate silhouettes of flowers on a white background along with a watercolor finish in various shades of green that bring the adhesive paper to life.

It also has a layer of good quality adhesive with removable capacity, so you can align it or remove bubbles that have formed when gluing it. Its manufacturing materials are waterproof and it can be installed both on walls and on furniture. 

In case you have not been able to decide if this roll of adhesive paper is the one you need or not, now we will review its pros and cons:


Appearance: This roll has a beautiful, elegant and modern print that will look good wherever you put it.

Washable: The finish of the material provides the quality of impermeability to offer resistance to humidity.

Assembly: The adhesive of this paper is of good quality, allowing it to be peeled off and re-pasted to correct the installation.

Versatility: Reviewing its application compatibility, you will find that you can use it on walls and furniture.


Indications: The adhesive paper does not have instructions for its use or lines on the back to serve as a guide when cutting it.

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Imitation Wood Adhesive Paper


6. Venilia Self Adhesive Foil Rustic Decorative Oak Wood

One of the cheapest models in imitation wood adhesive paper is the 53155 from the well-known brand Venilia, becoming an attractive option if you want to save money.

This product may be the right one if you are looking for an imitation wood adhesive paper, since the printing finish is of quality and with good resolution, to pay attention to aesthetic details. In addition, it is resistant and durable, allowing easy and effective cleaning.

This version is made of rustic oak wood, but depending on the seller, you can also choose the adhesive paper in versions of maple, walnut, pine or with lighter or darker colors. Thanks to this, you will be able to choose the style that best matches your current decoration or the style that you want to try. 

If you have doubts as to whether the Venilia product is the one that is best for you to purchase, you can take a look at the positive and negative aspects:


Realism: The wood effect on the sticker paper is realistic and detailed, resulting in a pleasing appearance.

Styles: Depending on the manufacturer’s layout, you may be able to find the paper in other colors and wood-effect finishes.

Installation: It is easily assembled with the help of a spatula, so you do not have to worry about bubbles remaining.

Care: The adhesive paper has good manufacturing finishes that facilitate its maintenance and cleaning.



Discoloration: You must be careful when you want to clean the paper after you put it on, because it may show discoloration.

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transparent adhesive paper


7. Fantasnight Adhesive Paper for Furniture Vinyl PVC

In the search for the best adhesive paper, it is important that you take into account many purchase options, which is why we now present the Fantasnight roll.

It is a transparent adhesive paper that will be quite useful if you need to cover books or notebooks, for example, since it is discreet and will not affect the design of the cover, allowing them to be easily identified.

The roll is 60 centimeters long, while the amount of adhesive paper is up to 5 meters, becoming a practical option that you can easily modify to adapt it to the shape or size of the object to be covered.

It is made of PVC materials and this makes it resistant to water so you can clean it easily, as well as oil resistant so that oil from your hands does not stick to it. 

Now we offer you additional information regarding this adhesive paper, so that you can choose the one that best suits you according to your needs:


Guide: A grid has been printed on the back of the adhesive paper to guide you in cutting the pieces.

Materials: Its PVC construction makes it resistant, minimizing signs of wear on furniture or objects.

Uses: It is very efficient to protect surfaces from moisture and scratches.

Waterproof: It offers easy maintenance, because it is resistant to water.



Bubbles: When you are installing the adhesive paper, we advise you to do it carefully and precisely to avoid the formation of bubbles.

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Adhesive paper for glass


8. Zindoo Decorative Translucent Window Glass Films

In case you need a good glass adhesive paper, now we have the Zindoo brand roll for you, which provides you with an effective and easy-to-install product.

This roll of adhesive paper is 45 x 200 centimeters in size and offers an opaque finish that blocks vision by 95%, making it very useful if you want more privacy at home or in the office.

It can be installed directly on the glass and, although it seems, it does not prevent the passage of light so that you can continue enjoying natural lighting during the day. In addition, it is also capable of protecting against UV rays by 90% and, if you need it, when you remove it, it will not leave glue residue on your crystals. 

If we review in detail the pros and cons of each adhesive paper, you can more easily choose the one that looks best on your wall:


Effect: The finish is opaque, so that it cannot be seen through and guarantees greater privacy.

Opacity: You will not have to sacrifice natural lighting with the installation, since the paper allows light to pass through.

Protection: It is capable of blocking up to 90% of UV rays, avoiding exposing your skin to the sun.

Reticulated: Its back face has printed lines with which you can guide yourself when cutting the pieces.


Placement: Keep in mind that for the installation you will need to moisten the surface first, otherwise, its assembly will be more complicated.

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white adhesive paper


9. Hode Matte Self Adhesive Vinyl for Kitchen Furniture

Hode’s white adhesive paper roll could be what you are looking for to protect your kitchen furniture or the inside of the drawers in the closet, for example.

We are dealing with a 40 x 300 centimeter product with a matte finish, to remain discreet and to more easily hide the joints that will be created on the edges. This makes it easy to install the adhesive paper, as well as avoiding marks and bubbles.

In addition to this, an advantage that it presents is the printing of a grid on the back of the adhesive paper, so that you can easily guide yourself when you want to cut it into sections. This way your cuts will be straight and you will be able to line them up more easily when you glue them.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the adhesive used is reliable and resistant, helping to quickly position the piece of paper where you want.

For those who have doubts about this adhesive paper, it might be convenient to review what its most relevant advantages and disadvantages are:


Glue: It has a layer of resistant glue that adheres easily to surfaces.

Installation: The installation difficulty is low, since you will be able to remove bubbles and align when necessary.

Lines: The printed grid on the back of the roll is intended to guide you when cutting.

Compatibility: It can be installed in different spaces and surfaces, according to your needs.


Marks: Try to install the adhesive paper quickly, to avoid generating marks on the surface.

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Shopping guide


If you have doubts or it is difficult for you to choose which model, color and style goes best with your home or office, here we offer you a guide to buy the best adhesive paper in order to help you make the most of your money and obtain a good quality product., make it durable.

Adhesive paper design 

As expected, the design and style of the paper is one of the main and most important features that you should review before deciding which one to buy. In any comparison of adhesive papers, it is normal to find that many buyers evaluate this aspect before any other.

In addition, it should be noted that the offer of this type of paper roll is very wide, so you can find a wide variety of designs, colors and styles, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your taste and decoration. In addition, you can choose between a neutral style with a single color or a print.

At the same time, it is convenient that you take into consideration the printing quality, if the adhesive paper has any type of pattern. These details will be important during installation, as they could complicate the positioning of the pieces relative to each other.

Product finishes 

In order to determine if a sticky paper is worth its sale price when finding out how much it costs, one of the aspects that you cannot overlook is the finish that the product has. Whether it’s about printing, color, texturing or any other feature.

In this characteristic it is imperative that you can touch the paper directly with your hands, in order to ensure that it is pleasant to the touch and also resistant. This will allow you to handle it more skillfully when you want to install it, as well as providing durability against elements that cause wear and tear.

On the other hand, you can also take into account if it has some type of texture in charge of increasing the realism of the design or to protect the same surfaces where they are installed. This detail may allow you to select an adhesive paper that is durable and attractive to the eye.

glue quality 

Since we are talking specifically about adhesive papers, an important detail when deciding which model to take home is the quality of the glue that has been used for its installation. It does not matter that it is a cheap roll; In the same way, it must have good quality materials, to provide the expected effect.

However, when choosing adhesive paper, the models that suit you best may be those with a firm but malleable glue. That is, it allows you to remove the paper and put it back in case you install it wrong or bubbles appear. This way you make sure that its finish is not affected.

In addition to the above, it is also important that you check the quality of the glue, especially on the edges and corners of the paper, since it is in these areas where the detachment most often appears after having installed it.

Installation Complexity 

Taking into account that adhesive paper is a product that is installed manually, it is very important to consider the complexity and assembly requirements before choosing which one to buy. This will save you a hassle later on and ensure you have what you need to install it easily.

For example, some models require that the surface where you want to install the paper be previously moistened with water, to facilitate handling the roll when gluing it. This does not happen with all models, so it is important to review it before buying.

On the other hand, depending on the type of adhesive paper, some can be more laborious to handle, because they are easily marked or move after sticking. Therefore and to avoid inconveniences, we advise you to do your previous research to rule out any detail that you do not like.

Maintenance and care 

Last but not least, we have the maintenance and care that you will be able to give to the adhesive paper once it is installed on the wall, the furniture, the children’s notebooks, among other spaces. Some options can even be washed, making them easier to keep spotless than others.

These last mentioned adhesive papers are usually waterproof as they are made of PVC materials. In the same way they are resistant, allowing you to clean dust, stains or any dirt with relative ease.

Other models can take advantage of the natural camouflage of their print to better hide dirt, however, it is also not recommended to allow dust to accumulate on surfaces, so it is necessary to at least remove it with a duster to avoid respiratory problems, among other things. stuff.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to remove sticky paper from wood? 

A household product that you can use to remove the remains of adhesive paper that have been adhered to a wooden surface is vinegar. This element contains a high level of acidity, which is capable of dissolving the glue of the adhesive paper, to make it easier to remove with a cloth or a spatula.

To try it out, you’ll need to apply a few drops on top of the remaining glue mark and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then, with a damp cloth, clean the surface and try to remove the remains. If there are resistant areas, try using a putty knife. When finished, clean everything again, this time with a dry cloth.

Q2: How to line a cabinet with adhesive paper? 

Lining a cabinet with contact paper is quite simple: take a section of the paper and put it on the surface you want to cover. With the help of a pencil, mark where you should cut, ensuring that there is 1 centimeter of paper left over so that you can cover it later. Continue with the rest of the furniture sections and when you have everything ready, all you have to do is remove the protective paper to install them in their place.

A trick that we advise you to try when you need to cover with adhesive paper is to prepare a little water with a drop of liquid detergent in a container with a spray lid. Spray this mixture on the wood before you glue the paper so you can remove it to move it in case it becomes twisted or bubbles appear.

Q3: How to apply adhesive wallpaper? 

With the wall clean and dry, take the paper and put it on top to line it up with the edge. When it’s positioned, pull the backing off the adhesive enough to grab it with your hand. Then, with the help of a card, start pasting the wallpaper at the same pace to continue removing the protector until it is finished, making sure that there are no bubbles.

Q4: How to make sticker paper? 

You can easily make adhesive paper for your home by purchasing contact paper rolls. This type of paper has a sticky side, so you can use it to cover furniture, walls or make stickers. It is also possible to buy it in rolls and with different patterns, allowing all kinds of designs to be made.

To personalize one of these sticky papers, you can help yourself with a cardboard, scissors and a marker. Take the cardstock paper and draw on it the shapes you want your sticky paper to have, then cut it out with scissors.

When you have all the pieces in contact ready, you only have to remove the protection paper and place them on the wall, taking care that there are no bubbles.


Q5: How to remove adhesive paper from glass? 

It is common to find sticky papers on new glassware, for example, which can be both easy and difficult to remove.

If you have found traces of glue or adhesive paper adhered to a glass surface, alcohol will be your best friend.

When you need to use it to remove stickers or sticky paper, boil some water in a large pot and pour alcohol into it after turning off the heat. Now put the glasses or any glass object you want to clean inside. Let it soak for a couple of minutes and you will see how little by little the glue begins to come out. If it is still difficult, you can help yourself with a cloth dipped in the liquid.

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